Reviews for Revelations
Guest chapter 1 . 1/16/2019
I love this so much awesome job!
SabrinaYutsuki chapter 1 . 7/22/2011
Wow, I've read all your King Arthur fics and not only are they so beautifully and flawlessly written, they are also very believable and fit seamlessly with the characterizations that the movie portrayed. So seamless, in fact, that I can effortlessly fool myself that the scenes in this story did actually take place in the movie. I look forward to new King Arthur fics, when you get a renewed inspiration for it.
seaseasmile chapter 1 . 12/1/2007
That was truly amazing

You are a fantastic writer. You captured the characters with such precise writing. I envy you :-)
jo chapter 1 . 9/20/2007
I've read it before, but everytime it is amazing. i do believe the relationship between Guenevere and Lancelot was underinformed in the movie, and I wanted so much more! This was amazing. I always enjoy it.
MaddyK chapter 1 . 7/29/2007
I love it! I hope you write a sequel...where Lancelot DOESN'T die!
ezridax19 chapter 1 . 10/31/2006
Simply outstanding. I adore Lancelot/Guinever and you write both of them to perfection. How I wish this scene was in the movie! You are an extremely talented writer. Keep up the good work :)
digiblue00 chapter 1 . 9/6/2006
GREAT FIC! Please write a sequel!
hermionemalfoy18 chapter 1 . 6/18/2006
that was beautiful, really REALLY beautiful. you are an amazing writer!
Ray of Starlight chapter 1 . 1/19/2006

Good job though! I really liked it.
euphemismsgalore chapter 1 . 1/9/2006
This is THE BEST King Aurthur fiction I've read in this fandom. Period.

KA is not my favourite fandom and Lancelot and Guin' are not my favourite pairing but your sheer elegance made me feel for both the characters far more than I did for anyone in the movie. I agree with the reviewer who dubbed this fiction "better than the movie."

But then you are brilliant. I've read some fictions from you ...and I must say, you can do no wrong. I wish I had half your talent.

LadyOfThieves chapter 1 . 11/3/2005
OMG! That is amazing. You HAVE to do a sequel! The way you referred back to things intheir earlier conversations - like G saying L was a God, and that he owned her...what can I say?
Kelley chapter 1 . 7/17/2005
I thought that Lancelot and Guinevere had far more chemistry in the movie than Arthur and Guinevere, like msot people. I think you should write a sequeul, because this one was great and there's not enough stories of these two out there on the internet, unless someone would like to email a link to a fanfiction site of these two, that isn't NC-17.

The thing that I didn't really like about this story is that...when they say they love each otehr near the end. They seem too much in love. It's hard to explain, like the fire that these two have, was gone afer she both said they loved eachother. Because they were- it's sounds childish but- lovey dovey.

Thank you.
Danielle18 chapter 1 . 7/3/2005
"You will always be a god in my eyes."

This fic is so freakin romantic, I love it; completely and totally!
Traci chapter 1 . 4/21/2005
I really enjoyed your story and thought that it would have fit right into the movie. Great job at capturing the charactes emotions. You are an excellent writer!
Sam Fisher's Wife chapter 1 . 4/2/2005
You ask us did we like it. I ask you how could we possibly not like it? Let me explain first, I haven't read a lot of KA fan fictions because I find it somewhat a lost cause, and because very few of them are really good and able to provide a believable story, especially when it comes to Guinevere and Lancelot romance. But this one is the exception. I don't believe I'm exaggerating when I say that this is the best King Arthur fan fiction I have had the opportunity to read. You're an excellent writer and the story is just so beautiful. Unlike other fictions, your story sticks very close to the movie. It is like I'm watching deleted scene from the movie. A scene I really wish I could see in the movie. But I must say I think that your fiction is better than anything I saw in the movie because I really didn't like the movie that much, I found it lacking in almost everything. The only thing I did like was Lancelot and his heated gaze, and it wasn't just because of Ioan Grudduff good looks.

But let's get back to your story. I don't know where to begin. Every part of this story is excellent. You showed us everything we ever needed to know about Lancelot and Guinevere. It's like you expanded every single aspect of their relationship and their characters we had the chance to see in the movie. When you describe their emotions, you stay true to the emotions revealed between them in the movie. Because as we can see, there is not only love for Guinevere that Lancelot feels but also the anger because she is leading their leader and friend in what seems certain death. You describe it so well in the first part. The dialogue or should we call it righteous monologue was excellent, you really nailed it down, I mean Lancelot's emotions. And I also liked the mentioning of lily white arse, found it very amusing :)

Then there is that excellent and beautifully sad characterisation of Lancelot, I’m sorry but I have to copy paste this. (As a child, his father had taught him the names of the star pictures painted against the night sky, but he loathed the names. Roman pictures immortalizing Roman heroes. Still, finding the patterns gave the knight comfort, reminding him that the world was far smaller than it seemed, and home was never far away; even if he didn't know where home was.)

And you take us even deeper, bearing his sole in front of us and Guinevere I suppose. Then there is Guinevere, who I found even better than she was in the movie, here in her speech to Lancelot about freedom I got the impression that she actually knew what she was talking about. The way you described her actions (I just can't make my self to call it love) toward Arthur and her attraction (LOVE!) towards Lancelot, it sounds so believable, something I really want to believe in. I have to quote this one too. (When I looked up through the grating in Marius' dungeon, I saw four skies: two were blue and beautiful, and two were dark and stormy." Her free hand passed over his eyes, so that his lashes grazed her palm. "The blue skies held me close and gave me comfort, and I loved them. But the stormy skies sparked thunderbolts in my belly." Guinevere nuzzled his nose, and when she spoke, her lips brushed his. "I could have died happy under my savior's blue skies. But I didn't want to die. I wanted to live. I wanted to stand in the wind and feel the fury of the storm.")

And this last (I promise) part I will quote sounds just like the explanation we all needed, well maybe not needed but surely wanted for Lancelot's unfair death (damned those screenwriters who couldn't find a better way to avoid "unwanted" love triangle). (Lancelot stared at her for several seconds, then pulled her towards him. "Hear this now," he said, gazing down into her eyes and twining his arms around her waist. "You said I own your life. Is that correct?" She nodded, dark eyes miserable. "Then it's settled. I will not let you die.")

And the kiss, don't let me go into the kiss.

Although you took the characters in the new (so much desired) direction you stayed true to everything we saw in the movie, even their banter sounds like you took it from the movie, no it sounds even better than in the movie. Just like everything in this story is better than the movie. This story was so great, it was just the thing I needed after that movie. You know the missing part of the story and the conclusion between Guinevere and Lancelot. Finally I can sleep peacefully, not haunted by Lancelot’s fiery gaze :) Sorry for such a long review, and probably lots of grammar mistakes. I got carried away. It is your fault. Thank you!
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