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laelruin chapter 29 . 2/8
This story has had me laughing the whole way through! I sincerely love it so much! I hope that you see it through to the end!
Thank you for writing it!
BlueSeraphos chapter 29 . 11/19/2017
I wasn’t expecting much when I selected this. But this is really good, it’s sad that you don’t update anymore.
unknownher chapter 29 . 10/7/2017
This story has made me in all my sick glory laugh so hard, shriek in happiness n feel sad n embarrassment in the past few hours. Thank you so much for this utterly amazing story, this made my day and I hope you continue! I hope there are more fanfics like this. Seriously you are such a hilarious person, you're writing is awesome!
Mindmaze chapter 29 . 8/17/2017
Yes! This chapter I approve. Yup. I am so glad that if I had to end this fic the last chapter was the kiss scene. Whelp thanks for an interesting read, overall this was an enjoyable story to go through so thanks for sharing.
Mindmaze chapter 28 . 8/17/2017
"You got hurt protecting me?" - this would be cute if it wasn't for the fact he was the reason she needed protecting in the first place. Also I was finally pleased that she realized her life was spiraling and took control however I was annoyed by Kakashi ignoring that. Relationships are built on respect and he doesn't respect her, what she thinks doesn't matter and he will just override her opinion when it comes down to it.

I know you explained why he did it but I can't buy it. Lots of civilians get with ninja and they are at risk but don't get special treatment. Taking her along on the mission tome is the height of stupidity as it puts every one at risk and her in even more danger. I mean I enjoy reading it but I don't buy it. I'm still suspicious over Ibiki's whole "she's not a civilian thing" and what with the exile remark at the beginning...I don't know it sounds more like she is being held prisoner.
I mean at first with her parents vanishing at the same time, I thought her parents were spies which is why she was under suspicion. Like they were spies who had a kid and weren't supposed to so like her whole life is a lie even if she doesn't know and is innocent. But then with her mother finally appearing well...bang went that theory so I don't get why she is getting this so called "special treatment".

The whole thing is cute in a warped way but I'd feel a lot warmer to this if it didn't feel like she was a toy being forced to go to their whims. At most she feels like their pet, team mascot and so forth. I get maybe your holding out on us so I'm hoping some answers will be given soon.
Mindmaze chapter 27 . 8/17/2017
Somewhat exasperate at this point. I mean yey we got the cute hospital scene and the protag realized her feelings! On the other had... You basically encouraged Kakashi's controlling behavior by justifying it as they were attacked the moment they left the house, disbelief also arises due to the fact Konoha was so easily infiltrated, no one noticed enemy nin other than nin already seen, how did woman know to target Akiko, since her and Kakashi barely been in public together? I just, I want them to work out but the methods sometimes make me want to shake my head. Still wondering what happened to her so called helicopter parents, all the trouble she's been in and they just don't know, or why she's misses so much school and no one all this said I am glad she knows her feelings now and hope to see it progress from here.
Mindmaze chapter 26 . 8/17/2017
This was hilarious! Pakkun you sly dog you, pretending to me an ordinary puppy! Argh it's still so cute, I swear I wasn't reading ahead when I made my last comment so this was a nice surprise. Any ways while I was curious as to why she didn't go home since there was no one around and she'd been complaining I guess it doesn't matter to much since this chapter was adorable.
Mindmaze chapter 25 . 8/17/2017
This is cute and since it has only been one day I get she is overeating. I am surprised she isn't angry at them and just at Ibiki, since she completely overlook that they implied they knew she was set up to something dangerous. That said I find the absolute controling thing suspicious especially with the way ninja have been treating her in general and even if it is really concern the amount of controlling going on is making me uneasy. It's not exactly healthy, her whole life is being affected. Once again I see the return of reasons don't like her friend, ah well I do like the bits with Jiraiya and from Kakashi p.o.v. I do think it is kind of cute. Speaking of cute I am surprise he hasn't introduced her to his dogs but ah well not that important I suppose.
Mindmaze chapter 24 . 8/17/2017
Wow...this chapter both impressed me wih it's drama and general creativity whilst pissed me off on an emotional level. I hate how they forced her to do that. Those so called "charges" are bull. The way he laid them out sound like something but if any one with half a brain looked at them they'd never convict her. Which I get the point was scare tactic the stupid civilian but still. I don't get why they're such a douche to her.
In fact I'm quite scared because while my indignant side (if she hadn't went of script she could have died, they endangered her who has no training and she hasn't had time to recover from previous trauma's) is up in arms the fact he keeps saying about her not being a civilian has me worried...What does that even mean, I also notice we haven't heard from the so called worried parents who threat if she's even out to late. I'm also upset with Kakashi, he's forgiven only because I don't know if he knows she was forced into this but if he did then I am upset. Because while I get ninja, he is supposed to love her, you don't do that to people you love. Argh, looking to see the mystery solved before I can comment more.
Mindmaze chapter 23 . 8/16/2017
What happened to her needle phobia? Other than that this chapter...Hell Yes I love it. I especially love how obvious Kakashi's affection is for her now and how clear it is not just for the book. That said I do wonder if he'll ever get to read it. The double sneakiness of tricking her into getting those tests done is hilarious and well thought out. They couldn't just do them because she is a civilian and there are rules but they could trick her into getting the tested herself. After all if she doesn't know to complain or can't prove it...very clever I love it. Sort of slyness I approve of, that said mildly disappointed it wasn't just because she won him over or well I like cleverness over social fluff extra any day.
Mindmaze chapter 22 . 8/16/2017
I take it back it seems justice has been served. HA! Take that Makoto you delusional bitch! Also vindictively pleased her friend suffered to...yeah still don't like her sorry. But the ibiki thing, oh it is glorious. To funny for words. Hopefully he actually likes her, maybe her moxie? and hasn't actually poisoned her, if she wasn't obviously Kakshi's I ponder her and Ibiki (or Itachi even if irrelevant at mo) just for the lols. I'd imagine easily him falling for the civilian who dared where as grown ninja tremble before him. Anyways enjoying this lots!
Mindmaze chapter 21 . 8/16/2017
Okay sudden suspicious faulty lightbulb. First of all I know my previous reviews may have given mixed messages but I really do like this fic. Secondly I have just realized never before have I found a title more appropriate than the one you have given yours. Thirdly this chapter made me haves feels as well a laugh out loud. God she's so oblivious sometimes. Also I am slightly conflicted due to the suspicion it was less of a punishment and more of a weird way of teasing/setting Kakashi up with her. I don't like puppet masters, manipulation bothers me which I know ninja but meh...still at least Jiraiya will be happy. By the by I like your wit, this is different from your writing which I also like but something about the occasional one liners you give tickle me good.
Mindmaze chapter 20 . 8/16/2017
Calling it now...Bullshit. Seriously. This is it, I am emotionally compromised. First of all I may not like her friend but still plot wise...they forgot about her friend. Also that fker what's her face (the love rival) still not getting in trouble. Thirdly do they really think doing this to some one Kakashi has interest in will help. Hell to me that seems the fastest way to alienate your ninja, it practically screams "stupid action that will make you rebel and go missing nin". Anywho my sense of justice is supremely offended with how she the victim is being treated.

All she did was go on holiday and get kidnapped, non of which are things she can held accountable for. And canon wise the ninja forces tend to suck up to the civilians, they have a careful line to toe this to me crosses it. I'm hoping you will clear this up next chapter because I want to keep reading this but it has to fit my internal sense of "yeah I could see this happening" view of that verse. Any who enjoyable drama but it really has toed the line.
I know it isn't Kakashi's fault but if I was her and some how got out of that mess I wouldn't want anywhere near him. I mean think of what has happened to her since he showed up. His saving grace is he saved her life but when you comapare it in I don't know I hope there is a chapter where she gets justice of some sort.
Mindmaze chapter 17 . 8/16/2017
I don't get why she didn't go to the Hokage or some random passing ninja and get them to stop the psycho stopping her leaving. Honestly, my suspension of disbelief is slowly being eroded I mean yo acknowledged last chapter she is an adult so really her parents disapproval aside no one can keep her there. Speaking of which she left a note right? Why would they think she'd been kidnapped?

Also I know the point is she be crazy but her so called "love rival" makes no sense, you would think she'd want her gone.

All this said much happier this chapter, I love her brand of luck. It's just hilarious.
Mindmaze chapter 16 . 8/16/2017
Why is she friends with her friend? Honestly I love this fic but her friend is the reason I'm starting to get irritated like seriously if she was my friend well...she wouldn't be. I'd have dumped her ass ages ago. It's like she treats the protagonist as a toy no even human half the time and just makes light of everything...urgh. I mean I know she kind of did her a good turn this time around but it doesn't make up for everything else. Sorry she's a good character I get what she adds but I just don't like her as an opinion. Meh.

Also I think when the story came out the hokage had no right to tell off Akkio, she was clearly defending herself. If anything she should get to press charges since the other girl attacked her first and since this is a ninja village I bet there were enough witnesses to go along with it. And what's with treating her like a child, it's not like she knew she would be attacked and sure they told her to rest but they clearly didn't explain. If he explained in the first place why rather than presuming the civilian should know better she wouldn't be in the situation to begin with. Honestly the sheer amount of looking down on/high horsed attitude just annoyed me. Either way I found myself unsatisfied this chapter. Maybe it's my emotional attachment to the main character so I'm biased but my mood honestly soured reading what I deemed as an injustice on her behalf.
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