Reviews for Unprovoked Love
O-r-a-n-g-e is so totally not how you spell banana chapter 3 . 6/2/2005
Hm. You know me. AH! YOU KNOW ME! *panick!*

Sesshoumaru: _

Orange: c.c It's dreadful! Someone knows me! *looks around wildly* am I being stalked?

Sesshoumaru: She enjoyed the reading.

Hiei-Kite: She wants to know-

Orange: *tackles Hiei and shuts him up* No! Don't tell!

Rispah-Ha: Yoero kanumi fral trew canb brax raashimpo! *sounds very offending* *waving fist at Orange* *clearly is offending Orange*

Orange: *gaspeses* *sob*

Hiei-Kite: HAHAA! Yes! You tell her Rispah! *no clue what Rispah said...*

Sesshoumaru: o.o; Yeah... I'm in a gang...

Inuyasha: She wants to know where you hid her frying pan. If it is gone, she assumes you hid it so that-

Sesshoumaru: Yes, she hid it! I saw her! It was to save me! n.n *huggle* Thank you! I barely have recovered from the LAST injury!

Orange: This is MY review! Go away!

Sesshoumaru: O.o And we care?

Inuyasha: o.O not particularly.

Hiei-Kite: *trying to get Rispah from his hair still, using a cast iron frying pan...*

Orange: *gasp!* where did you get that?

Hiei-Kite: *too confused to answer...*

Rispah-Ha: *giggle*

Orange: *grabs frying pan* That's it! I'm taking my review back! I got stuff to say, now sit down and shut up!

*everyone sits down...*

Orange: Thank you! Okay, I'm just a little confused why Kouga just suddenly up and kissed her, but hehehe... Sesshoumaru's going through a little confusion because of it so it's all good. Bwahaha, torture him! Torture him! Emotional torment!

Sesshoumaru: NO! NO! She's nice! Right? *begging eyes*

Orange: No she's not. I know her, and she's way not! XD She's just like me!

Sesshoumaru: x.x not fair...

Orange: Anyway, no she's not JUST like me... XD she won't hit you with the frying pan. She'll let ME do it for her! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! *does such*

Sesshoumaru: x.x'

Orange: back to my review. And that KAGURA! GRR! Kagura you back off woman! I so totally you're not cool. Orange is NOT how you spell banana, Kagura!

Kagura: what the heck are you talking about?

Orange: Anyway... UPDATE WOMAN!
O-r-a-n-g-e really isn't how you spell orange. I swear it coughs at the lie chapter 2 . 8/5/2004
I like this, though I don't like how you have not updated yet. *Chases you with your own frying pan!* gr! get back here you *pauses for a moment to think of an insult, but in that moment you get away* GR! I will get you! You can't hide from me!

*sees Sessy eating the snickers that SHE had wanted* GR! D-MIT! *chases HIM around to get it* You evil evil evil kenival! *he tries to run but she catches up and smashes the cast iron frying pan down on his head and he falls down, his face filled with chocolate smears but he's only holding a wrapper... the candy bar is gone*

;_; how cruel!

sessy: X_X

*repeatedly smashes the pan down on sessy's head until Hiei and Inu-baby come and Inu grabs her and Hiei grabs the pan but she struggles to get away* HOW DARE YOU STOP ME! He could be dead right now! *says as Sessy stands, holding a very bloody noggin* I coulda killed him for eating MY candybar! RSG You are so horrible! You knew he'd eat it! *sobs brokenly*

UDS (up date soon)

acting girl chapter 2 . 8/2/2004
Hey great chapter..._ I think this'll turn into a great fic keep it up!
NaraNuu chapter 1 . 7/26/2004
This is a really great story! Update soon!
acting girl chapter 1 . 7/19/2004
Hey nice story! I think this'll turn into a cool story! Talk to yas later! And this is going on faves!
O-r-a-n-g-e can't be how you spell orange chapter 1 . 7/19/2004
since you know who I am... :D Or at least you should, I won't say who I am! :P I'm too lazy to sign in.

anyway, I think it is very humorous, but of course, as you know that is because I'm nuts and think everything is humorous! _ Anyway, how come I review your stories but you don't review mine? phooey... *sobs terribly* *dodges the cast iron frying pan that you like to throw around* O_O! You nearly hit me!

RSG: Duh, that was the idea... *sarcastic tone*

*sobs* oh why me? The heavens are against me today! I'm suing you for the snickers bar! *angry glare at you* How can you keep that from me that you have one! *sobs* *is emotional today oO;* anyway, I really like it, and since I know where you live, my bestest friend, I'll hunt you down and murder your candy bar if you don't upload quickly! The only thing I want to tell you is to explain Sessy's emotions more, and use more punctuation. That's it. cause right now, he seems like he's very fickle. And really, I wanna know why he's all sweaty! He wasn't screwing someone was he? *eyes wide* NU! He's a virgin! VIRGIN! o_o okay, i done. :P

Bye bye,