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RoseJustice chapter 13 . 11/22/2012
This was an awesome story! I read it a long time ago, but decided to read it again just for fun! Your Robyn may be the only OC that I've ever really liked! I can't decide whether I want to label her a mary sue or not...she doesn't take away from the guys like most of the others do, and you never pair her up with any of was a good move on your part! And thanks for not making the Sailor Scouts take over! I hate it when authors do that...and thank you for not making Kento seem like a fat womanizing pig! That's another thing I hate...Kento is my fav! I loved your take on Rowen!He was so funny!
Meira Evenstar chapter 13 . 9/20/2006
Another awesome fic! This was so good! I don't think I've read a SM/RW crossover before. I really enjoyed this. Great job. Awesome, awesome, awesome! :)
LWKitty chapter 13 . 9/12/2006
Hm... Let's see, what can I say this time.

I don't usually read rw/sm fics b/c a lot of them are all the same "ronins-fall-for-sailors-as-they-battle-to-save-the-world" type deal. Gets to be VERY annoying. Moving on... You really set yourself apart from the rest with this fic. I actually ENJOYED reading it.

I laughed through most of this fic (Kento and Rowen just seem to get the best lines for some reason ;) ) and felt very bad for Robyn. A lot of the 'flash backs' really got to me; mainly b/c that kind of stuff goes on all the time in a lot of homes in America. Really makes you ask yourself how a parent could do that to their child.

Anyway, I loved the way you showed Robyn getting her test score. lol Hilarious! Poor Sage, he never saw it coming. :) Rowen deserved what he got and I'm sure Ryo wasn't expecting what he got.

All in all, this was very good and I enjoyed all the fighting, suspense and emotional rollercoaster rides.

~*/ Kitty \\*~
Marie Kenobi chapter 13 . 4/12/2006
This was another wonderful story, Ghost of the Dawn. I think you had a few typos and spellin errors in it, but the overall story itself was enough to overshadow those few problems. You did a great job balancing out the Ronins and Sailor Senshi-you're right, that's a lot of characters to write in one story! I was a little worried at first, thinking that you might pair the Ronins with the girls or do one of those crazy things that 99.9% of other fanfic writers might do in this sort of situation, but you handled it beautifully. Everyone was in character and dead on, and I mean EVERYONE! :-) I've really enjoyed reading your author's notes from the past two stories and the omake from this one as well. From here I'm off to start on the last fic in the trilogy; I already know I'll love it. (It is finished, right? I think I might go crazy if it's not.)

Two quick things-You really brought back some bittersweet memories for me with the graduation part in this last chapter. I went through my high school graduation just last year and the memories are still strong. I'd love to go back and relieve it (I think! LOL).

Second thing-My opinion on who Robyn should be with is either Kento or Rowen. It's obvious by this point in time that Rowen has feelings for her , but I almost think her personality meshes better with Kento's.

Anywho, great job! This turned out to be a very well-rounded, satisfying (and hysterical) story. :-)

-Marie K.
Marie Kenobi chapter 10 . 4/12/2006
If I don't review any of the other chapters, I HAVE to review this one. Let me first start by saying that it was very late at night when I read this chapter and...there were times when I was laughing so hard (and trying to keep quiet so as not to wake everyone else up) that I very nearly fell onto the floor. Rowen was so perfect in this story; he's my second favorite character (behind Ryo), but I'm actually really beginning to like your version of him. My absolute favorite parts from this chapter that sent me reeling were:

*Where Rowen first talks with Artemis and thinks he's gone to talking cat hell.

*"RYO! SAAGE! KENTOO! IS ANYONE OUT THERE? I'll even settle for CYE!" (I can SO see and hear your version of him yelling that!)

*"Hey Rowen, wouldn't it be weird to be named after what you wore?"

"Yeah, we would have to call you Big Ugly Orange Armor."

"Oh yeah? Well then your name would be Stupid Looking Banana Helmet!"

"It does look like a banana," Artemis snickered.


*"Tuxedo Cape is right. We have to pull together and save Robyn."



"My name is Tuxedo MASK."

(And here's the part that really had me dying for air from laughing so hard!)

*"Hey Kento," Rowen suddenly asked. "What do you think Cye would do if he saw a talking cat?"

"A talking cat? He'd shit a brick!"

"I know!" Rowen laughed. "Hey! Talking cat, come here."

"I have a name you know! It's Artemis! Ar-te-mis!"

"Whatever, just come're. I want you to do something for me."

"No! Get away from me!" Artemis cried as he ran off.

"Wait! Come back," Rowen called as he ran after him. "If you ever see a guy in light blue armor just make sure you go up and talk to him. Maybe lick his face a little, too!"

"I said stay away you wacko!"

That part was just...was just...I can't even think straight, I'm STILL laughing! XD I loved it!

-Marie K. _
YetAnotherCatgirl chapter 13 . 2/27/2006
In that moment, Ryo realized where Robyn's true power lied. it's "lay" again.

I thought the part about Robyn writing the theme song was... tacky.

But congratulations on finishing another story!
YetAnotherCatgirl chapter 12 . 2/27/2006
If she only knew where her real power lied. should be "lay".

And Robyn gets a cool upgrade!
YetAnotherCatgirl chapter 9 . 2/27/2006

Yes, actually, Robyn, you are. Maybe if you'd taken the self-defence...

Now, be gone from my site!" Lady Ebony ordered. A site is a location. I think you mean "sight".
YetAnotherCatgirl chapter 7 . 2/27/2006
The car chase was fantastic. Nice use of cliché.
YetAnotherCatgirl chapter 4 . 2/27/2006
"and even though he was dressed normal, he didn't seem surprised at" it should be "normally".

The SS attack names threw me for a loop at first, but then I remembered that they were the English ones.

Ooh! A cat-creature with a whip! Those are always fun.

And I like the SS speech- could have come right out of the anime. (Those were the days. I feel so nostalgic!)

Nice job on the chapter!
YetAnotherCatgirl chapter 3 . 2/27/2006
Whew, I was worried Robyn was going to run off into the fog and disappear, or get kidnapped, or something.

But maybe you're saving that for the next chapter...
YetAnotherCatgirl chapter 1 . 2/27/2006 spelled sequel wrong in your story summary. You said "sequal", and it's "sequel".

"four-eyed, zit-faced nerd bombers" heh. Funny!

I like how you got the Sailor Scouts in this chapter- acting normal and catty, just like every group of gossipy, boy-crazy girls. Especially when they all hide in the booth, and then follow R and R out.

Who... foreboding conclusion!

And Monty Python rocks.
Girl-chama chapter 1 . 12/21/2005
Okay, I did the same thing that I did with "Demons in the Doorway," and read this in one sitting, only I read it directly after reading DitD.

Again, I enjoyed the interaction with the characters, and the development that you gave all of them. There were many actions here that were well implemented because of the growth that you gave the characters in the previous story.

However, and excuse me if this is a bit peevish of me, but the characterization you did for the Sailor Moon characters was extremely shallow. I grant you that you have a good grasp of the RW cast, and that you admitted in your opening notes that you weren't exactly familiar with the characters of the series, but there are even more guides/summaries for SM than for RW. I should not have been all that difficult to find some good information to do them more justice. Half of the time you seemed to be using them for comic relief or simply to bolster the "strengths" of the Ronin while blatantly disregarding their own qualities and strengths.

Amy is freaking out/obsessing over Rowen's better score? There is an entire episode devoted to just such a situation in the early episodes of Sailor Moon where Amy has such competition and instead of freaking out about a guy who beats her, she congratulates him and goes on about her day.

In the last chapter you have Robyn take Rei to Sage to be healed, while Sailor Moon was *right* there and proves herself to be a healer even in the earlier episodes that were aired on Toonami.

When SM and Ryo were separated from the rest, in a serious situation, you made it seem as if she was totally unaware of what was going on. While it's true that she can be flakey sometimes, in serious situations she's incredibly strong and focused.

Not to mention what you did to Tuxedo Mask. He fainted? You had him faint because he was surprised at the site of Kento climbing out of a hole?

The last few chapters I just skimmed because I was so disappointed with the characterization you were giving the scouts. I am glad for Robyn and the characterization that you were able to build for the rest of the original RW cast, but I think you could have done a much, much better job on the story as a whole, even incorporating the same intent, if you had just done a little bit more research and been a little bit kinder to the SM characters.
korra light chapter 10 . 12/15/2005
your stories are great. I hope you keep it up
Trowa no Miko chapter 13 . 1/24/2005
How could Robyn get to Sage fast enough to heal Rei? Wait! How did Robyn know about Sage having healing powers? She was sleeping/sick when he helped her. ;smiles; I just love angst. Hurrah for suffering! Especially if it’s the good guys. Can’t Moon just purify Robyn? Rowen’s room is just like mine... scattered books and glow-in-the-dark stars. Yay! The Rowen hospital scene (from your first fic) has to be my favorite... I understand Robyn’s happy she passed her test, but how could she have so much energy after what happened? Ack! My ears and eyes are burning. Not the Sailor Moon song! ;sniggers; Oh yeah, an anime about those guys fighting Talpa would be so boring… /_ Can I steal the “leied” idea? That sounds like fun.
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