Reviews for Strengthening the Bonds
delete-account-please 5424271 chapter 13 . 2/8/2014
Awesome story it was so good did not want to stop reading it but I had to cause it was over
delete-account-please 5237847 chapter 13 . 1/8/2014
fantastic story couldn’t stop reading it really did like it is sad it is over
delete-account-please 5149757 chapter 13 . 10/18/2013
really great story it was very good so sad it over because it was really good couldn’t stop reading it
Book girl fan chapter 3 . 8/28/2013
Somehow, I don't think it will go quite as well as he is imagining.
Book girl fan chapter 1 . 8/28/2013
Who do you think?!
TheLittleRoguex chapter 7 . 4/5/2013
I love re-reading this fic, its just that great ;)
TheLittleRoguex chapter 13 . 12/3/2012
I just LOVED this fic, great job :)
delete-account-please 4171342 chapter 13 . 8/2/2012
This story was great
delete-account-please 742011 chapter 13 . 8/13/2010
this was a great story.
LeilaniVanous chapter 13 . 5/2/2010
Wonderful story, very well written. Marvelous characterization. Thank you for sharing.
The Reserved Reader chapter 13 . 4/30/2010
I enjoyed how you manage to weave humor into the story:) Logan and Scott are some of my favorite characters and this is certainly a great story that shows off their battling egos.
Scarlett Burns chapter 13 . 10/11/2009
Ha! This was absolutely a great read! You did a wonderful job writing Scott and Logan's tense relationship, and developing an understanding in all that testosterone! Thanks for the wonderful story!

crystal cerberus chapter 13 . 12/21/2007
that was awesome
RangerElf chapter 13 . 2/7/2007
That was so completly cool! Everyone was in character, and it was entirly believable. At first I thought it would belong under 'humor' rather than 'action adventure' but BANG! Wow. Jaw dropping work! The very end cracked me up
Name chapter 12 . 6/16/2006
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