Reviews for What If?
heyarnoldforeverandever chapter 2 . 12/16/2013
Awesome job. (:
winona.murray.7 chapter 2 . 9/1/2013
Good so far ... im waiting for more...
frecklemaggie chapter 2 . 2/17/2007

Why did you stop writing this fabulous story!

I would love to see an update!

I love the whole swicharoo theme going on here.

It reminds me of when Arnold has the dream about visiting Arnie!

Great Writing!

-mags :)
Sokai chapter 2 . 7/9/2005
Definitely can't wait for the next chapter, since I like reading any Hey, Arnold! fanfic that involves either Helga getting over Arnold and then later on he ironically ends up falling for her, or, in your case, he always having fancied her in the first place with little to no reciprocation on her part. Gotta love it. LoL Great job, thus far. _~
King Cheetah chapter 2 . 3/2/2005
Very neat! I wish you'd continued this!

Your humble servant,

King Cheetah
C chapter 2 . 10/25/2002
great story! update soon!
Silent Tiger chapter 2 . 11/1/2001
I really like it that the tables have turned like this. I hope you get more out soon because I really like this story so far.
J.T chapter 2 . 9/2/2001
It's great, continue?
Ill chapter 1 . 7/21/2001
blah it kinda sucked, no offense, it ws just too weird for me... oh well.

www chapter 2 . 6/2/2001
Woah, it's really weird to see everything that way around... but I think you made a really good job of it! I don't really read Hey Arnold stories, but I saw the summary for this one and just had to check it out! Well done _
R chapter 2 . 2/6/2001
It's...special...And I like it!
Serena chapter 1 . 2/1/2001
VERY creative. I've always thought it might be cool if Helga and Arnold's roles were reversed. Although there's one thing I'm not too clear on...Is Helga still Helga? Like, is she still the same person deep down?
ArmAndLeg chapter 2 . 2/1/2001
Arm: I like where this is headin'. It must be continued! Leg: Oh, be quiet Arm...nobody wants to take orders from you. Sam: *in British accent* Here, here! I totally agree! Arm: Sam, you're crusin' for a bruisin'!
ArmAndLeg chapter 1 . 2/1/2001
Arm: Ohhh, me likey already... And made Lila a jerk! Simmer, that just earned you an extra million points! Leg: You're weird Arm... Arm: But you guys wouldn't have me any other way!
HelgaJen aka Serena G. I'm too lazy to log in Rose chapter 1 . 2/1/2001
I like it Simmer! Interesting twist, epecially with Lila!
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