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TheDarkLordsHeiress chapter 21 . 7/14
This is a really wonderful story, I hope you continue to tell their story for all to hear. I hope you can update soon and we can all finally see what happens next in their grand adventure.
Prince of darkness 44 chapter 9 . 5/20
dire wolf
Guest chapter 21 . 3/22
This was really good, I feel Snape should be a bit more sadistic and Harry more masochistic though.
Destineyofme chapter 21 . 1/11
I hope you will one day write more on this great story
Lady Nature chapter 7 . 1/9
green eyed black 9 tailed Kitsune for animagi form! -harry
Hullanta chapter 21 . 1/1
Simply Brilliant my dear, absoloutly exquisite. A rare master piece.
brigit p chapter 21 . 9/21/2015
That was an awesome story I just wish that there was more. Its one of those stories that once you finish it you can't help but want more to read about. :) keep up the good work.
thewolf74 chapter 21 . 1/29/2015
Wow. I love this story. I love that that Harry saved Severus' life twice. Please update again very soon. I want to know what happens next. I really enjoyed this story.
FallenSoul62 chapter 21 . 1/17/2015
plz update this story when you have time because it brilliant
Chaos chapter 21 . 11/18/2014
Update please.
georgia chapter 7 . 7/23/2014
Emorull chapter 21 . 7/19/2014
Please! we must have more! I really like this, it gave me butterflies in the stomach. You know, that ticklish warm sensation right in the bottom of your gut and it slowly spreads upward, making you want to laugh and smile, be all cheerful? Please write more, I well wait. Plus I would love to see if Harry is a dragon or phoenix.
Begumebilli chapter 9 . 6/15/2014
Your comments and other notes are longer than the chapter content, it's irritating really, with this good story.
MystSnare chapter 21 . 1/19/2014
Its a good story. Severus is a bit ooc, but it fits well with the story. Darn we didn't even get to the animagus part yet . will someone be adopting and finishing this story? *puppy-dog eyes*
shadowsnarry chapter 21 . 12/29/2013
such emotion in the story I felt soo sad at the times wen harry was broken and when sev cried
such emotion loved it
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