Reviews for Betrayed
Marie King chapter 1 . 9/30/2011
Amazing so well written! You captured Shelby's pain wonderfully!
keke1 chapter 1 . 8/12/2004
hey i never read this one b4! nice little fic :) about greymist's review, i dunno why everyone is being such a jackass. she liked my story at the beginning but then when i commented on someone else's story she's one of the ppl that got all huffy... its weird, i think they're trying to make some S&S alliance thing, at least thats what i got from reading water stone girls page (coward doesn't even have a story up). they're being extremely petty in my opinion, the whole point of fan fics is that its ur own imagination. so what if scott and shelby aren't together in a fic? its just pretend, the show is pretend, the people are acting... its so ridiculous. i can't even read half of the stories on because they are so horribly done, but they still get good reviews because certain characters are together. u have a talent for writing, but these immature people are too busy cat-fighting like two-year olds to notice. they give the word woman a bad name. even though the reviews are discouraging, don't let it get to u. they're just trying to get on ur nerves. if they actually had a point, they would try to be constructive about it instead of just flaming u. u could report one of them to (like the person who reviews all ur stories just to say u suck) and maybe they can get it to stop. sorry this is so long, but i really did like the fic!