Reviews for Simply Irresistible
Emcnary chapter 37 . 8/28
From the last chapter I live the Mushu reference...please tell me that's from Mulan:). My six year old quotes Mushu all the time. And I love the LOTR reference. Aragorn all scruffy definitely appeals to me. He definitely should have come straight from fighting orcs to be crowned.
Emcnary chapter 26 . 8/27
I honestly love the idea of Remus and Severus having some sort of friendship...I like to think that Remus was the least hated Marauder of Snape. I am taking a look at the version of this story on . That story seems a bit more stream-lined and to the point (pared down, maybe?).
Emcnary chapter 8 . 8/25
Ok, so Ron and Harry's "you are a prat" "I am a prat" exchange made me laugh out loud:). In the chaos of my life with five kids (one of whom is a baby and likes to pretend he still doesn't know how to sleep through the night;) I don't always get LOL moments in the middle of my day, so thank you!
Emcnary chapter 7 . 8/25
Ok, this chapter made my day. Tonks always makes me happy, I love Lorelei' s defense voice, and the Spice Girls reference was cute:). Also, Snape was great in this chapter, I love how he goes between being utterly distracted by Lorelei to being determined to get her sacked.
Emcnary chapter 1 . 8/25
Alright, my love of Severus Snape and my wish for his happiness brought me to reading this story next:).
sweetandsimple1 chapter 40 . 4/24
Here's the end-of-story review I promised.

I really, really loved all the LOTR / Hobbit references; I'm a huge fan and it was so cool to read about Bag End and all those other things. I also liked the selkies; the whole concept of their otherworldly beauty and their kindness. The idea of Lorelei having many Selkie half-brothers who seem to love her is endearing. I like the characters of Tynan, Kieran, and Cassandra, and the romance between the latter two. The quotes from Shakespeare, Jane Austen, and the Princess Bride brought a smile to my face; it was all very romantic.

The beginning of Snape and Lorelei's relationship seemed to have escalated a bit quickly; also, I feel that Lily was not given enough attention in this fic. As she was Severus's first love, I feel that perhaps he would have trouble letting go of her first. Also, though I am aware that this fic was written years and years ago, somehow Dumbledore and Minerva's relationship disturbs me a bit, seeing as Dumbledore is gay.

Other than those few factors, this story was a fascinating read. Thanks for sharing it :)
sweetandsimple1 chapter 33 . 4/22
Never in my LIFE have I ever read a fic wherein I despised Harry so much... He was downright rapey in some places, I swear. Good work with making absolutely annoying and detestable (that's a compliment) — but I'll stick with Nice Harry, thanks very much.

I was going to save my review for the end, so I wouldn't bombard you with forty reviews, but I couldn't resist. So far, this story is pretty good. :)
Lillaflor chapter 3 . 3/17
I still don't get what the main heroine (Lorelei, right?) is doing in Hogwarts Express. First she was spying, then in safehouse(?), then wtf? What is happening with her mission(?)?
Guest chapter 8 . 11/2/2015
A band called blackmores night did a song called lorelei about the siren
Sikudhani chapter 1 . 9/5/2015
What is her physical appearance?
LaFay97 chapter 18 . 3/17/2015
You're killing me. 3
LaFay97 chapter 15 . 3/17/2015
Damn it! That's getting hot. *suspiciously* too hot! No, i'm joking :) Secondly, I love the spike cameo :D
LaFay97 chapter 14 . 3/17/2015
*Jumps up and down excitedly* AH! Love it! You know, I should be sleeping! You are a siren of reading, luring readers to their dooms (of not wanting to sleep that is).
LaFay97 chapter 12 . 3/17/2015
Damn it, What a scene! 3
LaFay97 chapter 11 . 3/17/2015
*giggling* This is more than I could have hoped.
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