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poem-of-underground chapter 6 . 9/23/2009
awsome cant wait for more :D
Princess.Jack.N.Anamaria chapter 6 . 11/6/2005
Firstly: Wha' does Jack mean by 'kip'? I've ne'er 'eard o' *tha'* phrase 'efore.

Secondly: Yer story's absolutely, positively, undeniably cute! Wait a minute, what's so cute 'bout bein' a slave. Tha' didn' come out righ'. Wha' I *mean* t'say is that this story is really adorable. Wait, *tha'* didn' come out righ' either! Urgh!LOL Anywho, awesome story.

Thirdly: YAY! Jack has entered the story! More J/A action soon please. OR ELSE I'LL MAROON Ye, SAVVY?

Fourthly: Ana's name is spelled like this: Anamaria. But ye don' 'ave t' change it if ye don' wan' t'. Just a suggestion.

Fifthly: You're a really good author.[gasp]. WHA' 'APPENED TO MINI ANA? (cute nickname fer Anabelle ain' it) I know we ye 'aven't said anythin' 'bout Anamaria and Mini Ana bein' close. But I thin' Ana should come back to the plantation, after she gets closer t' Jack, and adopt Mini Ana. SHE SEEMS SO CUTE! BTW, I know tha' chapter was written a long time ago; it was just somethin' fer ya t' think 'bout. I don' mind if ye don' though. LOL.

Sixthly: Don' ye agree tha' Cal should make Jack/Ana fanfiction? You can you say *huge* fan o' tha' couple? Well I can' say anythin' 'cause I luv 'em endlessly too.

Seventhly: Just t' let ye know, I *hate* Jack/Liz stories. I *despise* Mary-Sues. And I could just flat out *kill* Jack/OC stories. JACK/ANA IS ALL I READ AND WRITE 'BOUT! HeheG

Eigthly: Don' ye jus' luv it when Ana gets into her "beware, I'm' poisenous snake" mood? SHE'S SUCH A SPITFIRE! I luv 'er. [not like tha' though. I'ma girl]

Ninethly: You're a really skilled author. KEEP WRITIN' JACK/ANA STORIES, PLEASE! I honestly thought that there were no more good stories with me fav. stubborn pirate pair. YE BRIGHTENED ME DAY, MATE! Thanks a bunch. [hugs you appreciatevly] LUV YA!

Tenthly: Sorry, but all me reviews are gonna be long but they won' be written like this one was. They'll either be written as a long 'graph or most of it'll be me talkin' t' the characters. SO TERRIBLY SORRY FER WRITIN' A BOOK 'NSTEAD OF A REVIEW, oh BTW, this story is on me fav. list without a doubt!


Shy Pirate Lass

teela1978 chapter 6 . 9/2/2004
just started reading, fun story.
cal chapter 6 . 8/4/2004
HEY! this is just a brief (hah! yes, i *am* capable of being that!) note to let you know that i'll be gone from August 5th through the 9th. i wanted to let you know that in case you posted while i was gone. i wanted to let you know i'm *not* ignoring you; i'm just out of town! :) i hope that i can catch up asap when i get back on Sunday! see ya then! :)
L'autre monde chapter 6 . 8/1/2004
like. write more!
cal chapter 6 . 7/30/2004
YAY! today's a *great* day! not only have you updated, but least 3 other authors that i follow did too! :) HAPPY, HAPPY, JOY, JOY! :) i laughed when i read your "excuse" for the length of the chappy. since you were preening for the event, did you also "swann" your way to it? :) hope you had a great time despite the butterflies! :) on the subject of teasing us (rather unmercifully, she said with a pout), i rolled my eyes when i read that you want to leave us wanting more, more, more! um, no need for all that evil teasing & cliffys, we, already are *salivating* for more! why do you think i have a waterproof computer? [well, the first reason is because of the tears...] i laughed when i read that you named your car. that was cute. i haven't gone that far with my vehicle. but i do know that it's a *she* because she is a "petite" car. hmm, i think that i should thank my lucky stars that we live in different countries, given your warning to the public of Britian! :) that warning made me wonder if *you'd* be one of the many drivers that i (unfortunately!) encounter on a daily basis that make me curse like a pirate! :) LOL! wow! that was a nice real-life back story for the Zulu Princess! it seems as if you & your familia are "water" people. *sigh* i'd love to be one also, but methinks that i'm too much of a fraidy cat to be one. :( i think i'm more comfortable watching others in the water for the moment. i was glad to hear that our fierce lady will have her bit of revenge on McGee; it's not like he doesn't deserve it! :) i smiled when i read your comment on Little Jim. he's a cutie. maybe the two of them will form a fast & strong friendship. Ana could be his big sis! :) laughed a lot your comment when you said that if Miss Ana didn't appreciate Jack's company (HELLO! did the lass get knocked over the head when we weren't looking?), that you'd take him. :) very funny! although, i must say that you're not the only "taker" for that particular treasure! gads! think of the catfight that would be! :) okay, onto to Jack & Ana! (YAY!) good God woman! you hurt my heart with the opening lines! man, first you tease me in such a cruel way & then when you return, you knock me on my ass! :( ain't angst *great*? :) my heart ached for our girl when she was still in her cell & her posture was so despondent. :( my heart was somewhat repaired by the next sentence though! :) she's letting her inner pirate peep out now & then, huh? :) i smiled when i read that Jack was continuing in his kindness to the lass when he was feeding her. my smile turned into a rueful grin when i read the rest of that passage. poor Jack! he can't win with this lady! :) i wonder if he knows that he (barely) has a tiger by the tail in Ana? :) my breath caught when McGee told Jack that the captain wanted Ana brought onto the deck because i didn't know what he wanted with Ana. :( my fear was quickly washed away by the ensuing classic Jack & Ana bickering/bantering scene! :) that was terrific! :) i LOVED Jack's cheek when he mimicked Ana! that was too funny! i think the only thing that saved him from an Ana-slap was the bars of the cell! :) Jack made me grin & laugh even more when he was telling Ana to control herself around him. i really thought his "man of my structure" comment was unusual & i *know* it was unusually funny! :) poor Ana! i liked her comebacks to the obnoxious pirate, but felt that if she'd had more time, she'd have really put him in his place with her most lethal weapon, her acid tongue! :) LOVED & laughed a lot the image of prim, little, Ana sitting like quite the lady as she lied her ass off to the captain! that was too funny! why do i have the feeling that a certain pirate is able to see through Miss Ana's fabrications? can't wait to see the sparks that fly when Jack calls Ana on her lies! :) my heart ached a bit for Ana when she harshly told the captain that she had no family. :( in my mind, that really wasn't a lie (with apologies to Lillian). i couldn't help but laugh a little when the captain was telling Ana all the pluses of being a pirate. geez! that man would never make it in the advertising business;he's too honest! :) i rolled my eyes when McGee said that it was bad luck to have Ana aboard. :( it made me want Ana to take mirror & smash it against his head after she'd pushed him under a ladder on Friday the 13th! :) i smiled & laughed when it was the little boy who was acting like the adult when Jim told Ana to ignore the superstitious oaf. very cute! yipes! what a crummy first assignment! :( i'd rather have galley duty! yep, i'm scared of heights too! :) i was impressed by Miss Ana's lack of fear when she took to the crow's nest as a duck takes to water. i was concerned over the fact that she was wearing a *dress*! i was thinking that the scallywags (*Jack* being the first one!) aboard the ship would try & get a free look as she was climbing up & down the ropes! it was rather poignant when Ana was sitting there & she was thinking of Lillian. it kind of seemed as if she had "survivor's guilt" over the whole situation. was she perhaps feeling a little guilty that she had escaped her father's clutches but Lillian hadn't? :( UGH! the conversation between the 2 assholes turned my stomach! :( it made me feel dirty. :( i wished that there was someone who would give them some lashes with one of those hated whips! :) i LOVED the image of little Jim next to Jack! :) it made me think of the future daddy Sparrow with his little chick next to him. the chick would be darker, of course, than Jim since *Ana's* the mama Sparrow! :) i also loved the image because it seemed as if Ana wasn't the only one that Jack was being kind to & who Sparrow had taken under his wing. :) *sigh* protective Jack is *so* sexy! :) i liked the conversation between Ana's 2 men. it was sweet. i think Jim has a crush on Ana! :) Jack better watch out 'cause there's another male who's gonna seek out Miss Ana's affections! :) i was impressed that Ana & Jack & the rest of the crew had *cabins*! very posh! :) i was a little surprised when Jack was being so nosy regarding Ana & her cabin. since it was Jack, that's why i say only a "little"! :) i cringed when Jack went to Ana's private domain & he saw her small satchel there 'cause i thought that he was gonna snoop through it. my eyebrows raised when i read that he was going to sit in Ana's hammock! gosh, the rogue is presumptious! i wondered if Ana was going to slap him silly for said presumptious (& arrogant!) nature! aw! Jack's still being nice to our lady! :) that was so sweet when he got her some appropiate pirate garb! :) hopefully, the nasty smelly pirates will treat Ana like one of the boys when she puts her new clothes on. i seriously doubt it though! :) was it me, or did Jack make a chink in Ana's armor with his latest gesture? :) i liked the way you ended the chappy. it was typical crazy, sweetly daft Jack. :) thanks for this chappy! this was definately a "feel-good-after-i've read-it" one! :) & guess what! i didn't even cry once! :) dont' worry, sometimes the lack of tears from me is a *good* sign too! :) keep up the great work & please post us more & soon! :)
Johnnycakesdepp chapter 6 . 7/30/2004
I likey! write more! I love Jack in this story it was just like him. Can't wait till the next update.
dreamofdesire chapter 6 . 7/30/2004
Was Jack flirting with Ana, or am I just imagining it? Lots more Jack please. Update soon.
Original Max A chapter 6 . 7/30/2004
Kip? ::put on dumb look:: I don't get it. Not that it's not a good story because it's still wonderful. I just don't understand that last phrase. And Jack is a bit a scruvy one, ain't he. You really don't know whether to trust him or not. Very consistent with the movie. Also, what station does he have aboard the ship. It would be good to know. Ok, That's it. Keep writing
Original Max A chapter 5 . 7/29/2004
Good job, I love this story and the history that you give Anamaria. You know alot of fan fiction writers seen to forget the fact that Anamaria is black or that she was around during the time of slavery and ingrated prejustice. I love the pride that you express in Anamaria's character even though she was slave. I appreciate the way you have done at least a little research into the lifestyle of the time period. Keep it up and you seem to have a talent for dialects. Please read my story "Old friends, Past Lives", it has some similarities to your story and I think that maybe we could help each other become better authors. As I said, you are a talented writer adn thank you for handling this subject with the detail and delicacy that it deserves. Have a great summer and keep writing.
kmshalias chapter 5 . 7/28/2004
just found this today. very nice, indeed.
cal chapter 5 . 7/28/2004
YAY! another chappy! :) gosh, methinks i'm addicted to this tale! yesterday, when there wasn't an update, i was so *sad* & left the computer in disgust! :) you & the other Jack & Ana authors are quite good in the art of teasing! :) YAY! thanks for giving us the skinny on their ages! hmm, it seems as if Jack will be Miss Ana's *first* love as well as her *true* love! *sigh* :) & Jack, of course, will be the "much older, experienced man"...uh, excuse me, drifted off into a nice fantasy there! :) you made me laugh when i read that you had written this chappy while you were sitting in your "freedom". you've got it bad, huh? :) that was good advice about the notebook. i really should have something with me *all* the time! if i did, then i could stop writing on napkins & other people's papers. (i bet they're always wondering why there's a little strip of paper that's been torn off! :) ) agh! you said i was in for more tension! can i stnd it? we'll see! onto the review...liked the opening line a lot. even though it hurt my heart a bit because it made our girl seem as if she was one of those poor, pitiful little street urchins! :( which when you think about it, maybe she would've been better off if she had been one! :( LOVED the name of the boat she picked. it made me grin & i thought "how appropiate" given the nature of the stow away! :) when i read about how careful she was when she was sneaking aboard & where she had picked as her hidy-hole, my eyes filled with tears. don't know why. maybe because my heart was breaking for her because she was *forced* to do that instead of living her life as any other girl should. :( i got really teary when i read that she wasn't visible from her perch & she thought she was "safe." i wept for the girl who should've had 2 loving parents there to ensure that she was safe while the same time, i was cursing her parents for not being there for her. :( Ana made me smile & made my heart feel better when she smiled & she was happy when she was thinking that she was finally free. :) oh no! poor Ana! she's been aboard for 2 days & she's starving! :( agh! it gets worse; she got caught! :( poor baby, she had to deal with one of those nasty, disgusting smelly pirates! blech! :( YAY! i was cheering our girl on as she stood up to the smelly oaf that dared to touch her when she coolly told him that she was no one's slave, least of all *his*! :) now all we need is for her to get her hand going! :) my heart ached for Ana when i read the description of her when the captain came to see what all the hub bub was about. :( argh! i saw *crimson* when that disgusting piece of shit hit Ana! : i *so* wanted our pirate lady to come out, so *she* could return the favor! :( don't know yet, but so far, Captain Owen seems okay. he, least, didn't hit Ana! i felt even badder for Miss Ana when McGee told Ana that she'd talk when the hunger hit, because as we all know, it had *already* hit. :( oh! i felt *so* bad for Ana when she was in her cell & she was furious with herself for being caught. :( even though i felt awful for her & her situation, i couldn't help but smile a bit, because it seemed as if the pirate was seething & was getting ready to come out! we can add little Jim to those that are in my heart because of the kindness they offered to Ana! :) what a sweet little boy! :) i just hope Ana's newest & smallest benefactor doesn't get into trouble for his compassion! YAY! Jack's *finally* here! YUM! he sounds *delicious*! :) OMG! my mouth dropped open when he first addressed Miss Ana! :O i was so wishing that there were no bars to seperate them 'cause i wanted Ana to give him the mother of all smacks for his arrogant, patronizing comment! : i certainly enjoyed Miss Ana's reaction to Jack's comment! :) i LOVED it when her violent insistence made the man jump! that was too funny! :) hopefully he will remember that in the future & it will save him from getting his ass kicked by her too many times! :) LOVED the whole Jack & Ana scene! WHOO! they were SPARKING! :) i LOVE that they can ignite the other's passionate nature so quickly! *sigh* :) i thought it was intresting that Jack kept commenting on Ana's outside features. i think that once he gets to know her, he'll be even more charmed by her inner beauty & of course, her fiery personality! :) LOVED it when Ana was thinking that *this* pirate didn't scare her one bit! there was no sense of false bravado; she was genuinely unafraid of Jack. i think it will be intresting later, when he starts making her feel scary things like lust & love! i'll bet that he'll scare the hell out her *then*! :) hopefully, our brave lady will overcome her girlish fears so that she & Jack can get together! *sigh* aw! Jack was so nice to the pretty, little stow away! i think Ana appreciated the food, but not the company! :) i guess Jack will have to engage his Sparrow charm to get through the tough cookie's defenses! :) i liked the way you ended the chappy. Jack was sweet, but he was also his typically cheeky self! :) argh! now, i *really* can't wait for the next chapter! :) what was that i was saying about ya'll Jack & Ana authors being good being teases? :) keep up the great work & please post us more & soon! :)
dreamofdesire chapter 5 . 7/28/2004
Yay, Jack finally showed up(even though it was a brief). I'm happy now! Update soon.
Johnnycakesdepp chapter 5 . 7/28/2004
I can't wait until the next chapter! Update really soon! Please! I'm begging you! Oh and I really liked this chapter especially the last part with Jim and Jack.
cal chapter 4 . 7/26/2004
YAY! a new chappy! is it a coincindence that i was about to search your tale out when i saw this on the "just in" list? :) *ahem* SO SORRY about the faux paus regarding your age! :( duh! what a dumb ass! i remembered, while i was lying in bed, hours after posting the review, that your bio said you were *already* 16! :( duh! i can count correctly, only when i'm forced to, so i have no real reason to excuse the senior moment i had! :) anyway, HAPPY EARLY *17th* BIRTHDAY! :) you know, it really doesn't matter to me...i mean *come on!* a *car* either age! WHOO HOO! :) i laughed when i read your note about your cat. i scare mine too, but not with my laughter! there's a particular story that makes me furious with Jack on a consistent basis & the gato gets freaked out when i scream & cuss the computer. if i catch him looking me the wrong moment, he jumps up & hauls ass out of the room! :) i was a little unsure as to what to make of your note that i rip your tale to shreds. that didn't sound too nice first, but then the second half of the thought made your intention clear. :) forgive me, but i giggled you when you were so cute with your new car. poor baby, bet you can't wait for the next 2 months to go by! :) don't worry, i've discovered that time goes by really fast, even when you *don't* want it to! :) i haven't seen Shrek 2 yet, but i did get weepy with the first one. (the part where Shrek thought Fiona was saying those not so nice things about *him* when she was talking about how ugly *she* was. oh! i'm getting teary-eyed again! *sigh*) i laughed the list of things to chunk towards Ana's dad's hindquarters. may i suggest, as Toby Keith sang, "a boot up (his) ass"? :) although, it would have to be an old boot since we wouldn't want it back anymore! :) thanks for clearing up my lack of understanding about Ana & her siblings! i promise, i'm really not stupid! :) just a little daft perhaps! i didn't know that most mulattos were treated nicer than blacks, but i suspected as much. i would still feel sorry for one though, because i think that they would have problems with both sets of their relatives & that they would not ever be fully accepted as either "black" or "white". man, now i've depressed myself & made myself sad! :( i wish people weren't so stupid & that they were color-blind! :) i already have my suspicions as to who Anabelle is. does our Ana have a tiny baby sister? :) it seems as if Ana has a lot of sibs around. i just wish that she had a nice relationship with them! :( YAY! i got *such* a thrill when i read your last sentence! YEE HA! Ana's coming out party is sure to be a blast! :) okay, onto the review! OMG! you made me tear up immediately & weep when i read the opening 'graph! that was just *so* sad! :( it made my heart break for Ana & for the little girl that she had been. :( to have never known her mother's love, or to not remember it, is an immeasurable tragedy! :( WHEW! when she was asking her mom if she missed her & excused her if she had forgotten her, i was torn between trying to tape together the pieces of my broken heart & being scorched by the intense anger that was burning within it. :( my tears flowed again when Lillian came in & hugged Ana. this time they were happy tears. i am so thankful that Ana has a tiny bit of love & kindness in her life! :) i didn't know whether to be happy for Lillian & her impending nuptials or not. it kind of seemed as if the reason she wanted to get married was to escape the clutches of her nasty old father! i LOVED Lillian's reaction to Ana's news. [i also wondered if Lillian was the older sister or if she was the fiercely overprotective little sister.] i was laughing & was cheering Miss Lillian on as she was chaneling the pirate Ana when she was raging & railing against their father. that scene made me very happy! :) i wanted to cry when Lillian was near tears when she realized that they wouldn't see each other anymore when she learned that Ana was going to run away. :( that made me really sad because it reminded me of the sibling that i'm closest to, my oldest sister, & the fact that the silly girl lives across the damned country! :( i was extremely touched when Lillian came back with her parting gifts {egad! i sound like a game show!) for her sister. my eyes were tearing up as the sisters were giving each other their last-minute advice & the tears started to flow when Lillian said that she could go with Ana. :( OMG! Ana's refusal of her sister's rash offer tore me up! :( Jack, where the *hell* are you? we need some lightness & romance FAST! :) HM...i'm gonna change my suspicion as to Anabelle is. in case you can't tell, i review as i read along, so my earlier comment about little Ana shouldn't look too stupid or goofy once you have this knowledge! :) [geez, is it me, or am i constantly defending my brain power during this review?] my new suspicion: is the sweet girl maybe the ghost of our girl? that would be eerie & cool if it was! when the women told Ana the ages of the girls the house, it made me curious. i'm so anal & such a nitpicker (sorry!), but do we know how old Miss Ana is? or is that something else that i've just skimmed over? Lillian better move over, 'cause now Helena's in my heart for good for her kindness towards Ana! :) when Helena told Ana that she was just like her mother, i got teary-eyed again & the tears fell when Helena urged Ana to leave & never come back. the scene where Ana was getting ready to leave was very good. i could feel Ana's excitement & her fear as she was packing her small belongings & was getting ready to start off onto her new path. whew! i don't think i was breathing when Ana was running across the grass! the tension got even worse when she entered the plantations & she had to crawl for fear of being spotted. ARGH! when Ana was thinking about her *further* obstacles to overcome once she was out of the plantation, i thought i was gonna pass out from the continuation of holding my breath! all of the barriers on the Cane property made me think that it wasn't a plantation, but rather a prison! :( i was smiling when Ana was thinking about her plans once she made it to the beach. hm, perhaps a boat with a sexy Captain Jack Sparrow aboard it, is just what the doctor ordered? i know *i'd* LOVE that! :) YAY! she MADE it! HOORAY! :) i LOVED the image of our lady as she was straddling the fence as she was looking back upon the hell that had been her life as she was fiercely swearing to herself that she would *never* go back there again! :) that image was awesome! it would be kick-ass on film! :) now you've made me all giddy & excited 'cause i know our favorite scallywag is sure to swagger into an upcoming scene! can't wait for their first meeting! will it be love first sight or will Miss Ana slap the shit out of poor Jack? (which when you think about it, for Jack & Ana they both amount to the same thing! :)) keep up the great work & please post us more & soon! :)
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