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EuroCuttie chapter 84 . 10/24/2013
Aki brought Miho as his date? Totally saw that one happen sooner or later. Let's see how Miho will be able to put up with him. Ah, the fluffy scenes of Meiling and Kai...lovely as always. Meiling had me laughing hard when she asked Kai where did he learn his dance moves, was it in a strip bar? :D Epic. Meiling was smart to tell Kai to try those coats on...he loves his present.
Sakura and Syaoran were precious in this chapter. The balcony scene was heart-warming. Sakura waiting for Syaoran to get back, while the latter is busy searching for his gift to her. They're so close and intimate now, it's like they have their own little world even though they're not a real couple yet.
The king and queen of Winter Wonderland, Eriol and Tomoyo! That title suits them perfectly. Looking forward to the action and closeness between these two.
This was written back in 2004? Wow, almost ten years ago. Damn, we're getting old. Then again, our passion for fanfics hasn't died out, so we're still good! :)
EuroCuttie chapter 83 . 10/23/2013
Eriol had courage in him after all to ask Tomoyo to be his date! This will surely be amusing :) Syaoran chickened out, only to make a well come back and protect his loving Sakura from Eron. These two got matching watches! How thoughtful and what a coincidence! I thought Kai's surprise appearance was pure gold! That's just the way how guys should act when they love someone. He's such an amazing guy.
I haven't read much about Eron and Erika lately, so it was a nice touch adding them here.
EuroCuttie chapter 82 . 10/23/2013
This part of the chapter was full of Tomoyo and the others talking about Eriol! An Eriol's POV on this would have been great, though. Hopefully, he'll get his act together and ask Tomoyo to go to the dance with him.
Syaoran had no luck this far asking Sakura out, but he was an excellent saviour.
It would be a wonderful idea if Kai could kidnap Meiling on the dance day and make her come along. Meiling should get back to Japan soon enough.
EuroCuttie chapter 81 . 10/19/2013
Meiling and Kai's phone conversation was simply adorable! I love it when they behave like normal teenagers in love. Miho is doing a great job by challenging The Riddle with the most powerful feeling, love. Will Clow Reed ever actually leave Eriol? It seems like Eriol cannot live his own life because of the strong memory of Clow Reed.
All the versions of love that the characters gave very true, especially being unselfish and making sacrifices.
EuroCuttie chapter 80 . 10/19/2013
Wait a minute, Aki is starting to feel something for Tomoyo? What? Wait until Eriol finds out about this...hahaha. Now I'm starting to wonder what part is Aki going to play in Tomoyo's life. Whatever it may be, Aki should not stand in Eriol's way. It could get pretty ugly. Is Eriol ever going to make a move on Tomoyo? Or at least let her know that he does feel something for her? He's been back for a while and having Aki in the picture right now does not make things easier for him.
I can't wait to read about Tomoyo's reaction when she finds out about Aki's feelings for her...if Aki does indeed feel something for her. Tomoyo's honesty is something many should admire. How far will Aki go with his admiration?
12-year-old Kai wearing bright coloured clothes? Wow, that is priceless! He has to solve his issues though.
EuroCuttie chapter 79 . 10/18/2013
Yeah, Syaoran, money certainly does not come easily. Especially when your allowance has been cut off. Yet, by having a great quality of skills, one could make it to the top fast. Touya seems to appreciate Syaoran more since he did save Syaoran from having customer issues.
EuroCuttie chapter 78 . 10/18/2013
Syaoran was really straight forward during his date with Sakura. That's an improvement and he's not surrendering even though Sakura's answers weren't what he wanted to hear.
Nadeshiko didn't deserve such a cruel heartbreak...Ryuuren simply couldn't have said no to his family like his son has. Syaoran made my eyes soften when he said to Sakura that she can't make him go back home. Ah, love at its most beautiful stage.
LunaVermilion chapter 114 . 10/14/2013
oh my gosh, you have to finish this! PLEASE Also, I have a question, technically, Sakura killed herself, she thrust herself into the sword so Syaoran cant be the master, even if it was his sword
EuroCuttie chapter 77 . 10/14/2013
Is Eriol this evil? I mean, yes, he is manipulative, but it is to help others...not harming them verbally or physically. He would never actually mean to say to Tomoyo that she's just in the way...even if Clow Reed wasn't nice to people with no use of him. Eriol is not Clow Reed..he may possess Clow Reed's memory, yet he has his own agenda. I don't know if there is an Origins chapter on Eriol yet, but if not, I would love to read one, to understand Eriol better. What does he really think of Tomoyo now?
Tomoyo should be more open with Eriol...who knows what she can find out about him?
Touya is very wrong about Syaoran and the sooner he realizes that, the better for Sakura...Touya will eventually see that. Will his powers return little by little?
Sakura keeps on protecting her title stronger than ever. Good for her. As for Syaoran, he should take more risks when it come to his feelings towards Sakura.
Kai surely knows when to call Meiling, as if he wishes to get her into more trouble. I do want him to kidnap her! She would be happier with him anyway.
EuroCuttie chapter 76 . 10/13/2013
This historical fic is amazing! Never doubted your writing skills for a second! All four characters are hilarious. Shulin's trying so hard to look untouchable, while Landon is pretty much enjoying watching her. Hayashi and Mayura's fight with their "enemies" had me laughing me head off. Hayashi is such a coward, haha.
Clearly, I want more of "The Legacy of the Five" because it does seem to tie up nicely with our new magical teenagers and I find it important to know the past well to prepare for a bright future!
I saw that there is a chapter 2 and I was so excited about it. Hopefully there will be more. I haven't read the chapter 2 yet. I'll let you know what I think of it as soon as I read it. I do enjoy these special side-stories to this fanfic.
EuroCuttie chapter 75 . 10/11/2013
Syaoran proved to be a true warrior till the very end. Happy for him! Although, I think Eriol could have easily won if only he put his feelings into the fight like Syaoran has. Well, this was a challenge that Syaoran could not exactly afford to lose.
Kai and Meiling saying their "good-byes" was darn sweet. Kai has to do something about his health though..why can't he ask Sakura to use the Heal card?
My favorite couple, ET, is still having difficulties on getting together..both of them are twisted, yet so adorable!
EuroCuttie chapter 74 . 10/10/2013
This chapter rocked! Meiling and Kai kissed! The scenery was perfect for them...dark with a special kind of light in it. I really like them as a couple.
Tomoyo's appearance to Eriol and Syaoran's battle didn't surprise me at all. She can read people oh too well. This battle will show how much Syaoran's true powers. So exciting!
EuroCuttie chapter 73 . 10/9/2013
What is wrong with Eriol? Talking to Erika like that... He's probably trying to make Syaoran strong for what's to come, I guess. Eriol is one fascinating guy. Will he ever become an open enemy of Erika and Eron? After all, they did hurt Tomoyo. Just how much patience does Eriol truly have? Of course that he has to make sure that Sakura fights her own battles and all, yet until when?
EuroCuttie chapter 72 . 10/9/2013
Eriol gave a rose to Tomoyo for her brilliant performance! He's such a perfect gentleman. Tomoyo was the first one to realize her feelings for Eriol. I'm extremely happy right now! Tomoyo is showing her feelings step by step. I can't wait to read more about Eriol, though. So far, he's been mysterious about his life.
It was great reading about Syaoran's performance as well. His character has been building up pretty nicely. Way to go on beating Eron! Eron had it coming for treating Sakura like he did.
angel chapter 114 . 10/9/2013
wat? sakura died?
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