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Writer's-BlockDP chapter 51 . 2/26
Wow, talk about an emotional roller coaster. I just found this and spent the last day and a half reading it, and I can't believe how quickly I went back and forth between cracking up and crying. The anger and sarcasm from the characters was spot-on, plus their love for each other and the struggle to understand and forgive each other. Your first epilogue chapter was fantastic; I loved what you did by telling it through news articles and letters. I spent half of that last one crying too. You guys did a great job, and I look forward to rereading this in the future.
hisnhers chapter 14 . 2/20
-sniff- how sweet.

Rory O'Kane chapter 45 . 2/9
The timeskip in here is really weird. It doesn’t feel right to go through 3/4 of a school year in one chapter, while all previous chapters have covered no longer than a month of activity. And the only thing described about this long time period is people's holiday activities and their relationship with Malfoy. What about school? Doesn't Harry get in trouble or something, like he always does? Maybe an argument with a classmate with a grudge, or discovery of why the curse on the DADA position has stopped working, or a Death Eater attack that puts people at risk? It doesn't feel right for Voldemort and the Death Eaters to try nothing significant for eight whole months.

Still, I liked the rest of the story so far, so I can overlook it and try to pretend that this chapter was actually eight months of interesting events. The rest of the story will probably still be good. This timeskip just seems like a missed opportunity.
Shiroi Ichigo-chan chapter 51 . 1/28
Wow. I can't believe it's finally over. I've been reading this for the past two days and I swear I couldn't put it down. Seeing Snape change so much as he taught Harry was so fascinating and I was so happy. I've cried reading this story, I have roared with laughter and cried out in frustration. In the end, there was only satisfaction and lots of sobbing.

Remus and Draco dying was probably one of the worst. And after all the torture and pain Harry's been through, I am so happy he got the happy ending he deserved. I am immensely grateful to you for writing this. Hats of to both of you.
feathersfromaphoenix chapter 51 . 1/25
feathersfromaphoenix chapter 48 . 1/25
Ron's reaction to Harry's "death" almost made me cry. This fanfic is amazing and I know that I'm about ten years late in reviewing but I want you to know that you two are the best mother/daughter team ever. Love it.
Maddy Love Castiel chapter 51 . 1/25
Thank you for writing such a wonderful, brilliant, and heartbreakingly beautiful story. Not only do I applaud the characters and plot but also the pure emotion you both but into this story. It's by far the best Harry Potter story I've read.

Being a huge Severus Snape fan I also very much enjoyed how you wrote him. You didn't immediately change his feelings towards Harry and not even to the extent of being unreal. You kept him perfectly in character. Very well done! Though the end made me cry ( as I did often throughout this brilliant story) it was a lovely ending. Thank you so much for writing this story and sharing it with all of us readers. I enjoyed it immensely. :-)

Dark Goddess Mystic Fyre chapter 51 . 1/5
This was absolutely gorgeous.

I adored the way you portrayed Harry reacting to the stresses in the war, as not many people have gone down this particular route. I've seen some reviews with the opinion that he should have handled it better or matured faster under the circumstances, but a simple fact is not everyone can do so in situations where they have little to no control. This is especially true considering his age, the frequency and scale of the terrors we've been shown, not to mention the hefty neglect in Harry's childhood and any issues resulting from that.

I also have to praise you highly for the way Harry and Ginny end up together as in canon Ginny seems to be a two dimensional character who out of the blue explodes into a major aspect of the book. You didn't all of a sudden introduce her and show an unhealthy infatuation between them. It was very natural, and since Harry already went through the nasty episode where he thought he had to 'go it alone' he didn't try to sideline her for her safekeeping.
The ending was heart wrenching yet strangely satisfying and I will now go check out your other works.

Thank you.
HerNameWasHope chapter 51 . 12/13/2014
So unfortunately I am not a member of yet, meaning if there's any reply I will not see it unless I come check (which I probably will) but no matter.

I like fanfictions to an extent, I am a very picky reader that it's hilarious. I saw this and picked it because Snape has always been a favourite character of mine. I was expecting one of those calm, not really moving or making progress fanfictions where my nerves can be safe. Hell, I was so wrong.

This fanfic was a wild ride from start to end and my god was it well written, you and your mum did such a good job. I wept, cried, laughed and screamed in horror or anger for, with or against the characters and the ending simply stabbed me and took any remaining breath I had away. In fact it was so good that my friend asked for a link because of me talking about it so much. It took four days to read, I was so hooked.

It is always intreresting to read fanfictions that were published in a time where the rest of the series is too come. But this was so well written that I kept forgetting you hadn't yet read Half-Blood Prince or Deathly Hallows as they weren't out. I think this is probably one of the best things I have ever read (as much as it also made me near tears from the reality of the pain) and I will most definitely saving it so I can reread it whenever I want.

Well done.
NatalyaShae chapter 1 . 11/29/2014
This is the greatest story i have read on fanfiction. You kept everyone in character...i would have loved to see this in the books. Its a shame, i hope you write another one like this story.
Nohbdy-d chapter 51 . 11/26/2014
You broke me. You broke me I'm crying it hurts it's just SO FUCKING SAD OMG WHY!
wrAppedinharry chapter 27 . 11/16/2014
'Dissendium' is the incantation to open the statue of the hunchback witch to get into the tunnel leading to Honeydukes. 'Diffindo' is the incantation used to sever something like ropes or straps on school bags.

I see people have been telling you in their reviews that water is easy for a wizard to conjure, but I am sure we don't read about 'Aquamenti' until Half Blood Prince and that wasn't released until well after you wrote this chapter.

I know 'Mobilicorpus' was introduced in POA, but I am sure Remus would not have been able to bear transporting Harry like that. but he perhaps could have used a featherlight charm on him, unless they didn't want to use magic on Harry because he has been so ill.

Someone also commented that Harry is pathetically weak and emotional and very OOC, but they seem to have forgotten that Harry has been at Death's door and is still very weak and sick.

I am loving this, especially Severus's softening attitude regarding Harry.

wrappedinharry chapter 14 . 11/14/2014
I am rereading this story after a number of years. Your writing is very powerful and evocative. Harry's suffering just makes you want to do what Lily did after the pillar exploded and take Harry into your arms and never let him go.

I am rather saddened that Severus felt nothing when he touched the pillar, or is he just saying that, not wanting to admit the truth and perhaps show himself as being vulnerable.

I don't believe Percy will say anything to Fudge; it seems to me that his own past actions were shown in all their negative glory when he touched the Pillar. Perhaps he saw just how upset his actions made his own mother...are still making her, come to that.

I also think DD has a lot to answer for sending Harry overseas with two wizards who couldn't hate him more of they were Voldemort. The Americans were much nicer to Harry than his own countrymen. Poor Harry, his trip was doomed from the start with Snape and Percy along for the ride.

DaughterofAthenaPotterhead chapter 46 . 10/29/2014
OMG WHY REMUS! YOU EVIL, EVIL WRITER! OMG, I'm crying so hard right now. why him?
sarahsezlove chapter 51 . 10/16/2014
You and your mum have been my best friends this week.
I've had a blast.
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