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cyathula chapter 35 . 9/7/2014
Ok it's been four years, time for the next update, you're almost there! Poor Kratos, it seems a bit sad to hear 'let me go' as the last, parting words from Anna. I certainly hope you intend for this story to end in the reasonable way: where Kratos actually stays with Lloyd at the end instead of randomly going to Derris-Kharlan!
The Akuren Princess chapter 2 . 8/2/2013
I've noticed you've done ONE disclaimer, you must have a disclaimer every chapter or its plagiarism, and you could land in a lot of trouble. Just a friendly reminder.
The Akuren Princess
Puss In Heels chapter 35 . 11/10/2012
FYI, I never review stories. I sort of quietly read while writing, and I am perfectly happy not doing the whole "internet commenting" thing. So, I started reading this story a LONG time ago. Say, about 7 or 8 years ago when I was in middle school. Now, I'm a grownup, and I never forgot this story, and I felt compelled to reread it for some reason. I saw you haven't updated in a few years (which I fully understand, the whole taking 1 year, 2 year hiatuses in the past). Then I looked at your profile, and I realized you wrote ANOTHER story I love dearly (Snackoos and You), and I laughed when I realized you were the same person, and you had entered probably my most favorite fandom of all time.

I just wanted to let you know that I've loved this story for a really long time, never forgot it, and I'm glad you've dedicated so much of your time to fanfiction. I would assume that you are also an adult by now, and you probably have your own busy life schedule to attend to. I'm not expecting updates on this story, but I will continue to look for your work always, whether it be this story, or more Ace Attorney awesomeness.
Luna Moonsurf chapter 8 . 9/3/2011
When I read that Kratos thought they missed the Geyser, I didn't doubt him for a second. Why? Because when I first played the game I completely skipped the Geyser by accident.

The game apparently righted itself, having the effects of Collette's transformation still take place in order of occurence but upon reaching the Water Seal, Remiel still refered to it as the third seal despite it actually being the fourth seal we (as in me and my sister, I was player one as Lloyd and she was player two as Kratos then Zelos, because of this, I didn't realize you could switch out player one slot until rather far into the game) unlocked.

We sailed through the dungeon though, since we were all powered up and all from the Balacruf Mausoleum. Though at the Tower of Salvation we got our butts handed to us because my sister was unused to fighting with anyone but Kratos. Thus I had no idea you could actually beat him then.

Though I personally think the cutscene you get when you lose to him is better because Lloyd's collapsed out of exhaustion and Kratos is standing over him, sword poised to strike the killing blow only to stop right before making contact. The action fits Yggdrasill's words that he should have known Kratos couldn't bring himself to hurt such an opponent, not to mention immediately afterwards Kratos hits his knees so fast, if you blinked you would missed the in-between of him going from standing to genuflection, which isn't as significant if he's already on the ground after being defeated.

At the time, we knew the big spoiler about Kratos and literally nothing else about the game. Even then it was debatable as whether he actually was Lloyd's father or if he merely just saw him as his son but had no actually blood relation to him. (The theory went back and forth between which of the true was more likely and the time we most believed the latter was immediately preceeding the revelation of the former.)

Anyways, I'll get back to reading the story, okay? _


Flying Squirrel

PS: I always sign my reviews with weird names *ToS 2 SPOILER* and this refers to how, when I played Dawn of the New World as Emil/Ratatosk, he perfered aeiral combat and I always ended up off-screen in the air, causing the battle to actually last a good while after the post-battle screen (you know, the one that shows the experience, Gald, Grade, etc. that you earned) should have appeared because it only shows up once all characters and enemies are on the ground. Did I mention that he has no actual flight capabilites and is just doing that out of hitting the enemy into the air then slashing at it to get progressively higher up and stay in the air? Anyways, like Yggdrasill, Ratatosk is a reference to Norse mythology, Ratatosk was a divine being that deliver insults back and forth from the roots and branches of the World Tree Yggdrasil (with only one 'l'). He was, you guessed it, a squirrel.
azure blue espeon chapter 22 . 3/23/2011
So now I know why Collete was talking two cahpters earlier but in my defence I hadn't read the next chapter when I reviewed. But onto more pressing matters that I and most of the people (probably mostly girls) who know who Kratos Aurion is, is why does he wear so many belts? I've counted about 24 belts. If this is Kratos's pov then why don't we get a flashback of why?
azure blue espeon chapter 20 . 3/23/2011
Um. I'm a bit confused. By the time at the tower of salvation Collete lost her voice and she can't cry so why is she doing that stuff now?

I mean you even have parts where she can't cry and Kratos himself says she lost her voice.

Isn't that a little plot hole-ish.

And she's shivering near the end of the chapter. She can't feel cold.

Other than that your story is good. Don't mind me I was just wondering.
ThePurpleRose chapter 35 . 11/11/2010
The plot for this is surprisingly captivating... I hope it doean't take you another 3 years to upate! :D
gest chapter 35 . 11/9/2010
Ryuu no Kami chapter 35 . 10/28/2010

This was PERFECT! I always wanted to write a little Kratos and Anna thing where he "died" but looks like you beat me to it! I swear it was EXACTLY like I would have wanted it! Kudos to you! That was great!

Thanks for the update! I was super excited! And it was great, like the entire story is great, but I really liked that one scene. Oooh, Derris Kharlan next! I can't wait!

Thanks again for posting! Keep it up! YOU CAN DO IT!
AngelofaWhiteNight chapter 35 . 10/28/2010
OH YES! AN UPDATE! I loved everything about this chapter! How do you manage to write Kratos so well? I wish I could...

I hope you update again soon!
demyxFAN chapter 35 . 10/28/2010
I liked it, especially the part with Anna and Kratos, so sweet!
Kiomori chapter 35 . 10/28/2010
I absolutely loved the scene after the battle with Kratos. I could see something like that actually happening. I wonder if that will change Kratos going to space?

I'm glad we know what those memory problems were! It definitely would explain a lot too.

I can't wait to see what happens now!
Taeniaea chapter 34 . 4/18/2010
Cool Story
Ryuu no Kami chapter 34 . 3/22/2010
If only Kratos AND Zelos could have helped them out...oh how I would dedicate my life to Tales...

Very well done with the behind the scenes of the game. Especially with Zelos and Genis. You got a nice laugh out of me. Haha! And I LOVED how Kratos heard Lloyd call him Dad, thank you for putting that in there! As well as the Indiana Jones line! THAT was funny!

Very happy for Kratos! Be a daddy! And like always, I am super anxious for the next chapter, and heartbroken that it is coming to an end :(

Keep up the awesomeness!

Kratos Wilder
Ryuu no Kami chapter 33 . 3/9/2010
Wow, that was...just amazing! I can't express how much I loved this chapter. I have been waiting for this for the longest time, and you wrote that better than I even had expected. Love the humor, especially the "bad action film" line. That made me laugh.

You did a great job getting in to the emotion the game failed to cover. Which makes me love your story even more. Cant wait for the next chapter and I know it will be just as awesome as this one was! Thank you!

Kratos Wilder
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