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xZig-zagx chapter 16 . 9/9/2004
Wow! Reviews take three pages! Cool! Mine is about 2par. The part where Kaoru was thinking and said "I'm going to hit him. Hard." Made me laugh so much that my sister came running out. (Then I went through the whole explaining what going on to someone who could careless and didn't get it... she is so deprived.) I'm glad you couldn't tell I had no clue when it came to boats. I've only been a couple of small boats and a kayacts. (Not sure if thats how you spell kayact... oh well!) I was waiting for a reviewer to say: You have no idea what your talking about do you? And your WHOLE story is on a boat!

I'm loving the pain you're putting Kenshin threw! (Kenshin) YOU LIKE IT! (Zig-zag) You bet. (Kenshin) And you writting another fanfic about me? (Zig-zag) BUW HA! (Kenshin) You're both so mean! (Zig-zag) Did you just call Nekotsuki mean! How dare you! (Kenshin) Mommy.
Ms. Zeal chapter 16 . 9/9/2004
Very true. If Kenshin hadn't stopped to consider his options, then he would have had a good chance of escaping. Well Misao and Aoshi will be in the next chapter, right? What about Hiko? He would be a great help in finding Kenshin, although I feel sorry for Kenshin when theyfind him. Hiko would be sure to deride him for his foolishness in letting his guard down and be taken captive. Oh well, just a thought. Great chapter! (Poor Kenshin!)
Miranda Crystal-Bearer chapter 16 . 9/9/2004
Yay! 'Nuther chapter! *Dances* With our favorite Tokyo samurai, and our hideously bruised tanuki-sensei! Poor Kaoru. Bruises like that are so much fun! People flinch and wince and ask "what on earth happened to you?" It's fun!

Wah, poor Kenshin! Just when escape looks in view... Penned in, forced to surrender, and whapped for no apparent reason. And when he wakes up, that arm is going to hurt. Three to four days is not long enough for broken bones to stablize. I know. *Shudders* I actually thought it was more painful, even with the horse-pills, several days after I broke my arm. Even though the binding was irratating, it helped immensely. Kenshin is going to be hurting. A LOT.

Sorry to ramble! Please do keep up the good work. This chapter was a bit disjointed, as you jumped from person to person, but it was still very good. It kept the sense of coherency. I'm eagerly awaiting the next installment.
matchynishi chapter 16 . 9/9/2004
Loved the ficcie! I noticed that I haven't dropped a review for this awesome story, and thought I should remedy the slight immediately. The action scenes are very well-written, I don't really think you need to worry too much about 'em... and poor Kenshin! A knock on the head, on top of all his other injuries, too.. :-(

Great writing, and update soon! (I've already added you to my author alert list... thought you'd like to know - don't wanna miss the new chappies of this story!)
Amberle-chan chapter 16 . 9/9/2004
Once again, a great chapter! I had a feeling that Kenshin wouldn't be able to run away from the guys with the guns. And who says Sanosuke isn't smart? He sure knows enough to realize that to cheer up Jou-chan he's got get her to cheer up Yahiko. Way to go, Sano.

Yay! My favorite bishie is about to make an appearance (I love you, Aoshi!). Please update soon!
Pikachumaniac chapter 16 . 9/9/2004
Ouchy. Poor Kenshin seems to go through a bit of pain in this chapter, but most stories tend to do that to him since he is such an easily torture-able character. *grin*

Heheh, what can I say about this story that probably hasn't already been said? The crisp, clear writing style that is superb to most things on , the way you write characters both existing and both of your own making... it's detailed, interesting, and gives everyone small life-like quirks that makes it more like a look into a person's life (granted, a rather crappy part of their lives...) rather than just a story about it.

*grin* In other words, this is a wonderful, wonderful story. And I very much look forward to reading more as it comes out (and agonizing every moment about it! Gyah, I do believe I am irritating my poor friends with my wailing. :P).
audsome chapter 16 . 9/9/2004
oh! i checked and i saw an update so i quickly read it! now, i must continue getting ready for school. I like this that much! a shishio guy among them? well! he sholdn't be mad! shishio was weak!

loved the chapter! and the part with yahiko and kaoru was uplifting, then the feeling went down as kenshin's scene came up.
Wandering Aimlessly chapter 16 . 9/9/2004
haha...I felt compeled to review at the now I will again. Damn it Kenshin just has a knack of getting himself into sticky situations. Shishio huh? a mention of the so called "rabid one" (a joke between a friend and I after the whole biteing thing...) could prove to be interesting. I can't wait for more!
bohr-d chapter 16 . 9/9/2004
Poor Kenshin! Aw...I feel bad for him. This was a great chappie, and please update soon!
sunset glow chapter 15 . 9/8/2004
Oh, lovely, lovely. Great filling out of character/background/motivation for our villains. And Kenshin's ambush was *perfect*. Ooh, gave me chills.

The escape attempt was beautifully choreographed; it was really a joy to read and I could visualize everything. I love how you incorporated both Kenshin's innate compassion - not allowing another to be killed, even when it injured himself - and his sheer daring and craftiness (as well as superhuman abilities, heh) in flying onto the embankment. *heartily applauds*

No disappointment here. :)
Skipsida chapter 15 . 9/8/2004
Yay! Now... more? *puppy-dog eyes* See ya soon!
Skipsida chapter 14 . 9/8/2004
You know, it's just occured to me how much scar tissue Kenshin must have. He must be a walking lump of the stuff, considering all the fighting he does. But naturally, only the one on the cheek shows because he colours it in to look pretty. So Yohiko got there too late in the last chapter. *laughs*
Skipsida chapter 12 . 9/8/2004
Dammit, you just ruined the mood with that little omake! *giggles insanely*
Skipsida chapter 10 . 9/8/2004
""The problem is," he explained faintly, "I was never very good at defense."

"You're mad," Grey finally hissed, voice hoarse.

"Nah," Sano corrected. "I'm just tough.""

Keep 'em coming! *cheers* And when I see you next, I'll have to harass you to write more because by then I'll have finished what you've written so far!
Skipsida chapter 9 . 9/8/2004
I knew it! I knew it! Blood in the tofu bucket! *insane laughter*

Uh... don't mind me. *nod nod*
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