Reviews for Haunted
hiei1317 chapter 3 . 10/8/2004
*thinking deeply* nice. a good way to end it too. i could tell now why it was so hard, you never really learn about Daryl as much as everyone else. *btw thinking* dude! there are only like two episodes after tonights Wolf's Rain! that bites! n e ways*gets back on track* keep going. the next one is either going to be slow or fast, i really can't tell right now which way you want to go but i would say the fast track might help your explanations better, email me if this makes no sense. Keep it up!

RNA Sun chapter 2 . 9/25/2004
This is an awesome story, but a little but confusing because I didn't recognize Lorne at first. I am a big fan of Amelia Atwater Rhodes, and this story is certainly good enough to almost be at her standard of writing. But, is Jaguar going to have a big part in this story? I hope so; he's my favourite character in Midnight Predator. :) I would say more, but my dumb little sister is taking things from my room, and I have to go get them back. Write more soon!
hiei1317 chapter 2 . 9/18/2004
things before i review:

one: my names not coughwormtailcough, it's just wormtail... so if you want to diss me like that do it straight out, i don't care... well maybe a little... ok, so you didn't have to do it while i'm in denial... *sweat drop**sweatdrop*

Two: yep yep... fast food rules!


four: nice to look at? i thought you were undecided on who loked better and i know you know what i mean... and why can't i say well built but you can! in aubrea's story you killed me about it when you first read it!

five: i agree on the lack of sleep/busy day thing as i experienced yesterday

six: why don't you allow anonymous reviews? what if i wanmt to be lazy and not sign in... you'd probably get more reviews too!

seven: you switch between '
hiei1317 chapter 1 . 8/21/2004
ew... he licked the blood in what seems like a cat type way... ew! you dork! and i'm aloud to say that! dude i was going to put a link up but i don't know... lol. i still will!

I liked it... different... but good. You know i'm all for anything from Amelia Atwater-Rhodes and while i have to say i'm not a big fan of Gabriel he's a good choice... and there are two things i noticed...

first with the bad... always bad first, you spelled "singing" "signing" like they were deaf or mute or something

then the good: YOU LEARNED HOW TO DO MATH! congrats congrats!

Looking for the next chapter and check your stats... you'll see somthing i bet you thought you might not see...