Reviews for Dare Not Forget the Warning
Erailea again chapter 1 . 9/2/2004

Lets see if I can remember what I wrote -_-;;

I really liked this story _ No, I LOVED it *nods* It took a while for me to read since I'm not a 'fast reader,' but it was worth while, that's for sure _ One of the things I like was how you described darkness and light, both literally and physically. By that I mean how you portrayed them and the fact that you mentioned how neither can ever truly die (Sounds like one of our topics of discussion doesn't it XD). I also found it really interesting that Kinomi is of the ancient race of Kasui-Kappas. Even better it's a race you invented! That's always lots of fun _... do beware making your own language though. It might seem fun at first, but it gets annoying after a while -_-;; I learned that the hard way.

There was something else I said, but I can't remember T_T See what a day at school does to you! T_T So really, GREAT JOB! Good luck with making the other parts (even though they're not connected).
Erailea Evenstar chapter 1 . 9/1/2004
Hey Kinomi! Why is it that now, a couple hours after I read this, I can review? -_-;; Anyways...

Nice story! Very cool! You put things together pretty well _- The plot was cool and it has the potential to become a full fledge story if you wished it so!

I will admit you had me a bit confused at a few part (1 or 2 places), but that wasn't common. Perhaps it's because my brain decided to turn off the day before school *curses her mind* you're supposed to do that at the beginning of summer! Not the end! -_-;; Oh well. But the place that got me the largest was where Kinomi (you of course. Lol) was remembering the first day she met Jin. If seemed like a 'she said' 'he said' kind of thing. *shrugs* I'm not used to reading it, which is why it got me at first, but it came out nicely none the less. I usually use the pound key (*) and have it like a flash back, but everyone does things differently. But that was the only time I saw that and it was for a short period.

You like comma’s don't you. Lol. I think you perhaps used them a bit too much, but I do the same thing. Lol. *remembers 'comma day' with her silly eight grade teacher* XD Comma's will rule the world! ,