Reviews for Princess Tutu: Chapter of the Bird
Ern Estine 13624 chapter 16 . 5/13
Interesting can't wait for more
Nelja chapter 16 . 5/7
Yes, another chapter, it makes me so happy! Caras is still very intriguing and I really wonder how it will turn out! I love the part with Autor, and the intervention of the Book Men too. Even if this was good, it left me with the impression of a "transition" chapter, with more about the characters than the plot. I can't wait to see what happens next!
Meta-Akira chapter 14 . 4/27
Ahhh, I'm so glad that I found this fic!
It's terrifically done, and you write multiple POV changes so well without making things seem muddled or confusing.
Greatly looking forward to whenever you are able to get the next chapter up!

Nelja chapter 14 . 11/19/2014
I still adore this! All this things explained! All these new developments! Drossemeyer and Fakir's writing fight! Karas' amnesia! It's one of the most fascinating fics I have ever read.
Nelja chapter 13 . 11/19/2014
I wad too busy to read your new chapter right ahead, but now I've taken the time at last, and it is still wonderful.

I love how you remember what everyone knows and what everyone doesn't, and sometimes your characters make false assumptions, few authors do that because they think it wastes time, but when you do it it's both mor realist and good character study/development, so no time wasted at all!

I love the part with Author's music! I love how there are always little details that make the global plot advance, sometimes very subtle. I love the rhythm of you fight scenes - it's very hard to do, with so much characters. I love the last sequence, with Uzura and the Norns, very mysterious. The link with Faust, by the way, seems very mysterious to me too.

Chapter 13, it means I'm right at the middle of the fic? If there are supposed to be 13 big chapters in two parts. It's a big step!
Going to read chapter 14 right now!
Ranoko chapter 12 . 7/30/2014
Aaah, I love being able to catch up on this fic! You always do such an amazing job balancing the multiple plot lines (which you have a LOT going!) and the characterizations of everyone. And I mean everyone! Even the minor characters don't get passed up in their mannerisms.
Back to this next chapter. Mraahh, the tension and anticipation are so palpable with so much of this! (And the music is excellently chosen, as always) (oh my gosh Autor's piece makes so much sense and geeez! 'Presto agitato' is almost an understatement! Fantastic.)
And then... just how everything 'works.' But what aobut the crow sisters? Their plan is going along smoothly - what's the next part? Macbeth is certainly ripe for the picking, but... then what happens to him? And then there's Caras... Who couldn't care less about their scheme, I imagine, as long as it doesn't interfere with his 'ascension.' And inevitable battle with the Prince. Because really, it is. And then there's that ominous final scene... DB Caras what are you doooiiinngggg... But I really love how the contempt shard is backfiring on him. Makes you wonder of any of the others are going to/are doing the same... (note: the title/theme for the next episode does not bode well) (but yet that also gets me excited CB)
Just love. So much of it. Thank you for having this here and sharing your amazingtasticalness.
I look forward to the next instalment!
Ranoko chapter 10 . 7/30/2014
The incorporation of the Lake Spirit again is great, and the legend and the coffin! It really reminded me of the Giselle episode. And the fact that Sagi can actually stand it a lot better makes sense - and involves her more, too.
And then the tree. All of them. *Insert fangirl squealing!* I can't believe I never made the connection to Yggdrasil. And the strands... and Edel! And Uzura. Gah. I just love that. All of it. It makes so much sense! And it makes me excited for whatever may be coming up! (like those guardians...) X3
Nelja chapter 12 . 7/17/2014
I realized that "A tale of two cities" is the title of your chapter with a revolution... but far only the second part! First time I had taked the title as face value, about Ginkan and Kinkan, ha ha, it is brilliant!
Talking about a revolution, by the way, the people were quick to blame the council without real proof, just hints. They must have loved Friar Tuck very much! And they were right in the end, so...
It's still weird to me to have Frollo as the good guy. The thing is, I _know_ he is when there are no pretty girls in his head, but it's still very original.

But this arc is ended, and Mytho comes back! I will be so happy to see him reunited with Rue and the others! And Emma will be here, too, yay!
Kamome was a good surprise. I was waiting for her to be caricatural, and she gets really human at the end. Will we have her reactio when she comes back to her town and discover what happened to her family?

I aloso liked the part with Rue and Author. But my favourite arc here is clearly Caras'. Between him trying to use Tutu's ways, the insinuation by Takako that maybe he isn't the Raven but only believes it, and his final scene, in which he is charismatic and scary... it was really good!

It's a really great fic and I adore it and want to read the next chapter once more, but you know that, don't you? :-)
(I love Faust, by the way. And yeah, everyone reunited! Sagi and Caras scenes!)
James Birdsong chapter 12 . 7/17/2014
Cool two chapters.
Snowthistle chapter 10 . 3/4/2014
I am truly delighted that you've decided to pick this up again! It was a great treat to read the first six chapters you had up here again plus the four additional chapters you've written! It's really interesting to see how much thought and work you've put into this! Not only is this a really well-written fic with original characters, but you've managed to incorporate each chapter into two parts of what a full episode of the series, have a selection of classical music tailored to each section as background music, and even next episode previews! I must applaud you for your hard work, and I eagerly await more chapters! It's really exciting to go through these and imagine them like I'm watching a third season of the series going through my head with many more references to ballets, plays, operas, mythological works, etc. your hard work has certainly paid off, and I'm excited that there is more to come!
Ranoko chapter 8 . 2/15/2014
*sigh* This just keeps getting better and more intriguing as I get further in! So sorry I've not been posting reviews as I go along, but I've been reading on and off when I have some spare time (or just make some time) over the past month or so. I LOVE what you have been doing! It is gorgeously put together, and fits the original format soooo very well! And there is so much character development! And the new characters are fantastic too! And... I could just go on! I've yet to read/listen to the music you've made available simultaneously, but it's obvious that you've got a great ear for what fits. Thank you for sharing that wonderfulness.

Thank you for continuing to work on this - it is absolutely wonderful, and makes me excited every chance I have to read more! 3
Nelja chapter 9 . 1/12/2014
And I forgot to say: thanks for the song! I haven't listened to them yet, but I will!
Nelja chapter 10 . 1/12/2014
Oh, how I love the ending! It gets really, really cosmic! Quest for the Norns, yeah! And as always, the preview is furiously tempting. Especially when there's Rue. I love her, and she has had very few scenes recently, even if, of course, she was still awesome in it.

But I shall start from the beginning. Ahiru on her way to becoming friends with Pike and Lilie again made me so happy! I was already squeeing at the first scene.

Oh, when she can't transform anymore! It's one of the things I adore with this fic: of course, I love the overall plot. But I'm also intrigued by _and emotionally invested in every chapter (or episode :-) ) story!

I also loved a lot the part with Yagiko and Neko. And another teacher who will not have lasted long!

I'm curious about why Sagi can take the shard more easily than the others, is it because she had less awful things in her life, or because she has some kind of connexion to Caras, or some other thing. Oh, and I'm happy Autor was here too. I have a weird fondness for him - even if I love when you mock him too, of course. Having his interaction with Takako-san was a nice move, bringing exposition about the origin of her magic _with_ characterization.

Still my favourite Princess Tutu fanfic ever!
James Birdsong chapter 10 . 1/12/2014
Awesome story.
Mikoto Bloom chapter 8 . 1/2/2014
Please update soon! I really love it. So...this is just a prediction, is there going to be a love triangle between Trutho, Carcas, an Sagi?
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