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VBK-VereorBlackKing chapter 22 . 3h
There are so many things that I want to say, that I don't even know where to start.
I see you haven't unloaded since 2010, which is a very long time, being now 2017. Now, disregarding the fact that I can't approached unfinished stories (I myself suffer when I have to abandon one and can't write it any longer. The need to know how a story not authored by me will or would end is a physical pain, especially when it's a good story), I knew Sinners was incomplete, and yet I've read it. No, read it does not even begin to cover it: I've devoured it, and I've been swimming in this AU reality you've created, and, now that I'm left with no end, I can only drown. Which, creepy and dumb as it may sound, I guess is really pertaining to the story (although noone hs drown.. yet).
I find the characterization of, well, characters, incredibly good. Despite obviously altering their personalities from the original (just, how much does Kai talk!? And how many times does Take get involved on sex affairs!? Not that I'm complaining. Especially for the latter), I have to say that the choices you've made still fit to the originals.
I guess I will never know if I'm right and Dox is really who I think it is, and I will never get to the juicy details of Kai's and Tala's final "romantic" encounter, but I guess it's ok. I'm not hoping that you will ever upload this- ok, obviously I'm lying, of course I will, but, I just wanted to conclude by saying that you are an amazing writer, nobody gets me hooked like you do, and I'd love to read anything from you, anything, really. I hope the reason you've never finished this is because you went professional and became a famous writer. But, yeah, should you ever wish to finish this... I'll be here waiting. And trying not to lose it by thinking about possible endings.
You are a beacon of light in the dark, I tell you.
Ga chapter 22 . 5/20
can you please finish the inuyasha's brother abused story
Guest chapter 22 . 3/19
So it has been 9 years since I discovered this story as a wee-teen in 2008 LOL and I even remembered that exciting afternoon in 2010 when I got the notification that chapter 21 and 22 were updated. Even as an adult and having read countless other fanfics of various fandom since, this is still my favorite fanfic. I shall forever be waiting for an update.

-Your #1 fan
Kyle chapter 1 . 3/12
Sequal of this story
Hero Of The Hazard chapter 15 . 1/9
[So well-thought out. So … So much better than anything Hiwatari ever did, isn't it? Better than Hiwatari. I wonder … This Dox will most likely become the greatest murderer in the history of Japan." ]
So...who's money is on Brooklyn being 'Dox'? He's really praising the guy a bit too much not to be. Suspicious! (It's his other personality isn't it? Since he blacks out, it might actually be the other personality.)

[The only animals we now have are butterflies and moths.]
Well, that just seals the deal, doesn't it?

Also, lol, Tala, you are seriously serial killer bait, they just really like to make you *smile* and be happy. :')
Hero Of The Hazard chapter 8 . 1/8
Oh, maybe the finger prints are suspicious since they were so obviously planted. Perhaps Wyatt is the next victim so Dox planted the fingerprints to lead the police to the next victim?

[but he got Ishida's rent on time every month in the mail, so Ishida is still living here."]
You mean the same way Gao's rent was paid on time long after he was dead? I'm seeing a connection~

[But they had belonged to Ishida, meaning Ishida had to have witnessed Ginko's murder …]
Who could have gotten kidnapped by the murderer and killed, just like Tyson. They did say that haven't seen him for a long time...

["Dox wasn't inviting us to find him," Tala belated told Michael as they neared, remembering, clearer than ever, Hiwatari's words. "He invited us to find Ishida: his third victim."]
Oh shit, I was right. I was worried when the poisonous gas came out because I thought that maybe Ishida set a trap to troll the cops that came to find him and he really was Dox.

Whoa, he's been there for a year, just starving? Harsh, Dox.
Oh, whoops not starving, but jeez, just sitting tied to a bed post the entire time? They really did turn him into a sloth.

Whoa, he pulled a jumpscare from Condemned:Criminal Origins (The guy from the school locker) jumpscare there, I didn't expect him to be still alive in there!

["Ladies and gentlemen … Kai Hiwatari is on the loose." ]
Aw shit, NOW?!
Welp, Tala, you better watch your back because according to the summary, he's looking for you!
(And Boris is probably dead, which is why he's not answering his calls. When people are doing things that are unusual for them and not talking to you in person, they just assume that they are dead.)
Bibi Santos chapter 22 . 2/14/2016
Ive been checking on this story since 2011, and in the meantime i must have dreamed a couple of times that it was updated...
Seriously, i will wonder forever how this would have ended! T.T
Lady Kiev chapter 22 . 12/16/2015
Bruh...come back to us! It's been a looooong time. Please? I'll love you for ever.
Guest chapter 22 . 11/15/2015
I wonder who'll win the bet of how long it'll take to update! Hoping 'never' isn't the right answer!
Animefan1900 chapter 22 . 11/9/2015
Aw man :D Are you going to update this anytime soon? LOVE THIS!
terracannon876 chapter 1 . 9/14/2015
I just reread this fic for the first time in years, and it makes me so happy that one of my favorite Beyblade fics (based off two movies I like, to boot!) is still as readable as before. It's too bad it's been a long time since your last update, but I can only hope that someday... ;; Thanks for writing! Hope you're doing well now.
Krixel chapter 22 . 8/21/2015
Okay, I know it's been forever since this fic was updated, but today is - according to tumblr - fanfiction author appreciation day, so I can't not leave a review for one of my all-time favorite fanfiction writers. I followed all of your Beyblade stories from Untold Truths, to Resurfacing, but Sinners - Sinners is my favorite. It rolls everything I love into one brilliant story. Of course, I'd love to see it finished, but even if it's over - I'll always be grateful that part that exists is here for me to read.

The characters are so delightfully twisted in their roles, and yet somehow still maintain a sense of their original characterization. Kai - even as a deranged, psychotic, sociopathic killer - is somehow still Kai. The back-and-forth push and pull dynamic between Kai and Tala, though far more dangerous, is still reminiscent of their competitive and tentative relationship in the bounds of the show. This is one of the most brilliant pieces of fusion fanfiction I've ever read, even to this day.

This chapter is particularly enticing as the strings begin to tie together. Tala's caught between a rock and a hard place. Johnny's sadistic drive to do whatever it takes to bring down Kai is about to backfire so horrendously bad that I'd almost feel sorry for him if I weren't looking forward to it so much. And Brooklyn... oh I don't even know what to say about precious, broken, crazy Brooklyn.

So, whether this is the end or there's still some hope for the story to continue, thanks for bringing it to life as much as you did. Thanks for bringing this version of these beloved characters to life, and sharing it with the rest of us. Happy fanfiction author appreciation day, and thanks for all your contributions to the Beyblade fandom.

waiting chapter 22 . 7/17/2015
It has literally been years since this story has been updated, YEARS. I came upon this gem some four years ago and have made a habit to regularly check for updates when it crosses my mind- that's how good this is. But I have to say that I've almost lost all hope that it will be continued. Although, there is that teeny tiny little idealistic, blindly faithful, portion of me yelling that this story will one day be complete. But until then, whether that time really will come or not, I am happy to browse through this epic once again from time to time. And all i can say to you is 'thank you' for creating such a delightful read. The hopeful bit in me refuses to shut up and die, so rest assured I will be checking in well into the future.
hisoka's Luver chapter 22 . 6/10/2015
I just love this murderous Kai. It suits him. I hope you'll update this.
Ranfan chapter 22 . 2/27/2015
Oh my god O.O after some years I've come back to re-read this story again (and am very happy to find more updates) but please PLEASE update soon! I wanna see Johnny get his comeuppance and ultimately complete this story. It's really good, I applauded you xxxxxxx
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