Reviews for Vignettes
Lucrecia LeVrai chapter 3 . 3/9/2007
Here's the last one of these scandalously late reviews. :) Then again, I bet I don't even need to tell you how much I like these one-shots. The FFVI one might be a bit too sweet for my taste, but the other two are much more bitter, which makes them downright delicious. No, I'm not into cruelty, but still, angsty fics just make my day.

I've never properly thanked you for the dedication - I know that and I'm sorry. That doesn't make me feel any less grateful, though. And seeing how you dedicated the other two chapters to your /parents/, of all people... Well, I'm quite speechless here.

I absolutely /love/ well written Hojo-Sephiroth stories, and angst's still my favorite genre... go figure. Many thanks for turning Hojo into the worst bastard /ever/ and keeping him human at the same time. Because let's face it, hatred and self-loathing are very human emotions, not something we can simply brush aside as 'insanity'. The many reasons for Hojo to mistreat Sephiroth make perfect sense. The child is a living proof of his wife's betrayal, Gast's intellectual superiority, and also a reminder of his own painful past, the abuse he suffered at his own father's hands. And yeah, it's exactly as you wrote at the end of the fic: the cycle will continue, with an adult Sephiroth becoming the torturer next time. *sigh*

Great fic, Noa. All of them, actually. The small number for reviews puzzles me to no end, but maybe people are just lazy, like me.

Damn, I just hope you'll never get bored with writing FFVII fics.
Chibi Taryn Demon chapter 3 . 2/16/2005
This was amazing! Young Sephiroth was so cute, so was little Aeris. The strengthening relationship between Sephiroth and Ifalna was well-done and really moving. I wish I'd found this sooner!
AngeLhearteD chapter 3 . 10/15/2004
Beautiful chapter. Sephiroth's innocence is so sweet, and I love the idea of having him drawing a picture with little Aeris. So cute and sad because of what will happen in the future!

A powerful piece and once again you're demonstrating your brilliant writing capabilities. Great work!

Well, 'till next time, take care!

Ardwynna Morrigu chapter 3 . 10/14/2004
Aw, that's so sweet and so sad! Poor little Sephy! The moment when he cracked was so real. All the unexpected kindness in the face of pain...

The fact that his hair isn't very long yet is a nice touch. _

One thing I'm wondering, how come your experiment is always failed? I hope the toenail doesn't give you too much trouble.
Rachel chapter 2 . 9/6/2004
Oh my gods. I'm gonna cry from the sheer... ... ... Something of it all! This was absolutely wonderful! I think this is my favorite of all your stories. Even if it was short. If Cass was still awake I'd go read it to her. I know she'll love it even more than me. And I absolutely luff this story to death. -Covets it. Goes to put it in her favorites- LUFF!
Rachel chapter 1 . 9/6/2004
Wow. That was really sad and pretty. It actually made me feel a bit sorry for Hojo. Just a bit though. It made Cassie, my friend, feel very sorry for him when I read it to her. She got mad at me 'cause she didn't want to feel sorry for him. It was very nicely done.
AngeLhearteD chapter 2 . 9/5/2004
Wow, this is amazing. I love how you bring different moments from the Final Fantasy games and tie them into one story. Makes me think of extracts you find in journals. It's so cool.

The FF7 one was awesome. Was that child Sephiroth? You portrayed emotions very well and it was a very interesting read. Great work!

And as for the FF8 one-it's so sweet! Your originality is brilliant. We get to know a little more about Julia, since we didn't see much in the game. I like how you portrayed Caraway too, in a softer light as a new dad. Ver emotional stuff.

Fantastic writing as always. Hope to see you adding more to this, like FF9 and 10. Keep up the great work! This makes delighful reading!

All the best!

Ardwynna Morrigu chapter 2 . 9/2/2004
I've never played FF8 myself but I am familiar enough with it to say that this was just so cute! The arguing over the name, the father-and-baby-girl aspect, it's all so adorable!
Ardwynna Morrigu chapter 1 . 9/2/2004
Police! Come out with your hands up! P No really, it's very flattering that you took this route. I hope you get as much out of it as I do!

This first chapter really starts things out powerfully. The pacing and development was perfect, building up to that horrible revelation we'd suspected all along. I really liked how you dealt with Hojo's emotions. His absolute anguish at having everyone who's supposed to be important in his life turn away one way or another was excellent.
Manic Fanboy Yaz chapter 1 . 9/2/2004
Exceptionally good; experiment most definitely NOT failed.

And yes, Excel Saga is the funniest anime ever created xD