Reviews for In Your Service and His
Swamp Adder chapter 1 . 7/21/2009
Oh, wow! Though I doubt that the Istari were writing back so directly, this is a very clever what-if. Interesting to see Gandalf's point of view, which he keeps mostly hidden from the others; especially his comments about how he can only refer to the One vaguely and cryptically, even though He is foremost in his thoughts. Very well done!
Bluebonnet Clover chapter 1 . 7/23/2004
Interesting response to a challenge!

I love how you show the nearness of the Valar and of the One Himself - "only a whisper away." (By the way, I see that Gandalf's vocabulary has been influenced by certain Halflings!)

Radagast trained the first carrier pigeons? Too fun.

"Evil seldom sees itself as evil" - a very astute observation.

"Better to rule Middle-earth than serve in Valinor" - well quoted. But which came first - "Paradise Lost" or "The Silmarilion"? (Oh, and I wonder if you should mention some credits in your Author's Notes.)

I wonder if Nienna did smile when she heard that. It would at least do her heart good to know that he understood a little.

Ah, the Old Hope! You're tying in an extensive knowledge of the legendarium into this 'quick note'!

Concerning the Morgul shard, have you read Shirebound's story that deals with its removal? Amazing!

Gandalf loveth those hobbits! And the mention of a "fool's hope" is so well timed!

I keep forgetting that Faramir is known to Gandalf. Your description of Boromir's character is spot-on.

"His strength is made perfect in our weakness" - there ya go again! Very insightful. So is "rather myopic," but it made me sporfle!

"Too heavy for any but an eagle to carry" made me smile again. Maybe carrier Eagles is more like it? Or how about the Harrier Hawk Messenger Service?

Well, little lady, if I may say so, I've enjoyed this letter very much. It's both insightful and humorous, as well as very in-character for Gandalf. I can imagine Gandalf saying these very things in confidence to Manwe.

My hat is off to you, and I look forward to reading more of your material.

Now let's just hope the carrier pigeon-hawk-eagle doesn't get intercepted!

Will there be a reply from Manwe?