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Kage Kitsune27 chapter 10 . 8/8/2004
Yep. Kudasai means please. Hope you feel better soon, and no, Sano seems just fine. Keep up the good work, and post again soon please!
Jomatto chapter 10 . 8/8/2004
Nice story, the fight scene was written excellently.
elgaladangel chapter 10 . 8/8/2004
::grabs a shotgun::

::follows the mercenary::


Gah, how I despise that man...

::loves Sano::

Shame on you for lying to your readers! ::indignant sniff::
Majoranka chapter 10 . 8/8/2004
I found this story via Haku Baikou's site and am very, very happy I did. The descriptions, characterization, pacing - everything flows very naturally and is very engaging. I'm greatly enjoying this. I especially liked the way you handle the fights: you fill your descriptions with emotion and write them with ease and elegance. Another thing that made me fall in love with this story is the characterization. It's spot on, at least in my opinion, and very vivid. Your depiction of Kenshin in battlemode sent shivers down my spine. Wonderful cliff-hanger you got there (at the end of chapter 5). I especially liked Yahiko, too.

In short, I can't wait for the next chapters (and hope that someone will beat Senzo senseless, preferably with his own sake jar _).

Thanks for sharing this with us.

- Majoranka
hitokiri oro-chan chapter 10 . 8/8/2004
this Story is really, really good. I always like to find a story that's original... _

Good job *thumbs up* -x
Dread Pirate Rinja chapter 8 . 8/7/2004
Wow, another excellent chapter! (Heehee, yeah, I'm back from camp now! ) I loved that little "Princess Bride" bit at the end- cracked me up! ;

Anyway, I'm concerned for Ken-san's safety right about now! I guess I'll just have to read on, ne? ~_

Until the next chapter!

Shaolin 10 chapter 10 . 8/7/2004
Awesome chapter! I've been meaning to write chapter 3 for Sword of Ice...but I've been a tad bit busy...I'll try to update soon! You have to update soon as well.
hakubaikou chapter 10 . 8/7/2004
The fight was fun. Yeah, they're hard to write, but you did it well. It flew by pretty quickly.

I would think it would be natural to assume Sano would be back at Senzo's doorstep fairly quickly seeing as Sezno was the last person Kenshin saw. I'm a little surprised that Senzo wasn't expecting Sano so soon. Minor point though, and really more of an opinion than a real critique.

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. Hope you feel better soon.
Calger chapter 10 . 8/7/2004
Nifty fight scene, I could follow it clearly, no worries there you're doing just fine :) Ah, Sano's so loyal _ Hey, so you do the animating thing too, huh? That's how I write. "kudasai" *is* "please"...sort of. It's kind of a grammatical thing, Japanese has this pesky "request form" of a verb (verb te kudasai) which functions as "please do bleeblah". Sometimes they'll say just "kudasai" when context makes the intended verb clear. But it isn't the actual word for "please", that's "Onegai(shimasu)". See what you pick up when you live in a country for a year? Just thought I'd share. Get well soon! Cheers!
Ms. Zeal chapter 10 . 8/7/2004
I was hoping to see a little more of Kenshin but... SANOSUKE KICKED THEIR BUTTS! OH YEAH! I figured the merchant would be gone by the time Sanosake was through, but hey Yahiko is still following that other guy, right? I liked how you added the wound on the grey fighter's neck-it kinda ties it together a little more. At first, you just think "oh, he has some guards with him" but when you added the part about the wound, you're like "oh, yeah-that's one of the guards Kenshin beat!" I don't know, it ties the story together a little better. I also that it was really cool that Sanosake knew that Kenshin has caused thouse wounds with his sakabato. I can't wait to see what happens next!
Shaolin 10 chapter 9 . 8/7/2004
UPDATE! This story is the best!
Shaolin 10 chapter 4 . 8/7/2004
I still like Senzo...actually even more now that I found out the evilness behind that nice layer. I LOVE this story.
Shaolin 10 chapter 2 . 8/7/2004
I do have one question, What does tanabata mean?
Shaolin 10 chapter 1 . 8/7/2004
I like this a lot. The words flow smoothly. I have to read more.
Kage Kitsune27 chapter 9 . 8/6/2004
This is really good. Update asap kudasai, i'm hooked, I can't wait for the next chapter!
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