Reviews for Chamber of Secrets Slytherin Style!
Alex chapter 9 . 2/24
Please update ... it's so good
Helene Nightfire chapter 9 . 8/25/2016
I'm glad we got to see his dueling training. Traditionally Harry improves under pressure. Which makes sense as adrenaline really focuses the attention! I'd love to see where you took this. I love how you have developed your characters. It reminds me of the 'Slytherine Study Group' to some degree. Lots of fun.
Helene Nightfire chapter 8 . 8/25/2016
Oh no! Only one more chapter left and then I have to use my own imagination.
Ah well. I've had fun reading your stories. Thanks for leaving them up for us. In case you get back to these stories someday, my vote is for Harry/Blaze and Ginny/Draco. Just for the fun of it.
This is fanfic so feel free to not have horcruxes though the basilisk should be a fun addition especially if it becomes Harry's pet. Could be the beginning of Blaze spending more time with Harry as she likes dangerous critters and the only way for her to visit with the basilisk is through Harry as an intermediary.
Maybe I'll come across your story in a few years and see where you have taken it.
Once again my thanks for the entertainment.
Hweek chapter 9 . 7/12/2016
Please keep going! I'm loving all of this and I really want more. Honestly your story is well written and the characters are definitely in character. This story is better written by a non-English native than many people who have always written in English.
Miss Annoying chapter 9 . 6/9/2016
You really, really, really NEED to write another chapter right now! Please, please, please, please hurry and write another one this is a really good story line and I don't want to stop reading this story, but I probably will if I get bored of waiting. Pleeeeaaaaaasssssseeeeeeeeeee
AngrySortingHat chapter 9 . 10/25/2015
Great story! Please update quick
SortingHat chapter 1 . 10/13/2015
Dobby reminds me of a mini Gollum.
ssj3gohan007 chapter 9 . 10/4/2015
Great Story! Well done! I love it! I am dying to know what happens next! :)

Do you think Harry could've beaten Daisy if he was bloodlusted and spammed parselmagic? Something like that might catch her off-guard, she does seem a bit cocky/overconfident due to her prodigious skill with dueling. My guess is that she might try to lazily deflect, counter, or shield against it. However, according to the rules of parselmagic it can only be blocked by a really powerful sorcerer. Considering what it did to a Nundu, I doubt a sixth year would qualify unless their name is Tom Marvolo Riddle (Or Harry Potter - He has been stated to have potential similar to Dumbledore and Voldemort)
Somnia et vota chapter 3 . 7/27/2015
Please don't do a ginny/harry pairing. I'd go for a Blaise/harry, Daphne/harry.
SortingHat chapter 8 . 6/29/2015
Lockheart is a true example of the baby boomer generation leaving behind a stink. People like him got into politics a lot! Conservatives and many independents tried to warn about it but all we got called were names by the main stream media for not being politically correct enough.
SortingHat chapter 6 . 6/29/2015
I agree with a lot of Voldermort's views short of mass murder mainly because the baby boomer generation left a political *stink* behind them that needs a giant air spray or better yet all of the White House needs to be contained in an air free bag and the germs sucked out then restart everything with reduced government spending and power except for basic defense, Federal Roads and Infrastructure which are necessary things to keep a country running.

However before any of that can be done we need a President to break up monopolies using existing anti trust laws like President Taft started to do but never got to finish.

Our income inequality largely is blamed on companies owning companies owning companies totally unrelated to each other which causes there to be no one really responsible and innovation to be stifled.

Corporations can exist but needs to not have companies eating each other up.

Did you know Time Warner owns Disney and several news companies? When you have corporations that big the heart and soul of the original vision is long lost.

That is why Google and Microsoft sucks for those wanting to anything serious other then shopping and smart phone junk because they are so big there isn't any leadership direction or ambition.

It will actually be a good thing for Google and Microsoft to fail so other companies have a chance to form and do it right and the next President needs to have the guts to bust up monopolies.

Monopolies are NOT capitalism as there is no competition since they will wreck their products duet o laack of love and care.
SortingHat chapter 6 . 6/29/2015
I can explain why. Because the *Its the best wizard school* was valid 800 years ago but not now! Labels apply to something current in that time frame but things change!Q

Did you know if you see a *Made in America* sticker a law was passed that the sticker is made in America? Not necessarily the product itself.

The reason behind that is because in the 70s/80s machinery parts were made from several different areas for one appliance or heavy machinery and it got to be the point of being too confusing of where a product's origin was so Congress voted on making it law which is very stupid because now you really don't know unless you do hard research into the company and find out while the name of the company may be old the company is overseas.

Japan electronics used to be the 2nd best to American made. I have an RCA sound system that's NON digital from the late 90s and it still works despite being used continously.
SortingHat chapter 2 . 6/29/2015
The scene of Fred and George crashing made me think of the 1 *bit * in Tron 1982 that can only say *Yes* or *No In the scene of driving a flying vehicle real badly the bit shouting *No no no no no no!* as our hero was wrecking it trying to escape further into the computer to get to the I/O port which in the movie is an old man with a beard that allows information to pass between the user and computer.
Somnia et vota chapter 9 . 4/21/2015
this is so good please keep writing,
Sorry06 chapter 9 . 1/7/2015
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