Reviews for Strength Through Wounding
Sapphy Valentine chapter 1 . 6/29/2011
Oh my goodness. You must continue this! You are a superb writer, and it has been quite a while since you updated. I believe this story is going to be wonderul! 3
Azrabell chapter 1 . 5/5/2006
*gasp* You last updated this in 04? Wow... Well. I'm begginig you to.. sometime within the summer months add another chapter please? I know you have an insane amount of Fanfictions (an insane amount of talent too) that need attention. But... maybe you could humor me and find some time to create another wonderful piece of work? I'm always on the prowl for a good DM/HG Hp fanfic. I love your writing style and skill and so I have complete faith in you that you could write such a fanfiction. What were you aiming Draco's character to be? Dominating and evil? Snobby and spoiled but redeemed? Bad boy wanabe with a soft heart? There are so many different ways to present him... Which will you choose? I couldn't tell from this first chapter.
anonymusevil chapter 1 . 4/16/2005
. o...this shapes u good not yet finished...
drakonlily chapter 1 . 2/6/2005
Dude, you stopped writing this why now? Alright, you linked me to it, I demand that you not leave me hanging! We have too long till June. XD

Elephant Shoe!
Sabriel41 chapter 1 . 9/18/2004

What to say beyond the fact that I'm already addicted? There's a sense of realism to this so painful, so very, very clear, that pulls the reader in right away. And characterization, as usual with your work, is strong as well - I especially liked how Hermione's mother retaliated; it's rare that they're written with backbone (or survival tactics). Conversely, your Bellatrix was perfect; coldly professional, yet a few steps off the deep end at the same time...


Yet one can't help but wonder what went wrong in the first place, especially as Tonks and Lupin let slip that Dumbledore was having people monitor her house... (As well, how Draco is going to be able to get anywhere *near* Hermione after this will definitely be interesting to read of..)


I look forward to future chapters; in the meanwhile, Cheers and Starry Nights...