Reviews for The New Trials of Card Captor Sakura and Friends
Amethyst Beloved chapter 118 . 2/19
I finally finished reading the chapter. Even though I was out of town when it was released, I still took my sweet time to get through it. The fluff was impeccable. Like I said in my e-mail, Chapter 44: Like a Child more or less marks the time when I discovered New Trials and the idea of an alliance was introduced for the first time. That was 2003. Look how far we've come. Thank you so much for this gift, Wish-chan. Best Valentine's Day 2015 present ever.
Seirin chapter 118 . 2/17
I'm so happy Syaoran took his place in the Alliance if the Stars. It was a truly hard road for both Sakura and Syaoran, but hardships are the things which makes us stronger, aren't they? I love your characters' development, how they grow up, how they change. Oh, I just love this bunch! The only thing I missed is more Tomoyo/ Eriol interaction, which is in fact my favourite part in every chapter :3 Thank you once again for writing this lovely story!
Kimmie-chan chapter 118 . 2/16
Love your work Wish - chan. After all these years there is nothing that gets me as excited as a new chapter of NT. I love that everything is falling into place. I'm so glad the duo are back - I find myself really appreciating the rare scenes SS have together. It's so nice the two finally have a quite moment just for themselves.
Kittyangel chapter 118 . 2/15
Holy cow! An update so close from another one. I nearly fell off my chair in shock today when I read that you updated. I really did love this chapter. You answered many questions. I'm looking forward to the end, but I'm also scared for it as well. I've been following this story for 10 years now. It will be weird to not have it in my life anymore. I'll post my huge, long review on Facebook Group.

Ems'RR chapter 117 . 2/5
I was só happy when you updated. I don't know why but I feel that this is coming to an end and it males me sad. How many chapters do you plan on write?
TaraRae89 chapter 117 . 2/3
So excited to have an update! But sad this is coming to an end. This is written so well. What a pleasure!
Duffy chapter 117 . 2/3
Omg I freaking love this story so much and all I want to do is shower you with praise! Though it is literally killing me that you haven't let Syaoran and Sakura make out yet!
Guest chapter 117 . 2/3
When I saw you update this, I full on fangirled oh my gosh FAVE FANFIC EVER
tomoyohime8 chapter 117 . 2/3
Aww. This has to be my favorite chapter 3. I can't wait for when they meet again. Is the next chapter going to be an epilogue, or is more yet to come? It's like the penultimate chapter of the manga all over again _

Extra love for FujitakaxNadeshiko.
SakuSyaoLvr chapter 117 . 2/2
I'm soo happy this chapter was finally uploaded! But at the same time I can't even contain myself in anticipation of the next chapter!
Seirin chapter 117 . 2/2
Every single time I see the allert message of this wonderful story, I feel such positive vibes... I'll repeat myself over and over again, I adore you for writing one story for so many years, for giving life to endless adventure which still moves my heart. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Kittyangel chapter 117 . 2/2
Wish-chan does it yet again. Wow... I'll leave my full review on the Yahoo Group page ;)

Amethyst Beloved chapter 117 . 2/1
It took me almost twelve hours to read this chapter as I was doing other things through out the day, but I made it. And boy, was it fantastic. I've written you a 1000 words letter, which I'll e-mail to you. Thank you for this wonderful gift. I especially enjoyed the various interactions among the characters that we least expect to share scenes together. And the parallel between what Kai did vs what S&S did was something I didn't even think about even though it's something that we've known about for the longest time! Thanks again, Wish-chan. You're the best.
kimiwoaishiteru18 chapter 117 . 2/1
Oh my gosh. Is this the end? I am not prepared. I love it I really do. And I love you for making this one. And I would really like to cry right now but I won't because if I do, it will make the ending too tangible. I'm the kind of reader who sometimes adores those open ended stories although I am unsure if I want such ending here. One thing I'm sure though, I am not prepared for this story to end.
littlewolf123 chapter 117 . 2/1
I remember when I first read this fic when I was in junior high. And to this day, I don't think I've found a fic to match the depth and imagination of this story. Trust me, I've laughed cried and wondered how in the world someone could come up with such an idea. I'm graduating college now and you can see how the fic has become a part of my life for a long time.I've reread the fix countless of times and I'm glad that you're still updating. Thank you for being such an awesome writer! And please continue till the end!:)
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