Reviews for Truth Untold
PuertoRicanLatina chapter 1 . 12/1/2005
i love this fanfic! keep it up! i can't believe you had only one review after all this deserve more reviews! this story is great! come and read my fanfics somtime! _
Malz chapter 1 . 8/26/2004
I dont hate it, im just truely truely truley truely truely truely truely truely truely truely *after a hundred years* truely truely tahnkful that you did this. *shaves off beard from all that aging* Just wised it wasnt a one shot, so you could of a lot fo time for character building. Still im gonna hung up on the rapid fanatism and sey my CC. You had a couple of typoes every now and then but didnt make it hard to understand what was happening. Althgough it took you some time to write...just felt a little rushed. Not that it was bad, just seemed like it...sorry sometimes hate one-shots. Though itwoudl of been lovely if this was a mutli-chapter story. You have a lot of options for that-and im rambling again. Either way i cant wait to read any more stories you make. OH and reading this whil listening to Aerosmith's "Sunshine"oddly fitted well to this.