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Bubulona chapter 114 . 4/6
Even though I've been following this story for almost four years this is the first time I post a review in .

This is my FAVORITE CCS fanfiction. It's just amazing how you managed to link everything together. I feel as if I was one with the characters in the story and just wow. I know last chapter was probably the biggest cliffhanger I've ever read but I know that the wait will be worth it. Knowing your skills next chapter will be amazing :) I'm a believer that she is alive! I know this because Wish-chan promised in the first chapters that she ships SS and I believe there will a happy ending! 3

New Trials will always have a special part in my heart.
EuroCuttie chapter 106 . 4/6
This chapter was absolutely beautiful! Sakura and Syaoran put aside their differences for Christmas and shared a cute little bench scene.
Meiling and Kai's part was very mesmerizing. Rika finally got together with Terada!
My jaw dropped when I read the last scene! Is this for real? Will Syaoran seriously be staying with Sakura? I LOVE THIS IDEA! How will the Li Clan react though? It doesn't matter, it made me so giddy!
EuroCuttie chapter 105 . 4/6
I was helplessly looking forward to Tomoyo's confession to Eriol! She didn't have the courage to do it still. I know that it might be better this way, to hope for a happy ending for a little longer, yet maybe Eriol is ready to hear Tomoyo out. Maybe he does have the power to love Tomoyo as much as he shows how much he cares for her. I laughed when Miho called Eriol a pervert when he picked that piece of clothing.

I thought Miho's father's identity would not be revealed as soon and I figured it out when Miho started to question herself and wanted to put a review saying that I know who Sing-sensei is..but I really did not expect this kind of revelation twist. It's wonderful to know that Kai's family is somewhat reunited. So, Kara left Kai a while back. Hmm...must have been tough. But I'm happy that she did, since Kai found his real love, Meiling.

I'm glad that Fujitaka is alright. So Nina is his half-sister...So funny. Syaoran being by Sakura's side at that time was priceless. They have gotten so close to one other, yet the distance is still clear as day. I'm very found of this circle theory. Sakura being all powerful and all of them joined so nicely with Tomoyo being their manager. Sometimes, I wish she and Meiling had powers as well.

Erika is one interesting character, I want her to be more involved here. I know she's not as shallow as she wants people to think.
Guest chapter 1 . 3/31
It has been 8 months since the last update!
EuroCuttie chapter 104 . 3/30
This chapter got me emotional immediately after the first scene. Tomoyo's words were so piercing that I wanted to hug her. She's unbelievably clever and strong. She's ready to accept the fact that her confession to Eriol will be just a step toward moving on. I'm hoping that will not happen. Then again, I have no clue what Eriol's thinking right now even after all those rescues. I'm getting nervous for Tomoyo.
I have to say that the whole fashion contest was a marvellous idea! I loved imagining every outfit. I'm completely speechless on Syaoran and Sakura's romantic scenes in this chapter. So heartbreaking. Especially the part where Sakura was in his arms.
This cliffhanger is cruel! What is going on with Kai by the way? He should be there more for Meiling.
You've updated this on my birthday, July 14th! :D Thank you!
EuroCuttie chapter 103 . 3/30
...Once again Tomoyo is left with such pain finding out about Mizuki Mika's reincarnated soul. Her suffering keeps on piling up. I really want her to honestly smile soon.
Syaoran is stronger than ever now. That's good news at least. Sakura will be just fine from now on. Her's "The Fantasy" world was simply beautiful and helpful to learn more about the Great Five.
EuroCuttie chapter 102 . 3/30
I've officially became an addict of this story. I admit it and I feel proud! I have a million others things to do, yet I find myself trapped in some way and wanting to read and read more. Why does this have to be so good? :)
Sakura's memory is back! She had been fearless to confront Syaoran like that. I'm proud of her! And who else would be able to save her from "The Fantasy" other than our lovely Syaoran? _ Syaoran said a very bittersweet thing that every time he breathes, he lives with the desire to see her again.

Accidentally injuring herself really does look like something Tomoyo would do while thinking about Eriol too much. Luckily, Eriol came out of nowhere to gently bandage her wound. Will he be able to do that with her heart as well? It is true that Tomoyo has an amazing and vast imagination, yet it would have been nice if she would the saving part once in a while, don't you think? She doesn't have to always be the one that gets saved. But I'm glad Eriol saved her so that he wouldn't lose her. Such a delicate little scene there. It made me smile. Tomoyo was in Eriol's room when that happened...meaning he probably carried her to there :D And I finally learned where Eriol got his name from! Now I would like to know, how was he born?
P.S. I really liked the fanart!
EuroCuttie chapter 101 . 3/29
I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR SUCH A LONG TIME FOR THIS TOMOYO AND ERIOL SCENE! 3 They are just so adorable! Eriol surprised me as hell when he got into Tomoyo's room! At first, I thought that Tomoyo was faking her illness. I loved her reaction to the milk and honey that Eriol gave her. I couldn't take my eyes off the sentence where Eriol tells Tomoyo that he'll stay by her side as she sleeps. It's good to see his caring side like that. The unplanned things are the best ones, aren't they?

Sakura will fell such pain when she regains her memories. Syaoran can't take his hold off of her even under these circumstances. That was a lovely kiss he gave her.
I can't wait to see Meiling's dress for this party on the website! I am not liking how Kara is always around Kai the second Meiling leaves. Kai choose to be with Meiling, after all.
EuroCuttie chapter 100 . 3/29
Eriol was calmly reading a book while Aki was confessing to Tomoyo? Could he be any more confident in himself? Or he doesn't have the slightest clue yet about Tomoyo. Aki's confession made the love triangle disappear. He should focus on Miho more...he could have a chance with her!
Tomoyo was so precious when she stated that she didn't film her first confession! If only things would rush up a bit between her and Eriol.
Syaoran surely has made himself cozy with his new plan to stay close to Sakura, no matter what. He's probably waiting to gain his powers back to get back at his clan for what it put him through. He gained some loyalty for now by taking the Sakura's cards. It will be fun to see him gaining Sakura's trust in him again! I'm really more and more proud of Meiling! :D
EuroCuttie chapter 99 . 3/9
"The Pride" surely is one card that is hard to notice. When I read the title of this chapter 58, I thought that it would be about Sakura and Syaoran. I never would have guessed that is it about Aki and Kai's past. Kai saves the day!
Syaoran didn't even have the courage to say a word to Sakura when she talked to him. I didn't expect him to the enrolled in the other high school. Nice twist! He close, but not as close as he used to be.
EuroCuttie chapter 98 . 3/9
A start of a new era where hopefully the bond of the Great Five's descendants will only become stronger and seek only good and light. Syaoran comes to the rescue once more! He's a real knight in shining armor, isn't he? Sakura surely knows how to get involved in dangerous situations.
I really liked and completely agree with Tomoyo's view on soul mates. On the other hand, I don't want her to give up just yet! Fight for your love, Tomoyo! Eriol seriously needs to understand women more.
EuroCuttie chapter 97 . 3/8
Eriol is waking up from his usual passive state, I think. What a way to save Tomoyo from Ai-kun, huh? Who would have thought a marshmallow could be used as a weapon? :D
I'm quite proud of Meiling! She managed to get that jacket from Kai! She definitely has my respect for being courageous!
EuroCuttie chapter 96 . 3/8
Kai and Meiling's airport scene swept me off my feet! So darn cute! I was beyond myself when they won the best couple contest! Hahahaha, great for them! They're a lovely couple.
Syaoran's coming back to Japan! YES! He found a way to be by Sakura's side again. Even though she doesn't remember him. far is he willing to go with the Li Clan's plan? I'm hoping for some kind of a plan twist.
Tomoyo and Sakura's relationship is one to admire. What does their great-grandfather have in store for them? He's shady.
EuroCuttie chapter 95 . 3/8
It feels unusually good reading this story after a few months! I haven't forgotten about it, it's just that a break seems fitting at that time. Anyhow, I'm back at full speed! Not sure if I'll finish reading all chapters until April 1st, though. The real world can be quite powerful with its obligations.

On to the 1st part of this chapter, how I want Tomoyo to be speared from the pain she's feeling here. She's being extremely strong after finding out something new about Eriol...but until when? Hasn't she suffered enough? Guess not.
Sakura chose the easy way out, I see. Forgetting about Syaoran was just that easy, however, it was such a cowardly thing to do. She couldn't deal with her pain anymore. It can't be helped for now.
marine-chan chapter 114 . 2/5
wish-chan please please please update soon D:
onegaiii D:
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