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stark40763 chapter 25 . 2/8/2011
Well, both universes are certainly in for interesting times ahead. The Trekkie's on Indefatigable must be having nerdgasms right about now! Though good thing it doesn't connect to Star Wars, at least not yet anyway, for I'm sure Teal'c and The Free Jaffa would be lining up to go there. God, the last thing Earth needs are Star Wars bad guys to deal with.
Singollo Lomien chapter 2 . 11/10/2009
Interesting, but my advice is if you're going to crossover two different TV shows, don't acknowledge that either of them is a TV show. I know SG1 made copious references to Star Trek, but if you're going to combine them it generally works better if you pretend the TV show 'Star Trek' doesn't exist in the stargate universe.

I'll admit that's just my pet peeve when it comes to crossovers (which I enjoy immensely when they're well done) but on the whole I have found that the story flows better if you don't say that one or both of the universes being combined is a TV show in the other universe. It tends to demolish my willing suspension of disbelief otherwise and makes the story less enjoyable for me.
A reader chapter 5 . 3/19/2007
I have only one thing to say you have givven the Gou'auld to much power in their weapons system. so I must conclude you hate Startrek to uderpower their shields like that. IF you say you don't and you diden't then how the hell did the plasma weapons of the gou'auld achive power levels eqvulant to transphasic torpedos of startrek. When they should at most equal the pulse phaser canons of the Defiant which is more powerful then standard Phasers.
rankokun alpha chapter 24 . 11/13/2004
nunyabizness chapter 25 . 10/7/2004
Excellent story...go ahead and write a sequel...NOW! Get to work! Quit lounging around! START WRITING!
rankokun alpha chapter 25 . 10/6/2004
cant wait for the sequel! keep it coming! this is a great Story!
grayangle chapter 25 . 10/6/2004
Let me see a review. Hm... MORE more mmore moore MoRE morre mmore more a bit more with a dash of more don't forget the side of more please
grd chapter 25 . 10/6/2004
please more. I luv the idea of a multiverse war, the only thing i'm confused about is the BG crossover. Is it BG2003 or the original? Can't wait to read more about the adventures of Capt Harris's ship. hehe
Locathah chapter 23 . 10/6/2004
I'm not sure I understand why technology wouldn't be valid in both universes... mostly because you've shown that it already is.

Specifically you have Goa'uld ships working perfectly fine in the ST universe and vica versa. You've also got goa'uld shields being modfied and plugged into ST ships (and if they're really that much better its the kind of thing that would have a huge effect for the ST universe.)

In short you've already shown all the best technology crossing over just fine. The only stuff you've left to possibly not work right is wormhole and transporter technology.
rankokun alpha chapter 20 . 9/21/2004
more soon please loved it!
divad relffehs chapter 14 . 9/16/2004
this is great update soon
Urgo the Observer chapter 5 . 9/9/2004
Again, the Federation is far more powerful than you portray them A single phaser blast is more powerful than anything this side of the Ancients, with the possible exception of the Asgard. Not to mention the ability to change the frequency of the beam to match that of the Goa'uld's shields, rendering them ENTIRELY USELESS. Even the Asgard have nothing on a photon torpedo, and the Ancient squid things pack less of a punch than a low-yield quantum.
Urgo the Observer chapter 2 . 9/9/2004
Interesting idea, however, you have made a grevious mistake: the Enterprise by itself is MUCH MORE than a match to ANY FLEET of Goa'uld ships!
Goddess Anjanee chapter 1 . 8/25/2004
Great story so far.

I'll read the other chapters and review them later. I know that they are as good as chapter one. You have really peaked my interest with a crossover of two of my favorite scifi shows. Stargate SG-1 and Star Trek The Next Generation.

Goddess Anjanee :)
bigstu chapter 10 . 8/24/2004
The same As the previous reviewer said
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