Reviews for Bittersweet Fate
Wonderlandleighleigh chapter 1 . 9/18/2004
I have been a bad, bad puddy tat.

I never reviewed his. *smacks self*

This was amazing.

I just... wow.

"An empty box.

It can only hold you for so long, before it fails along with you."

This is so perfect.. a great metaphor for how Rory has been all of season four, and Jess's appearance is the last straw. What finally breaks the box.

And it's believable.. it makes sense... the whole thing makes her night with Dean... make sense! If Jess has taken her with him, and she's just a shell, why should she care if she screws Dean, right? Because there's nothing left of her.. So sad, but it just... fits. This fic is the first and only fic I have seen to make sense out of what happened, and it's brilliant and subtle... and... you may have written it before the S4 finale, I don't even remember. But you did it without trying. And it's... awesome.

*nods* Awesome.
Arianna555 chapter 1 . 8/31/2004
I got home, a while ago (that really was a while. wow). And I caught up. And I saw that you had written something. And I went to read it, and I loved it.

And then I went to your profile just now because of the link to ($) -which is not working *sigh*.

And something made me read this. Seriously.

And I'm just...blown away. Whoa. Wow. It's better the second time; it's one of those fics that you need to read more than once to really understand, and I am so glad I did. It's amazing, and beautifully done, and...entrancing. Really. Wow.


She wishes it to be an illusion, to know the real from the fake.

It ends up being their worst fear.


The beginning was so perfect. It just draws you in immediately, saying stuff that makes sense once you read the rest, but then... What happened? Why? And it sounds...the whole fic's like...

I love how it all sounds so...dangerous, sort of. Fragile. Like it's all going to break, like the box does. ;-) Starting off with saying the world is gray, and...she wants this gray world to be an illusion. She wants to know what's real. And reality ends up being their worst fear. Wow. (Sorry for the amount of times I use that word. But it seems to be the only one that fits. D)


An empty box.

It can only hold you for so long, before it fails along with you.


The description of the box...amazing. You make something as simple as this cardboard box (that is, even without the symbolism) seem just...mysterious, and important. "It can only hold you so long, before it fails along with you." Beautiful.


She remembers the dizzy feeling of losing herself; all control slipping from her fingertips. The saline tears escaping the delicate edges; the bittersweet breakdown between the slants of light.

He is gone.

And he has taken her with him.


I can't tell you how amazed I am by this. I really can't. I can't pick out favorite parts from that quote, above, and actually picking parts from the entire thing to quote is pretty hard in itself... The way you describe her losing control, the way she's feeling, what he did. Again: wow. It's all I can say.


Her life is different in this pale universe.

She wakes up to tear-stained pillows and a comforter that smells like white. There is no distant smell of cologne. No trail of her own lilac fragrance.

Because they aren't there.


You did the impossible. ;-)

I have no idea what to say. I really don't. It's that amazing. "The gray world." "The pale universe." She realized, it only holds you for so long before you fail and it fails along with you. And her life is different now.


She wants to know how he did the complicated task without even knowing.

But he is gone before she can ask, and she thinks that is the purpose.


I know this is going to sound weird but...this is so deep without trying to be deep, you know? It's amazing. She can't ask. All she knows is that it happened.

All the symbolism here, which I forgot to actually mention -...perfect. And the reason this really does need to be read more than once. It's not just stating what did happen, that she's different, that things have changed. It's this really unique and creative way of putting it all, and you did it SO, so well.


She had been relieved when it was all over; she had thought he was all in the past. (It was never over.)



Her grasp had been so loose; she fell so easily.

And he had saved her.


And a third (fourth? *shrug*) time: Wow. Whoa. Wow.


She knows she cannot blame him. But it would be so easy if she could.


That sums it all up, doesn't it? She can't blame him. It's not his fault, not really.

But if only she could...that would make it so much easier. And she wants to, and she wants it to be over so she can get over it, but it's never over, and she can't. And she knows that, and it's unfair, but there's nothing she can do...


It is unfair, that even though he has failed, he has won.


'This gray world.' 'This pale universe.' And in them, unfair things happen and they can't be changed. He failed, he should have failed...

But no, he 'won'. And she can't blame him for what happened.

And the poem is so perfect for this.

This is just...absolutely phenomenal job, Stephanie. This is the kind of thing I think I maybe see in my head and know I could never actually get down. Like Christie said (heh), you know how to use words, so well, and every word here fits. Every word is supposed to be there; it's just all exactly right.

Unbelievably fantastic.

And your other fics? You can do it! We won't let you give up. D *cheers*
Christie chapter 1 . 8/28/2004
Heh. I so suck at reviewing. Sorry it took me so long, although you've heard this all before. (Deja Entendu!)


"It’s all gray: the world.

This cold place she lives in; terrifying and odd.

She wishes it to be an illusion, to know the real from the fake.

It ends up being their worst fear."

The opening, its so...grasping of the readers. To start with such a bold statement, that the world is gray, and then to end it with something chilling like ‘it ends up being their worst fear.’

"The night he had done it without her consent."

I love that particular part, because it lets the readers wonder ‘done what?’, until the end, when they put two and two together and realize that he had, as you phrased, ‘won.’

"She remembers the sudden change rise in her, the abrupt movement of the cardboard sinking slowly beneath her. She jumped off, and watched the top flaps fall deeper into its dark basin.

An empty box.

It can only hold you for so long, before it fails along with you."

The symbolism. You’re always so good, at sneaking it in there, making it flow with the rest of the story. Some people, they make it too obvious, but you... Its sort of like, you’re so compelled by the story, that you keep reading it, and then, it registers in your mind what you just said, and you’re kind of like “Wow. Did she just really say that?
Unrepentant Geraldines chapter 1 . 8/25/2004
Pretty "amazin'" as Sally Peep would say for a "one-shot" tale. I e-mailed you... see you in the eighth grade!

-Metaphorical, your 'chum' from school
someone5 chapter 1 . 8/19/2004
I reviewed this yesterday, but it never showed up.


I love this piece. I'm sure everyone has said that by now though. It's about time someone chose to show that Rory isn't always right, that she doesn't always make the right decisions, and that she is actualy realizing it.

I hope to see other updates soon, but I understand your frustration. Microsoft's a bitch.

As always, great work!
Poodernite chapter 1 . 8/19/2004
That was absolutely beautiful. I was going to quote my favorite line or two, but it would have ended up being most of the piece. Really... amazing.
enoreenae chapter 1 . 8/19/2004
Loved the vagueness of that "moment" when things change, the fact that Rory can't place it, but even more that she doesn't question that "it" happened. For once, she simply acknowledges that she is bound to him in some way. Cool story.
absurdvampmuse chapter 1 . 8/19/2004

This was absolutely beautiful and amazing. I loved the poem.

Bye, smile :-)
Caffeinated Ballerina chapter 1 . 8/19/2004
*looks around* Am I the first review?

Ooh! You know I love your fics... I loved this one too. You're only like 3 months older than me but you're an AMAZING writer. *holds up banner that says: Stephanie Rocks!*

She is the ghost of herself, walking through the hallways of Yale, chatting along with her mother, drinking coffee at the diner. She is graceful and numb, so perfect that she is flawed

I cried at that part *nod* *hugs* Thank you for making my day by making Rory realise she's an idiot. *grin*