Reviews for Raven Returns
keverly chapter 11 . 8/24
I really hope nothing happens to raven!
Guest chapter 9 . 8/24
I glad they kissed! But why didn't Robin kiss her back?
keverly chapter 5 . 7/30
Well i'm happy someone helping raven.
keverly chapter 4 . 7/30
For heaven sake just let raven in!
KLD kitkat chapter 1 . 7/4
I love this story! But now I'm re-reading it. It's so good!
Raven Rules chapter 18 . 6/21
Aw I'll try to find that story
Raven Rules chapter 17 . 6/21
Yeah somehow I figured Robin would ask that that was an amazing story I loved it
Raven Rules chapter 16 . 6/21
Cool now you see why raven is my favorite character she can really kick but she demolished him and how the heck did triton communicate with her great chapter
Raven Rules chapter 15 . 6/21
Claws are out now I imagine since raven and zurl were both on azarath she knows more about him great chapter
Raven Rules chapter 14 . 6/21
That was sweet I think raven should have told the titans about the hate feeling I mean she is an empath
Raven Rules chapter 13 . 6/21
Well wait love was actually already there she was in a purple cloak I know it was in the comics and the episode list is new and since when does rage cooperate and I know what Robin was thinking oh my lord
Raven Rules chapter 12 . 6/21
The laundry basket you have to admit was funny but if I was raven I would be so embarrassed and raven being the queen of azarath that's awesome good chapter can't wait to read more
Raven Rules chapter 11 . 6/21
Great and dramatic chapter I hope everything will be okay I can't wait to read more
Raven Rules chapter 10 . 6/20
Oh you brought Arella into the story is raven going to attack the titans and that kissing scene was long and I thought starfire would be mad and upset and sad but she took the blow pretty well
Raven Rules chapter 9 . 6/20
You think Robin would be the first to kiss her you know aw an amazing and capturing chapter yet again loved it
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