Reviews for Scariest Net Navi Ever
Ohohen chapter 1 . 8/12/2005
that was a funny review! complement and the story is so funny...i was laughing so hard my stomach hurt and my dad looked at me like i was weird. then i told him to read your fiction and he started to laugh a bit too...hehe...i'm serious...that was so. funny! i loved it! Forte afraid of clowns! hahaha!
Prjct.WAR chapter 1 . 1/4/2005
heh,heh. Axl's thinking about ...but pretty funny. Let me tell who the scariest net navi would be...(takes a deep breath and shouts to the top of lungs) MICHAEL JACKSON!

MJ:would u play with me?

me:HECK NO! *runs away*

axl sees me running like a crazy person.


ME:Run for your life axl if u want keep something dear to u.

Axl:*hugs his chesse* My cheese!

me:? (snaps out of thinking moment) NO,stupid! YOUR'RE LIFE!

Axl sees mj coming.

Axl:Oh my god! It's the guy who likes boys! *axl starts to think for a moment and remembers he's a boy.*

MJ: Play with me!

Axl:NOO wayy! Back u gay pervert! *pulls his twin guns*

Me:*pulls out fire ninja star and throws it at mj's nose.

MJ: *screams like a little girl* My new nose! *nose starts to melt*

me:Now Axl!Shoot!

Axl starts to shoot and kills mj.

me: nice shot And looks like all boys every where could rest easy now.

Axl blows smoke from his gun."thanks."

me:I'm hungry let's go.*walks away*

Axl:Hey! Wait for me! *runs after me*

I'm sorry if I offended u...if u think mj is inccent I don't care ...but I think he desvers to go to jail but thats my opinion.
digi148 chapter 1 . 7/21/2004
I like everything about this fanfic! Please write some more like this, if possible.