Reviews for You Can't Keep a Good Dog Down
Death-Muncher chapter 1 . 1/8/2006
ooh! i like it!please please please update soon!
DiabloCat chapter 3 . 7/24/2005
Man, you have simply GOT to continue! I'm as hooked as a little fishy on the end of your last line! Please finish it, it's great, it's intriguing, it's one of the best after-life stories so far! Please!
Scarlett-Vampire chapter 3 . 9/26/2004
oh this is amazing! You have got to update soon! i need to read more. I wanna know how their coming back! Its so sweet and touching in places! keep up the good work!
Lady Taliesin chapter 3 . 9/22/2004
Hey! Just finished reading this chappie...brilliant of it reminded me a bit of Narnia, with the time moving differently and all...yeah.

I'd have to say my favorite part was when James was explaining to Sirius what Heaven was for everybody, and how his and Lily's Heaven was with Sirius there...that was great. Very, very sweet. I just LOVE these kind of reuniting ficlets :)

The part with Hermione being obsessed over Sirius...well, I was rather confused (although, on second thought, I think that was the objective). I never really imagined her being that...argh, what's the word?...close to him, I guess you could say, not like Harry and Lupin, but the way you made it work out...makes sense. That part with that last migraine/vision, though...majorly confused. (Did I spell that right?)

I get cookies! Yay! (I LOVE cookies ) :). Glad you like my stuffs. Did you review chapter 21 on TW M? Hmm. I forgot. Well, it's up, if you haven't. Anyhow...

Keep writing, and, 'til next chapter, bye!
Sweet 16 Movie Buff chapter 3 . 9/19/2004
"sending themselves straight to... the other place"

**chuckles** I loved that line.

Okay, that was the lighter note, but the second half, back in the world with Hermione and Harry . . . that made me tear up. I don't usually read anything on fan fiction that can make me watery-eyed and that makes you most definitely the first. The only time a book has made me physically cry was when I read the part of OotP when Sirius died. THAT made me cry; bawl in fact.

Anyway, I loved all the details about Sirius's emotions and his past life with the Potters. It was all so sweet and serenely moved me from emotion to emotion to give me this over-all feeling of awe.

**reads back over review** Damn woman! You should most definitely consider physcology (sp?) as a profession! Well, ACTUALLY, I'd prefer you become a novelist (not the smutty-type), so I could read more of your stuff. But until then, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE update soon!

P.S. - Oh, and I will make it my goal this week to recommend your story to three other people to read; it deserves more attention than it's getting!
Lady Taliesin chapter 2 . 9/11/2004
Hey! Just finished reading's great! I really, really love the way Sirius and James are acting around each other...that's one of my favorite parts about these type of fics )

Hope you update this soon...I can't wait to see what they're going to do once they get back to earth.

Anyway, thanks for reviewing my fic, glad you liked it ) PLEASE UPDATE SOON!
Sweet 16 Movie Buff chapter 2 . 9/6/2004

Oh, I love it, I love it! Excellent grammar, excellent spelling, excellent developement of relationships . . .

Harry was precisely in character as was Hermione in her greif and it didn't subtract from the story or the relationships! I find it very hard to write greif because it's such a big emotion and it takes so much to explain it. But here you did an excellent job.

Lily and James were pretty well characterized, and I loved the changes you had in Sirius. I don't like it when stories have him as the still immature Marauder he was even after he's escaped from Azkaban; it irks me to no end.

Please continue, this story has my interest and is most definitely going on my author alerts! Please update soon!
Sweet 16 Movie Buff chapter 1 . 8/21/2004
This is so cool!

I personally have a soft spot for Sirius Returns fics. You know . . . maybe SOMEONE **cough, cough** J.K. Rowling **cough, cough** will get the hint he HAS to come back!

But until she gets that hint, if she ever does, I will continue to read your fic. It's excellently written and I am very much impressed with your interpretation of Sirius's battle.

However, I have one pointer or suggestion, isn't it in heaven, when you're a spirit, that you no longer have a body or a brain and therefore cannot recognize pain or feel pain?

Dunno, that's what I've always thought, cause it makes sense, but it's only a minor part of your fic so it's cool.

Now, I was wondering if since, I've read your fic, if you might read one of my fics? It's doesn't matter which one because they're practically independent of one another. The plots have nothing to do with one another, so, if you'd like or would please, read one of my fics?