Reviews for Eyes Half Closed
The End chapter 1 . 7/24/2004
Very good! :)

One would think that you were writing about Anakin and Padme...but only in the beggining. Then you start wondering who it the ending too.
Kynstar chapter 1 . 7/24/2004
Woman thy name is GREAT! *Faints*

That was totally...totally beyond breathtaking! I actually cried! Oh how ... there are no words to describe this viggie!

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to the core of my soul! This was juz exquisite!

The portrayal of Dooku's feelings and sensations here... oh man totally breathless!

These lines were juz heart pounding!

She stays at the nexus of my being, stubborn and unyielding to my decades-long attempt to be rid of her. She is my molten, crackling, warming core, although I do not wish for it to be so.

This woman wrapped in her fine violet robes, gray hair smoothed and swept into a tight bun, profile refined and…simply unmistakable, she is my weakness. It has taken me years to say it, and oh how it wrenches the lifeblood from my heart. I am not meant to bend to whimsy, nor lust.

And a small part of me dances in its treachery, reminding me that neither is the case with her. It surpasses a compulsion of mind or body. The soul is independent of them and. apart from all else, we are each dependent on the soul. In shadow or sun, that is unwavering truth.

take a half-step back and feel a fleeting burn scorch in my heart. "I see." My eyes seal against an exhale, and I am transported to the last moments of my career as a Jedi, that horrible interval of my life when my beliefs came to shatters, and the jagged edges still left me bleeding. I came to her then, at the dark birth of midnight, while she was sitting at a comm station in the Temple Library. I was prepared for a long, tremendously difficult speech, but when I arrived at her side, she looked up at me, and the knowledge was welled in her eyes. It had been many years since we were involved in the intense relationship that brought us to moonlit rooms with wine and rustled linens. We had begun to grow apart, for she was devoted to her name, her place among them, the weight of intellect her words carried through the halls. And I…

I had become bitterly disenchanted by the creed that owned her and my Master, my Padawan. I was unsatisfied, and that feeling hung like clouds of ash in me. I didn't understand then, that it was Jocasta that had the potential to fill my empty spaces. I only knew that my talents were being squandered, and the power I possessed was lying dormant in my veins.

Her eyes were stinging me then, as they do at this moment.

And the last part where she gently kisses him and says "He is lost."

Oh man... talk about heart stopping! And the line about: Those small parts of the man I was, who stayed under the flourish of the Light, for her...they go as well.

That was an AWESOME ending! *SOB!* My poor Dooku!

Great LE juz totally I said before there are no words to describe this or my reactions besides near fainting, heart pounding, tear jerking... Juz *breathless* !

THANK you so much! *HUGS*