Reviews for Perfection Like a Shattered Glass
chicky101 chapter 1 . 10/22/2005
Artist Josie don't take this personal i like your story wat i'm about to say is for cloaked fox.

to cloaked fox:u r a scared ass is it that u feel to have power to insult my stories that i are the one who only is here to talk about their sexcapades and all the thrills they have had insulting i say that you are the unexperienced pompous fool who hasn't even written ONE SINGLE STORY here on this are a shame faced fool thAT doesn't deserve to be on this site
Dark Qiviut chapter 1 . 9/28/2005
Kind of weird to review an old fic, huh?

Very nicely done one-shot here. Enjoyed the description as well as the thoughts of the Emperor. Nice to see *his* point of view of the brawl between himself and T.K. The emotion was extremely evident here as well as his thoughts on T.K. during that time.

The thoughts about his past as well as the time with Ryo were a really good piece here. Despite the few lines here, I could draw myself into the perspective. So few lines, but so much emotion and determination conveyed in here.

The brawl and the occurance before it. I can *really* picture his perspective like this. Fighting to keep not only his power, but his pride. The words from T.K., despite short, were also crushing his ego. The "Ichijouji-san" quote from T.K. really hit his pride greatly. I can just feel it. You depicted the reactions from Ken perfectly.

The reprocussions from it. So tantalizing. The last few paragraphs of the one-shot clearly hit the point right there. While the Digimon Emperor's arrogance remained, his human side was now shown: His weakness was exposed. Those last ten paragraphs depicted that right there.

So to the title. Ken believed he was perfect, unstoppable. It was shown not to be the case from both the brawl and harsh words from T.K., and the Emperor was given the hand - or should I say - *fist* of reality. Very great analogy regarding Ken's "perfection." It was the perfect title and phrase for this story.

Overall, this was a very great job. The emotions were right there. It can be felt; it can be shown. Excellent job...
KOI Seracus chapter 1 . 8/1/2004
This... This is how they should have made this episode! Brilliantly done, really. Even though I still hate TK in it. _ But that's beside the point. I think you did a great job on this fic.
Midget Munchkin chapter 1 . 7/29/2004
Very nice. I like the fact that we get to see this moment from the Kaiser's point of view. The arrogance, the analytical way he tries to deal with the situation, and his acknowledgement that something is different all strike me as very true to character. I enjoyed this.
Higuchimon chapter 1 . 7/28/2004
*squees and bounces and glomps you all over again* That was something extremely wonderful to get! A delicious little Kaisery Ken fic. Perfect for a Kaiser fangirl. ;) About time he learned his lesson. And it was something only Takeru could teach him, really. Thank you! My birthday's off to a very good start!