Reviews for Not All Monsters are Demons
CodeNameTargeter chapter 8 . 9/11/2004
Dr. P.G. Thirteen chapter 5 . 9/11/2004
Diagnosis: A highly entertaining story, thus far. Observation: If I were Cabot, I'd triple-check Emily Gaston's background via Jack McCoy's father's old friends. He was a Chicago cop; maybe even a member of Special Unit 2! Prescription: I'd recommend getting a beta reader for the rest of this story. You keep confusing "THEN" with "THAN."
Louie Pastiche chapter 4 . 9/11/2004
I know this was meant to be a serious chapter. But, I couldn't help laughing at the various cops' reactions to the history of the Summers' sisters. I guess the view really is different. from the outside looking in! Excellent, realistically rendered characterization.
Louie Pastiche chapter 3 . 9/11/2004
You definitely have a winner, here!
Superfan chapter 2 . 9/11/2004
I'm not certain if Munch was a conspiracy buff on "Homicide: Life On the Street." But, he's been portrayed as one on "SVU." Perhaps, since the Lone Gunmen origin episode of the "X-Files?" In any case, I can't wait to see what his response when he runs into the proverbial stonewall on the Summers sisters' bg! :)
Superfan chapter 1 . 9/11/2004
Great opening chapter! Worthy of Slincoln's "People of New York vs. Buffy Summers." *BTW; as Buffy is supposed to be five years older than Dawn, I'll guess the latter has just reached the big two-oh.* :)
Dwwar26 chapter 8 . 9/11/2004
It's a good storie keep it up . When are you going to add more chapter's
Marz1 chapter 8 . 9/10/2004
Arm wrestling the sport of kings truely. great chapter, but when are they goign to get near the killer? will there be another victim soon? When is buffy goign to beat up a bad guy? update!
iscariot chapter 8 . 9/10/2004
I'm really enjoying this [your best work to date]:

Possibly the best characterisation of Buffy I've read in a long time. Nice to see you playing her off against Stabler, while I like Eliot as a character, sometimes his patronising attitude on the show drives me nuts thus Buffy's humiliation of him went down well; but please, don't make him her whipping boy.

Also impressed with your characterisation of Wong; that you're rounding him out somewhat allows for him to be far more believable that he often is on SVU.

Finally, yay for Tutuola and Munch, neither gets the attention they deserve on SVU - Munch was always fun on Homicide: Life on the Street.
Beboppin' Betty chapter 8 . 9/10/2004
I really like this. I like what you've done with their post-Sunnydale lives; it's very interesting and believable. The interaction with the SVU guys is good, and the little pissing contest between Buffy and Stabler totally made the chapter.
CapriceAnn Hedican-Kocur chapter 8 . 9/10/2004
okay, so who is going to figure out the Summers' sisters first? My bet is on Tutuola maybe even Stabler; one of his girls could end up being a slayer potential. I can't wait for more!
Dorothy4 chapter 8 . 9/10/2004
Elliot, Elliot, Elliot. When will you learn that you can't be the protector of the world. Buffy already has that job. Very good characterizations. I like that Fin got she was hunting. Send more soon.

phoenix83ad chapter 8 . 9/10/2004
Wow. I really am enjoying your story here. The cross between Law and Order and Buffy the Vampire Slayer is certain interesting to read. After alloff because the shows are so different apart and yet you merge them together with suprising ease.

You've done an excellent job of creating a crime that fits into both worlds, keeping the bizarre feeling of Buffy but the complex and scientific aspects of L&O:SVU.

And your characterization is dead on for all the characters. Loved the arm-wrestling scene, since it definently took Stabler down a notch.

But I wonder about the Slayer and Key being involved in a police investigation. Sure it's an unnofical capacity, but if they botch something up, the entire case is lost. But again, they aren't actually running the investigation. They're giving clues and letting the police follow as needed.

I look forward to an update. I very much want to know how they handle the rest of the case.

nascar girl chapter 8 . 9/10/2004
Wow! You have capturd Stabler & Benson to a T. And I can see Buffy challenging him to arm wrestle, something, non-violent to prove her point. This is so good. And thank you for toning Buffy's attitude down, it works better. And of course Dawn is great with the "I told you so like line", hee he, keep up the good work. We want more. ty
Marz1 chapter 7 . 9/10/2004
so is buffy going hunting then? she's already got a direction to head in, and she can like pick out all the good alleys to dump a body in and keep watch.I don't suppose they could use a tracking spell to hunt this guy down. well good chapter, update soon.
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