Reviews for Kowai Kare Da
Fancy chapter 3 . 8/17/2004
Yay. This keeps getting better and better. I love the sort-of conversation between Mil and Auntie. I love the description, "...voice like bright rock candy." And, well, hmm. Still intrigued by the hints at a relationship between Mil, Rezo, and (human?) Xelloss. Although I gathered from the author note you left me that I'm not going to get to find out what the dilly-o with that is this time. Oh well! That just means I'll have to stick around and read more of your writing. While that's very, very tricky of you... _ I don't mind.
Kaeru Shisho chapter 3 . 8/17/2004
A minor quirk here or two, but this chapter just leaves you wanting to know more. Xel was a human, not a dragon, who was...transformed into Xelloss? Rezo...what was his role? Teacher to Xel? Transformer? Lover? Where did Mil fit into this complicated menage au trois (ach! the spelling!)? He was punished for his involvement, but I am unable to piece together the puzzle. Is it the heat getting to me? I need an explanatory chapter so that I might reat in peace.

In spite of this, I loved that you chose a single 'act' and developed it in your unmistakable style. thanks!

Kaeru Shisho chapter 2 . 8/17/2004
This was a lovely follow up chapter. More of the fine erudite thought processes of Milgasia as you interpret the otherwise rather flat dialog of the anime. Had the anime had the undercurrent of emotions passing by, what a different series it would have been, eh? Alas, that leasve room for the fanfiction writers. My favorite set of lives which I might have to print, cut, and plaster to my forehead:

"There. Lofty and vague enough to make her glow up at him (and what a pity that she’d come while still clearly underage; she was a pretty little thing under the Lookit Me I’m Poisonous coloration of her clothing), but an independent-minded enough philosophy that Xellos stopped sulking. It felt good to be out of the doghouse with -somebody.- Blue Thing was still eyeing him suspiciously, but he was starting to get the feeling that a glare from Blue Thing was neither personal nor unusual."

Every bit was perfect, funny, inventive!

Kaeru Shisho chapter 1 . 8/17/2004
Why I never found this before...well, I guess this part of the team was stuck on the snooze setting too long. Just in case loses this review AGAIN, I'll just move on to the next chapter and try. As with your other yummy story (WIP)its the startling word choices and sly sexual innuendo slipping just beneath the surface that it so strikingly different and well done. Mil flying around musing on the world was cool, Xelloss with a sexy waist and a 'sashay'to his step clarified where Mil's tastes belonged. Of course the nicknames where hysterically fitting and his interaction with Gourry funny as hell. Breathtakingly refreshing! The hints of past affairs...Rezo, Xel, Xelloss...not likely to be cleared up, I suspect.


Stara Maijka chapter 3 . 8/15/2004
(Munch, munch. [burp] Yummy banana bread! Thank you!)

You might get called on Mil's fellow librarian, Auntie Aqua, being Ceiphied's

ghost rather than the Water Dragon King's remaining thoughts, although the four Dragon Lords I think were extensions of Ceiphied. Still, the conversion and this story are great fun. (Dirty old man, er, dragon, Mil being a "big fan of skimpy clothing on people who were much too young for him" and poor Lina's boobs never get any respect!)
Stara Maijka chapter 2 . 8/3/2004
Heh, I see Zelis now officially Blue Thing. I also liked Milgazia's (This time I spelled his name correctly) interpretation of Gourry and the "very, very old man" scene. Thoughtful comic relief is a joy.

Will you let Martina intrude, as she did in the anime or will you go with the manga, where she does not exist? If she is included, I can't wait to read Mil's take on her. In the anime Hellboy seemed to manage to keep a lid on his evil aura to such an extent that Gaav didn't notice him, so we wouldn't be surprised if Milgazia doesn't either.

By the way, I believe Gourry threw the S.O.L. like one would a knife at the minion of Gaav abducting Phil rather than to Phil, who I think was unconscious. The mazuko was too far away for Gourry to attack normally, and the throw was a desperate attempt to hit the abductor. It's been a while, though, since I viewed that episode. I could be wrong.
Fancy chapter 1 . 7/31/2004
dah... SERIOUSLY. I try to think of words to express how completely awed and impressed I am by the way you write, and I just... can't. Just... wow. I know I sound like such a geek, but I am always so completely floored by your descriptive paragraphs, by the way you foreshadow, by the way you leave me wanting more and wanting it NOW. Again, just... wow. I can't wait to read more of this-although there were a couple paragrpahs in the middle which made reference to Rezo that confused me slightly. I'm assuming that's just because I don't know the plot twists yet, and such. And I want to know about Xellos' origins. And, "Was he a monster today, or a ghost?"-that sentence intrigues me. Gah. The whole thing is just gorgeous. This review is getting long! So I guess I'll just say, you have me hooked. I'll keep checking back for more. _
Sapphirefly chapter 1 . 7/29/2004
The only thing I could think of to suggest was to change the word 'sexy' for something else when you are describing Xellos. I mean, we all know he's sexy - but I think you get the message across more romantically/poetically if you exchange that word for something else.
Stara Maijka chapter 1 . 7/28/2004
I like your using the rarely used Milgasia point of view with such humor, esp. the names. Oh my-"Fashion Victim," "Softballs," and "Mini-Softballs." (Very astute about the sisters, Milgasia!) No name yet for Zel, other than "blue thing?" I also nearly lost it with "old guys meet people, duh."

You also pose some very interesting relationships and add just the right amount of darkness with the appearance of Xellos.