Reviews for HaughtyTragedy
Gibson18 chapter 1 . 6/7/2005
Your use of words to describe the action was really something. The way you portrayed Magus as prideful really fit and I found myself in awe and sympathy when he lost the duel. You described his pain really well, and I even squirmed a little when you talked about the cut being bone-deep. :-) I really enjoyed your story.
Bloodshy Testament chapter 1 . 9/18/2004
Great! Wonderful!I loved it!

A few problems, though.

I don't mean to flame, keep that in mind; the begging what a bit confusing. You didn't realy set it soilidly enough. But that's okay, you recovred nicely...I realy didn't like the ending though. Your whole fic was so eloquent, so beautifuly written, and then at the very end ou put the words, The End. Ah...scetchy, is all I'm gong to say.

But otherwize, beautiful! Lke a I said, very eloquent, very suspensefull... see, I never brung Glen with me when I met Magus becuse I always wanted Magus in my party. . Thanks for telling me what happened! Very nice, keep writing!

~Bloodshy Testament~