Reviews for Everyone Drinks in Hell
CloudyDream chapter 1 . 3/2/2013
This was lovely. Really, I'm speechless - well done :)
anonymous chapter 1 . 7/31/2012
Very enjoyable, thanks!
Guest chapter 1 . 7/31/2012
Nice. Really well done look into Han's head.
Blonde-Existentialist chapter 1 . 7/31/2012
This is very well written and set the tone for the meeting that is easy to imagine the characters playing out. And the ending is lovely.
Scarlette Smith chapter 1 . 3/9/2012
I loved this ione-shot. I'm not even just saying that, but it really somewhat fit real life. People go through pain and suffering, but that dosen't mean that they don't get a happy ending eventually... Well, that could just be the hope in me talking. Loved the second person!

shieldmaiden19 chapter 1 . 1/28/2012
This was great!

Are you going to write a sequel or something where they DO destroy the Empire?
Alexxis T. Swan chapter 1 . 6/18/2011
Haha that had an ironic sense of humor underlying the whole thing. It was a nice read. I seem obsessed with your stories today. Can't get enough of them.
jafacakes chapter 1 . 3/20/2011
Loved this story, very well written and an interesting take on what could have happened, specially like the optimism of the ending
LynnisaMystery chapter 1 . 12/22/2010
This was so well written and with everything of the other characters implied, it was really an interesting read!
TrickForTreat chapter 1 . 7/15/2010
Aw, that was sad, but I couldn't help but like it. It's always nice to read a well-written ficlet like this. :)
hell yeah chapter 1 . 4/2/2010
this was a great read! and they are hard to find round here...
FreighterPilot chapter 1 . 1/3/2010
I love this story, and I find myself returning to it repeatedly, each time catching just a little more detail than I had on previous visits. Now that I've finally registered on FFN, I felt obligated to review. You've accomplished a rare feat here-successfully engaging the reader in a well-written second person POV. Great Job!
suezahn chapter 1 . 5/23/2009
Wow, what a lovely, bittersweet story. It could have easily happened this way-Han still blinded and unable to assist, his absence possibly making all the difference. Whether Luke is really dead or just the man they knew as Luke. Han's loneliness with Chewie gone. Thank you for bringing them together once more. Would you be interested in letting me post this on my Han/Leia website? The link is in my profile.
Cindy Ryan chapter 1 . 4/26/2009
Nice AU and good charactization on both :)
charmedashley chapter 1 . 1/8/2009
This was really great. :)
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