Reviews for Harry Potter and the Battle of Wills
Ves Heill chapter 51 . 6/23
Just finished reading... Again. Still just as good as it was the first time I read it - ten years ago. ..
Guest chapter 51 . 6/10
This was brilliant! Few years late, but I thought I'd review anyway. I've been glued to my screen since I started reading this yesterday, it was really well written and enjoyable!
stevefocus chapter 51 . 6/10
Really enjoyed this, one if the best stories I have read.
cztelnik chapter 51 . 5/30
Just as good a work the second read through, maybe even better.
Kay Kay chapter 51 . 5/25
A lot of people will probably disagree, but I actually rather had Sirius dead than Remus, if the decision had to be made. I just loved Remus in this story and it was horrible to read when he died. I'm totally on your Mum's side with this one!
Lady Leaena chapter 51 . 5/24
Great story. I don't normally read stories that were written pre-halfblood prince, but you did your story justice. I really liked the individuality of it and how you incorporated all of the possible book titles into your story. Your take was very entertaining. And I loved your take on Severus Snape. You made him into a more sympathetic character which I like especially since this was before we got book seven's big reveal. Fantastic job and I'm looking to reading some of your other stuff!
Kay Kay chapter 51 . 5/23
Oh my god, do you have a life? Or is your only purpose in life to insult people? If you don't like, it don't read it. That easy. And don't comment on every little shitty point you don't like. It's annoying and disrespectful.
As for my part, I still love this story - amazing work! :)
AnnWritess chapter 41 . 5/23
Well done!
Forever Me chapter 51 . 5/17
This was one of the best Harry Potter fanfictions I have ever read! Thank you so much for writing it!
I just don't have the words for it, besides that the story was amazing!

Again, thank you for writing this story!

Forever Me
Guest chapter 43 . 5/13
You cant describe every spell in a fight by simply saying " a powerful curse" no describe the spell how is it powerful its colour shape show the power rather state it and then mention brefley what it did and sometimes not even that
Guest chapter 43 . 5/13
You have to define what someone's been hexed with eg you said lucius managed to hex harry in the back. That is so vague it could range from stinging hex to cutting hex or a blasting hex like reducto which could have killed him by blowing him to bits. Again practically every curse has the same effect which kind of gets boring
Guest chapter 43 . 5/13
Again a quite disapointing action scene. Dont get ne wrong you guys are awesome but action scenes are defineatly not your forte. Your discription in such encounters is as chaotic as the battle itself which would work out if yoo were writing in first person present tense but as it is no. You really need to create an immage of a battle and i dont really get cos al i know is that there are death eaters somewhere and harry knows they are there and seems to be throwing some curses shelds and dodging you sjould also describe in DETAIL what is going on and consider other things that can be used in battle such as conjuration and transfiguration especially since the unforgivables cant be blocked. I can see that every single hex no matter the inacntation is a banishing hex i.e throws people around nothing more. In HP each hex has a different effect and only 1 incantation eg confrigio- powerfull blasting hex like an explosion or diffindo - cutting hex not to mention reducto also consider wordless casting and as someone as efficient a dueler as snape he should be able to block most verbal spells with ease as it gives him enough time to prepare. From what i remember Family Bonds has some good action scenes and so does Darkness within and Delenda Est as well as HP and the power of time for some examples
awesome reviewer chapter 36 . 5/12
Not to be a party pooper or anything just some constructive crit i can slightly see where the guest guy is coming from but hes way too harsh on you its a great story, mind you it did piss me of a lt on those same chapters as he was raging on about but that was the point and the feel ofc the story. Love smythe-wellington great character btw While i agree that at first rons and hermiones relationship was quite childish in a sense that their bechaviour towards each other was exactly like friends its good that you did develop that later on . No what i want to criticise is your action/ battle moments which could do with improving and have some inconsistencies first of all snape first gets beaten by wormtail and than goile sr. I would uderstand it it was a capable death eater but REALLY if i was that snape i would be ashamed and cried in a corner after that. You use a lot of spells but dont really describe their effects or the death eaters reaction to them. Your setting should be key and half the time i cant really picture exactly whats going on here in this battle also snape gets STUNNED you dont get up from that your unconsious you need to be revived
Guest chapter 34 . 5/11
Your take on romance and going out is relly bad. I mean they are 16/17 not 12 ron and hermoine are behaving like they are 12 tho. I mean i would be offended if my gf was embaressed to show any emotion towards me in front of people i find that girls when they really like you are slightly more posesive but i feel you should already be aware of that. for gods sake i know your trying to make it a k or a t fic but appart from like 2 moments i dont see the change in ther attitudes towards each other. I mean couples cuddle togather hold hands and such at least. I dont know how old you are but have yoy ever been in a relationship - at least make it more realistic and believable cos there is literally nothing in rons and hermiones normal attitude indicating that they like each other
Guest chapter 33 . 5/11
P.S and you didnt make the twins funny in my opinion so thats a big minus from me
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