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sad gurl chapter 30 . 4/24
oh every time i reed of storys wiv harry/draco 2gethrr i crys an start 2 cut my self agains in pain
y do u hurt us so much? it not tru an we all no it not tru but u stil post untru
i bleeds be coz off u not caring i cut 4 u telling all lies wiv ships of peepole hoo nots be 2gether ever
we crys cut an crys morr
plez stop 4 us
sadd gurlz
Sep 20 2009
E by gum chapter 1 . 4/20
Why are there not enough anti-Drarry reviews, if you don't like the ship, why tf are you not complaining about it? It isn’tt good & you are offended in any way, so what’s the need to not bash for sane reasons. What, someone has a ship you don’t agree with? Then destroy, ridicule & generally put a downer on them, hack their accounts, emails & social medias & hound them until they admit their ship is wrong & quit it, this website & go work for charity rest of their lives, in penance for all hurt there stupid ship caused everyone, everywhere. Honesty we need more haters to put these idiotic fools & their inconceivable nasty pairings in there place! For greater good, sanity of mankind & future survival of planet earth in totality forever. Stop that crap & save the universe!
Prince Philip chapter 1 . 4/9
"Gay schoolboy sex! Now I've seen everything!"

*drops dead*

a guy chapter 1 . 4/6
Dumbledore is a hypocrite.
Anger Fish chapter 30 . 12/7/2020
He's STRAIGHT! End of.
All drarry postings are stupid delusionally retarded fantasies thought up by lonely yaoi fans.
Get a fracking life and do not denounce a heterosexual hero for your own cheap thrills!
Plenty of other fictional characters for you to obsess over - sure Sherlock Holmes would happily swing both ways and He-Man was obviously in the closet - but no: pick on poor Mr Potter! Not that he hasn't got enough struggles to deal with. Even if he was up for some manlove, fracking Malfoy would almost be last on the list (Pettigrew or Greyback being last). Him and Cedric taking a suspiciously long time in Prefects Bathroom, would indeed be something worth writing about..
Steve-Arkarian chapter 2 . 10/19/2020
I like this so far but in this chapter in particular there are a few potential issues. One is first a question of why did he use one of his most faithful servants instead of taking some sort of traitor or other person and using polyjuice and then killing them also with them being under imperio or whatever to make them act accordingly? Next when he was killed did they release his body as proof and if they did there needs to be the question of Voldemort burned that bracelet that was a controlling thing off of him so if they give up the body Dumbledore at the very least would probably notice that he was no longer wearing the bracelet. With the adoption that may have even magically changed his name possibly I don't know how it would work with the maps which Harry brought up but also usually in Canon and in fanfiction Dumbledore has any number of monitoring devices so if it changed his name did it also change his magical signature and things like that would Dumbledore be alerted that he is actually still alive? And lastly at least for now I know Harry doesn't like excessive torture and murder if it can be avoided but did he or does he plan on informing Tom or Voldemort that Severus is a spy for the light?
gginsc chapter 30 . 10/19/2020
Are Callidus and Pavonis Harry's children? I had hoped for more destruction of Dumbles before the end.
gginsc chapter 13 . 10/18/2020
Wasn't Bella killed by Voldy because she objected to Brand?
Fuck you trolls chapter 1 . 10/18/2020
For fuck’s sake, why are so many of you taking your time to hate on this fic and drarry shippers in general? Do you not have anything better to do with your lives? Y’all are just fuckwits who don’t have anything to do with their lives. Smh.
vampdreams chapter 30 . 9/21/2020
Absolutely loved the fic!
I'm in complete agreement of the people you chose to flip over to voldemort
Lovely end to dumbledore
Their sons sound adorable!
Fab end
MollyMuffinHead chapter 30 . 9/7/2020
Thanks for the story. Interesting premise.
on fire garbagec chapter 30 . 7/21/2020
I know its been complete forever and you probably won't see this but I love this so much you did an amazing job
Foreskin chapter 1 . 7/16/2020
Whilst in detention Draco asked Filch what exactly was that large muggle looking device in corner of classroom. The one with an Alpha & Omega symbol on it..
The caretaker told him that Arthur Weasley had confiscated it from a couple of strange types; one with badly burned skin & really long robes, and another who seemed to have been partially transfigured into a gorilla. He'd sent to Dumbledore that morning to see if the headmaster could figure it out.
After Filch left Draco could swear he could hear ticking coming from the object? Curiosity got the better of Malfoy & he went up & put his ear to it..

.. just as the 500 megaton cobalt salted fission-fusion-fission device exploded in his face..

Very fortunately Hogwarts magically wardings & planar shielding managed to shunt almost all the energies into another dimensional plane & seal the rest in trinitite like magical glass.

Argus Flitch returned two hours later to find where classroom doorway had previously been, a now perfectly smooth blue-black rectangle of polished obsidian like glass .. that was slightly warm to the touch..

"Fucking purebloods!" he muttered "Always trying something to get out of punishments!"

Harry and everyone at Hogwarts soon forgot Draco. Harry developed a meaningful relationship with another person - possibly Oliver Wood or maybe is was Susan Boned. Either way this universe was spared yet another dreary drarry drama.
Paladeus chapter 1 . 5/16/2020
"Don't like, don't read" is a standard response to criticism of a work of fiction, particularly for drarry. It raises the basic question of why the critic bothered to read or finish the work if it turned out they didn't like it.

The trope is most commonly used by authors/fans/reviewers who Can't Take Criticism or opinions differing from their own and try to silence critics with this line (as part of a Bad Writing trifecta with Lets See You Do Better and You're Just Jealous). When "don't like, don't read" is used this way, the problem is immediately obvious: how is the audience supposed to know they don't like it if they haven't read it? The alternative would presumably be for the critic to not read the work and complain about it anyway. And a reader doesn't necessarily have to enjoy everything they read, especially if they think they can provide Constructive Criticism that will make the author's future work better, they find it So Bad, It's Good, or they can derive money or laughs by being a Caustic Critic. And just because you don't like the premise doesn't mean that you can't overlook that bias and comment on how well executed the work is. It's not as if professional critics can just read/watch media that they will probably enjoy, weakening this line of attack. Expect to see this as a response to any criticism in a comment section for the work, especially on YouTube (where the work may be so short that it's already over by the time the viewer decides they didn't like it).

And a certain sitcom character quite rightly states "IF you don't TEACH THEM, how are THEY SUPPOSED TO LEARN!"

Our group's IQs far exceed the average - and that of drarry & dramione shippers in particular - and by our own ethics we must teach them their lack of light & to show the way. To do anything less in these times of darkness is folly & to deny the moral upkeep of sanity.
Like not hating neon yellow boxer shorts, thinking new Coke was a fantastic idea or not wanting President Trump to have not dropped dead from Covid-19 ages ago ...
E chapter 1 . 5/16/2020
Why are there so many anti-Drarry reviews, like if you don’t like the ship, why tf are you reading something about it? It isn’t hurting you in any way, so what’s the need to bash for absolutely no reason. What, someone has a ship you don’t agree with? Boohoo, so sad, sorry people don’t have the exact same mindset as you. Honestly.
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