Reviews for M Is For The Maiming That She Brought Me
New Universe Returns chapter 3 . 6/26/2014
Yup, I don't know if this story is discontinued, or are you dead? But I hope you can continue this, cue the next chapter.

Jazz Jackrabbit was one of my first action-adventure game that I ever played, and one of my all-time favorite old-school games. I remember first playing it on my parents' first computer, with Windows 95. I was nine back then, and that was 15 years ago. But I only played the shareware version, which means only the first episode of the game. I also remembered playing Jazz Jackrabbit 2 before. It happened a year later or two, but not at my home, but at other people's house that I went visiting before.

It's kinda sad there weren't any fanfiction crossovers for Jazz Jackrabbit.
Wolfbaneshybrid chapter 1 . 3/13/2005
AH! JAZZ JACKRABBIT! JEBUS CHRIST! I remember that game! I used to play it all the time in elementary school! That damn parrot kept on dying on me! I was like, parot! Save me! And then Jazz was a green rabbit, but I only had the demo version, so I never really got very far. And he said, 'Yum!' when he ate a carrot and he had a laser gun or something that blew up those damned bee's and electric spikes and the other enemies that I can't recall!


Sorry, it's just such a small world... Anyway, this is hilarious! Especially the beginning and the middle and the end.

Wonderful! Keep on going!

Wow... Jazz Jackrabbit...