Reviews for The Emperor's Pendant
Guest chapter 3 . 6/30/2016
Chinese Minotaur Dromaeosaurs:
Chinese Minotaur Lycaeraptor
Chinese Minotaur Acceraptor
Chinese Minotaur Airakoraptor
Chinese Minotaur Atrociraptor
Chinese Minotaur Pyroraptor
Chinese Minotaur Nykoraptor
Chinese Minotaur Smiloraptor
Chinese Minotaur Velociraptor
Chinese Minotaur Staurikoraptor
Chinese Minotaur Austroraptor
Chinese Minotaur Luanchuanraptor
Chinese Minotaur Baragonraptor
Chinese Minotaur Zuniraptor
Chinese Minotaur Gojiraraptor
Chinese Minotaur Herreraptor
Chinese Minotaur Utahraptor
Chinese Minotaur Linheraptor
Chinese Minotaur Scimitoraptor

Chinese Sming Dromaeosaurs:
Chinese Sming Lycaeraptor
Chinese Sming Acceraptor
Chinese Sming Airakoraptor
Chinese Sming Atrociraptor
Chinese Sming Pyroraptor
Chinese Sming Nykoraptor
Chinese Sming Smiloraptor
Chinese Sming Velociraptor
Chinese Sming Staurikoraptor
Chinese Sming Austroraptor
Chinese Sming Luanchuanraptor
Chinese Sming Baragonraptor
Chinese Sming Zuniraptor
Chinese Sming Gojiraraptor
Chinese Sming Herreraptor
Chinese Sming Utahraptor
Chinese Sming Linheraptor
Chinese Sming Scimitoraptor

Chinese Centaur Dromaeosaurs:
Chinese Centaur Lycaeraptor
Chinese Centaur Acceraptor
Chinese Centaur Airakoraptor
Chinese Centaur Atrociraptor
Chinese Centaur Pyroraptor
Chinese Centaur Nykoraptor
Chinese Centaur Smiloraptor
Chinese Centaur Velociraptor
Chinese Centaur Staurikoraptor
Chinese Centaur Austroraptor
Chinese Centaur Luanchuanraptor
Chinese Centaur Baragonraptor
Chinese Centaur Zuniraptor
Chinese Centaur Gojiraraptor
Chinese Centaur Herreraptor
Chinese Centaur Utahraptor
Chinese Centaur Linheraptor
Chinese Centaur Scimitoraptor

Chinese Manticore Dromaeosaurs:
Chinese Manticore Lycaeraptor
Chinese Manticore Acceraptor
Chinese Manticore Airakoraptor
Chinese Manticore Atrociraptor
Chinese Manticore Pyroraptor
Chinese Manticore Nykoraptor
Chinese Manticore Smiloraptor
Chinese Manticore Velociraptor
Chinese Manticore Staurikoraptor
Chinese Manticore Austroraptor
Chinese Manticore Luanchuanraptor
Chinese Manticore Baragonraptor
Chinese Manticore Zuniraptor
Chinese Manticore Gojiraraptor
Chinese Manticore Herreraptor
Chinese Manticore Utahraptor
Chinese Manticore Linheraptor
Chinese Manticore Scimitoraptor

Chinese Simurgh Dromaeosaurs:
Chinese Simurgh Lycaeraptor
Chinese Simurgh Acceraptor
Chinese Simurgh Airakoraptor
Chinese Simurgh Atrociraptor
Chinese Simurgh Pyroraptor
Chinese Simurgh Nykoraptor
Chinese Simurgh Smiloraptor
Chinese Simurgh Velociraptor
Chinese Simurgh Staurikoraptor
Chinese Simurgh Austroraptor
Chinese Simurgh Luanchuanraptor
Chinese Simurgh Baragonraptor
Chinese Simurgh Zuniraptor
Chinese Simurgh Gojiraraptor
Chinese Simurgh Herreraptor
Chinese Simurgh Utahraptor
Chinese Simurgh Linheraptor
Chinese Simurgh Scimitoraptor

Chinese Borlak Dromaeosaurs:
Chinese Borlak Lycaeraptor
Chinese Borlak Acceraptor
Chinese Borlak Airakoraptor
Chinese Borlak Atrociraptor
Chinese Borlak Pyroraptor
Chinese Borlak Nykoraptor
Chinese Borlak Smiloraptor
Chinese Borlak Velociraptor
Chinese Borlak Staurikoraptor
Chinese Borlak Austroraptor
Chinese Borlak Luanchuanraptor
Chinese Borlak Baragonraptor
Chinese Borlak Zuniraptor
Chinese Borlak Gojiraraptor
Chinese Borlak Herreraptor
Chinese Borlak Utahraptor
Chinese Borlak Linheraptor
Chinese Borlak Scimitoraptor

Chinese Hydra Dromaeosaurs:
Chinese Hydra Lycaeraptor
Chinese Hydra Acceraptor
Chinese Hydra Airakoraptor
Chinese Hydra Atrociraptor
Chinese Hydra Pyroraptor
Chinese Hydra Nykoraptor
Chinese Hydra Smiloraptor
Chinese Hydra Velociraptor
Chinese Hydra Staurikoraptor
Chinese Hydra Austroraptor
Chinese Hydra Luanchuanraptor
Chinese Hydra Baragonraptor
Chinese Hydra Zuniraptor
Chinese Hydra Gojiraraptor
Chinese Hydra Herreraptor
Chinese Hydra Utahraptor
Chinese Hydra Linheraptor
Chinese Hydra Scimitoraptor

Chinese Deviljho Dromaeosaurs:
Chinese Deviljho Lycaeraptor
Chinese Deviljho Acceraptor
Chinese Deviljho Airakoraptor
Chinese Deviljho Atrociraptor
Chinese Deviljho Pyroraptor
Chinese Deviljho Nykoraptor
Chinese Deviljho Smiloraptor
Chinese Deviljho Velociraptor
Chinese Deviljho Staurikoraptor
Chinese Deviljho Austroraptor
Chinese Deviljho Luanchuanraptor
Chinese Deviljho Baragonraptor
Chinese Deviljho Zuniraptor
Chinese Deviljho Gojiraraptor
Chinese Deviljho Herreraptor
Chinese Deviljho Utahraptor
Chinese Deviljho Linheraptor
Chinese Deviljho Scimitoraptor

Chinese Chimera Dromaeosaurs:
Chinese Chimera Lycaeraptor
Chinese Chimera Acceraptor
Chinese Chimera Airakoraptor
Chinese Chimera Atrociraptor
Chinese Chimera Pyroraptor
Chinese Chimera Nykoraptor
Chinese Chimera Smiloraptor
Chinese Chimera Velociraptor
Chinese Chimera Staurikoraptor
Chinese Chimera Austroraptor
Chinese Chimera Luanchuanraptor
Chinese Chimera Baragonraptor
Chinese Chimera Zuniraptor
Chinese Chimera Gojiraraptor
Chinese Chimera Herreraptor
Chinese Chimera Utahraptor
Chinese Chimera Linheraptor
Chinese Chimera Scimitoraptor

Chinese Devil Dromaeosaurs:
Chinese Devil Lycaeraptor
Chinese Devil Acceraptor
Chinese Devil Airakoraptor
Chinese Devil Atrociraptor
Chinese Devil Pyroraptor
Chinese Devil Nykoraptor
Chinese Devil Smiloraptor
Chinese Devil Velociraptor
Chinese Devil Staurikoraptor
Chinese Devil Austroraptor
Chinese Devil Luanchuanraptor
Chinese Devil Baragonraptor
Chinese Devil Zuniraptor
Chinese Devil Gojiraraptor
Chinese Devil Herreraptor
Chinese Devil Utahraptor
Chinese Devil Linheraptor
Chinese Devil Scimitoraptor

Chinese Demonic Dromaeosaurs:
Chinese Demonic Lycaeraptor
Chinese Demonic Acceraptor
Chinese Demonic Airakoraptor
Chinese Demonic Atrociraptor
Chinese Demonic Pyroraptor
Chinese Demonic Nykoraptor
Chinese Demonic Smiloraptor
Chinese Demonic Velociraptor
Chinese Demonic Staurikoraptor
Chinese Demonic Austroraptor
Chinese Demonic Luanchuanraptor
Chinese Demonic Baragonraptor
Chinese Demonic Zuniraptor
Chinese Demonic Gojiraraptor
Chinese Demonic Herreraptor
Chinese Demonic Utahraptor
Chinese Demonic Linheraptor
Chinese Demonic Scimitoraptor

Chinese Demon Dromaeosaurs:
Chinese Demon Lycaeraptor
Chinese Demon Acceraptor
Chinese Demon Airakoraptor
Chinese Demon Atrociraptor
Chinese Demon Pyroraptor
Chinese Demon Nykoraptor
Chinese Demon Smiloraptor
Chinese Demon Velociraptor
Chinese Demon Staurikoraptor
Chinese Demon Austroraptor
Chinese Demon Luanchuanraptor
Chinese Demon Baragonraptor
Chinese Demon Zuniraptor
Chinese Demon Gojiraraptor
Chinese Demon Herreraptor
Chinese Demon Utahraptor
Chinese Demon Linheraptor
Chinese Demon Scimitoraptor
Guest chapter 3 . 6/30/2016
Chinese Scimitar Dromaeosaurs:
Chinese Scimitar Lycaeraptor
Chinese Scimitar Acceraptor
Chinese Scimitar Airakoraptor
Chinese Scimitar Atrociraptor
Chinese Scimitar Pyroraptor
Chinese Scimitar Nykoraptor
Chinese Scimitar Smiloraptor
Chinese Scimitar Velociraptor
Chinese Scimitar Staurikoraptor
Chinese Scimitar Austroraptor
Chinese Scimitar Luanchuanraptor
Chinese Scimitar Baragonraptor
Chinese Scimitar Zuniraptor
Chinese Scimitar Gojiraraptor
Chinese Scimitar Herreraptor
Chinese Scimitar Utahraptor
Chinese Scimitar Linheraptor
Chinese Scimitar Scimitoraptor

Chinese Kronos Dromaeosaurs:
Chinese Kronos Lycaeraptor
Chinese Kronos Acceraptor
Chinese Kronos Airakoraptor
Chinese Kronos Atrociraptor
Chinese Kronos Pyroraptor
Chinese Kronos Nykoraptor
Chinese Kronos Smiloraptor
Chinese Kronos Velociraptor
Chinese Kronos Staurikoraptor
Chinese Kronos Austroraptor
Chinese Kronos Luanchuanraptor
Chinese Kronos Baragonraptor
Chinese Kronos Zuniraptor
Chinese Kronos Gojiraraptor
Chinese Kronos Herreraptor
Chinese Kronos Utahraptor
Chinese Kronos Linheraptor
Chinese Kronos Scimitoraptor

Chinese Uroktor Dromaeosaurs:
Chinese Uroktor Lycaeraptor
Chinese Uroktor Acceraptor
Chinese Uroktor Airakoraptor
Chinese Uroktor Atrociraptor
Chinese Uroktor Pyroraptor
Chinese Uroktor Nykoraptor
Chinese Uroktor Smiloraptor
Chinese Uroktor Velociraptor
Chinese Uroktor Staurikoraptor
Chinese Uroktor Austroraptor
Chinese Uroktor Luanchuanraptor
Chinese Uroktor Baragonraptor
Chinese Uroktor Zuniraptor
Chinese Uroktor Gojiraraptor
Chinese Uroktor Herreraptor
Chinese Uroktor Utahraptor
Chinese Uroktor Linheraptor
Chinese Uroktor Scimitoraptor

Chinese Akantor Dromaeosaurs:
Chinese Akantor Lycaeraptor
Chinese Akantor Acceraptor
Chinese Akantor Airakoraptor
Chinese Akantor Atrociraptor
Chinese Akantor Pyroraptor
Chinese Akantor Nykoraptor
Chinese Akantor Smiloraptor
Chinese Akantor Velociraptor
Chinese Akantor Staurikoraptor
Chinese Akantor Austroraptor
Chinese Akantor Luanchuanraptor
Chinese Akantor Baragonraptor
Chinese Akantor Zuniraptor
Chinese Akantor Gojiraraptor
Chinese Akantor Herreraptor
Chinese Akantor Utahraptor
Chinese Akantor Linheraptor
Chinese Akantor Scimitoraptor

Chinese Pariapuria Dromaeosaurs:
Chinese Pariapuria Lycaeraptor
Chinese Pariapuria Acceraptor
Chinese Pariapuria Airakoraptor
Chinese Pariapuria Atrociraptor
Chinese Pariapuria Pyroraptor
Chinese Pariapuria Nykoraptor
Chinese Pariapuria Smiloraptor
Chinese Pariapuria Velociraptor
Chinese Pariapuria Staurikoraptor
Chinese Pariapuria Austroraptor
Chinese Pariapuria Luanchuanraptor
Chinese Pariapuria Baragonraptor
Chinese Pariapuria Zuniraptor
Chinese Pariapuria Gojiraraptor
Chinese Pariapuria Herreraptor
Chinese Pariapuria Utahraptor
Chinese Pariapuria Linheraptor
Chinese Pariapuria Scimitoraptor

Chinese Zerureusu Dromaeosaurs:
Chinese Zerureusu Lycaeraptor
Chinese Zerureusu Acceraptor
Chinese Zerureusu Airakoraptor
Chinese Zerureusu Atrociraptor
Chinese Zerureusu Pyroraptor
Chinese Zerureusu Nykoraptor
Chinese Zerureusu Smiloraptor
Chinese Zerureusu Velociraptor
Chinese Zerureusu Staurikoraptor
Chinese Zerureusu Austroraptor
Chinese Zerureusu Luanchuanraptor
Chinese Zerureusu Baragonraptor
Chinese Zerureusu Zuniraptor
Chinese Zerureusu Gojiraraptor
Chinese Zerureusu Herreraptor
Chinese Zerureusu Utahraptor
Chinese Zerureusu Linheraptor
Chinese Zerureusu Scimitoraptor

Chinese Gurenzeburu Dromaeosaurs:
Chinese Gurenzeburu Lycaeraptor
Chinese Gurenzeburu Acceraptor
Chinese Gurenzeburu Airakoraptor
Chinese Gurenzeburu Atrociraptor
Chinese Gurenzeburu Pyroraptor
Chinese Gurenzeburu Nykoraptor
Chinese Gurenzeburu Smiloraptor
Chinese Gurenzeburu Velociraptor
Chinese Gurenzeburu Staurikoraptor
Chinese Gurenzeburu Austroraptor
Chinese Gurenzeburu Luanchuanraptor
Chinese Gurenzeburu Baragonraptor
Chinese Gurenzeburu Zuniraptor
Chinese Gurenzeburu Gojiraraptor
Chinese Gurenzeburu Herreraptor
Chinese Gurenzeburu Utahraptor
Chinese Gurenzeburu Linheraptor
Chinese Gurenzeburu Scimitoraptor

Chinese Gigginox Dromaeosaurs:
Chinese Gigginox Lycaeraptor
Chinese Gigginox Acceraptor
Chinese Gigginox Airakoraptor
Chinese Gigginox Atrociraptor
Chinese Gigginox Pyroraptor
Chinese Gigginox Nykoraptor
Chinese Gigginox Smiloraptor
Chinese Gigginox Velociraptor
Chinese Gigginox Staurikoraptor
Chinese Gigginox Austroraptor
Chinese Gigginox Luanchuanraptor
Chinese Gigginox Baragonraptor
Chinese Gigginox Zuniraptor
Chinese Gigginox Gojiraraptor
Chinese Gigginox Herreraptor
Chinese Gigginox Utahraptor
Chinese Gigginox Linheraptor
Chinese Gigginox Scimitoraptor

Chinese Monoblos Dromaeosaurs:
Chinese Monoblos Lycaeraptor
Chinese Monoblos Acceraptor
Chinese Monoblos Airakoraptor
Chinese Monoblos Atrociraptor
Chinese Monoblos Pyroraptor
Chinese Monoblos Nykoraptor
Chinese Monoblos Smiloraptor
Chinese Monoblos Velociraptor
Chinese Monoblos Staurikoraptor
Chinese Monoblos Austroraptor
Chinese Monoblos Luanchuanraptor
Chinese Monoblos Baragonraptor
Chinese Monoblos Zuniraptor
Chinese Monoblos Gojiraraptor
Chinese Monoblos Herreraptor
Chinese Monoblos Utahraptor
Chinese Monoblos Linheraptor
Chinese Monoblos Scimitoraptor

Chinese Orugaron Dromaeosaurs:
Chinese Orugaron Lycaeraptor
Chinese Orugaron Acceraptor
Chinese Orugaron Airakoraptor
Chinese Orugaron Atrociraptor
Chinese Orugaron Pyroraptor
Chinese Orugaron Nykoraptor
Chinese Orugaron Smiloraptor
Chinese Orugaron Velociraptor
Chinese Orugaron Staurikoraptor
Chinese Orugaron Austroraptor
Chinese Orugaron Luanchuanraptor
Chinese Orugaron Baragonraptor
Chinese Orugaron Zuniraptor
Chinese Orugaron Gojiraraptor
Chinese Orugaron Herreraptor
Chinese Orugaron Utahraptor
Chinese Orugaron Linheraptor
Chinese Orugaron Scimitoraptor
Guest chapter 3 . 6/30/2016
Chinese Gastrea Dromaeosaurs:
Chinese Gastrea Lycaeraptor
Chinese Gastrea Acceraptor
Chinese Gastrea Airakoraptor
Chinese Gastrea Atrociraptor
Chinese Gastrea Pyroraptor
Chinese Gastrea Nykoraptor
Chinese Gastrea Smiloraptor
Chinese Gastrea Velociraptor
Chinese Gastrea Staurikoraptor
Chinese Gastrea Austroraptor
Chinese Gastrea Luanchuanraptor
Chinese Gastrea Baragonraptor
Chinese Gastrea Zuniraptor
Chinese Gastrea Gojiraraptor
Chinese Gastrea Herreraptor
Chinese Gastrea Utahraptor
Chinese Gastrea Linheraptor
Chinese Gastrea Scimitoraptor

Chinese Zego Dromaeosaurs:
Chinese Zego Lycaeraptor
Chinese Zego Acceraptor
Chinese Zego Airakoraptor
Chinese Zego Atrociraptor
Chinese Zego Pyroraptor
Chinese Zego Nykoraptor
Chinese Zego Smiloraptor
Chinese Zego Velociraptor
Chinese Zego Staurikoraptor
Chinese Zego Austroraptor
Chinese Zego Luanchuanraptor
Chinese Zego Baragonraptor
Chinese Zego Zuniraptor
Chinese Zego Gojiraraptor
Chinese Zego Herreraptor
Chinese Zego Utahraptor
Chinese Zego Linheraptor
Chinese Zego Scimitoraptor

Chinese Toho Dromaeosaurs:
Chinese Toho Lycaeraptor
Chinese Toho Acceraptor
Chinese Toho Airakoraptor
Chinese Toho Atrociraptor
Chinese Toho Pyroraptor
Chinese Toho Nykoraptor
Chinese Toho Smiloraptor
Chinese Toho Velociraptor
Chinese Toho Staurikoraptor
Chinese Toho Austroraptor
Chinese Toho Luanchuanraptor
Chinese Toho Baragonraptor
Chinese Toho Zuniraptor
Chinese Toho Gojiraraptor
Chinese Toho Herreraptor
Chinese Toho Utahraptor
Chinese Toho Linheraptor
Chinese Toho Scimitoraptor

Chinese Goblin Dromaeosaurs:
Chinese Goblin Lycaeraptor
Chinese Goblin Acceraptor
Chinese Goblin Airakoraptor
Chinese Goblin Atrociraptor
Chinese Goblin Pyroraptor
Chinese Goblin Nykoraptor
Chinese Goblin Smiloraptor
Chinese Goblin Velociraptor
Chinese Goblin Staurikoraptor
Chinese Goblin Austroraptor
Chinese Goblin Luanchuanraptor
Chinese Goblin Baragonraptor
Chinese Goblin Zuniraptor
Chinese Goblin Gojiraraptor
Chinese Goblin Herreraptor
Chinese Goblin Utahraptor
Chinese Goblin Linheraptor
Chinese Goblin Scimitoraptor

Chinese Barioth Dromaeosaurs:
Chinese Barioth Lycaeraptor
Chinese Barioth Acceraptor
Chinese Barioth Airakoraptor
Chinese Barioth Atrociraptor
Chinese Barioth Pyroraptor
Chinese Barioth Nykoraptor
Chinese Barioth Smiloraptor
Chinese Barioth Velociraptor
Chinese Barioth Staurikoraptor
Chinese Barioth Austroraptor
Chinese Barioth Luanchuanraptor
Chinese Barioth Baragonraptor
Chinese Barioth Zuniraptor
Chinese Barioth Gojiraraptor
Chinese Barioth Herreraptor
Chinese Barioth Utahraptor
Chinese Barioth Linheraptor
Chinese Barioth Scimitoraptor

Chinese Rathalos Dromaeosaurs:
Chinese Rathalos Lycaeraptor
Chinese Rathalos Acceraptor
Chinese Rathalos Airakoraptor
Chinese Rathalos Atrociraptor
Chinese Rathalos Pyroraptor
Chinese Rathalos Nykoraptor
Chinese Rathalos Smiloraptor
Chinese Rathalos Velociraptor
Chinese Rathalos Staurikoraptor
Chinese Rathalos Austroraptor
Chinese Rathalos Luanchuanraptor
Chinese Rathalos Baragonraptor
Chinese Rathalos Zuniraptor
Chinese Rathalos Gojiraraptor
Chinese Rathalos Herreraptor
Chinese Rathalos Utahraptor
Chinese Rathalos Linheraptor
Chinese Rathalos Scimitoraptor

Chinese Kaiju Dromaeosaurs:
Chinese Kaiju Lycaeraptor
Chinese Kaiju Acceraptor
Chinese Kaiju Airakoraptor
Chinese Kaiju Atrociraptor
Chinese Kaiju Pyroraptor
Chinese Kaiju Nykoraptor
Chinese Kaiju Smiloraptor
Chinese Kaiju Velociraptor
Chinese Kaiju Staurikoraptor
Chinese Kaiju Austroraptor
Chinese Kaiju Luanchuanraptor
Chinese Kaiju Baragonraptor
Chinese Kaiju Zuniraptor
Chinese Kaiju Gojiraraptor
Chinese Kaiju Herreraptor
Chinese Kaiju Utahraptor
Chinese Kaiju Linheraptor
Chinese Kaiju Scimitoraptor

Chinese Dromaeosaurs:
Chinese Lycaeraptor
Chinese Acceraptor
Chinese Airakoraptor
Chinese Atrociraptor
Chinese Pyroraptor
Chinese Nykoraptor
Chinese Smiloraptor
Chinese Velociraptor
Chinese Staurikoraptor
Chinese Austroraptor
Chinese Luanchuanraptor
Chinese Baragonraptor
Chinese Zuniraptor
Chinese Gojiraraptor
Chinese Herreraptor
Chinese Utahraptor
Chinese Linheraptor
Chinese Scimitoraptor
Guest chapter 2 . 6/21/2016
Chinese Dragon Dromaeosaurs:
Chinese Dragon Lycaeraptor
Chinese Dragon Acceraptor
Chinese Dragon Airakoraptor
Chinese Dragon Atrociraptor
Chinese Dragon Pyroraptor
Chinese Dragon Nykoraptor
Chinese Dragon Smiloraptor
Chinese Dragon Velociraptor
Chinese Dragon Staurikoraptor
Chinese Dragon Austroraptor
Chinese Dragon Luanchuanraptor
Chinese Dragon Baragonraptor
Chinese Dragon Zuniraptor
Chinese Dragon Gojiraraptor
Chinese Dragon Herreraptor
Chinese Dragon Utahraptor
Chinese Dragon Linheraptor
Chinese Dragon Scimitoraptor

Chinese Demon Dromaeosaurs:
Chinese Demon Lycaeraptor
Chinese Demon Acceraptor
Chinese Demon Airakoraptor
Chinese Demon Atrociraptor
Chinese Demon Pyroraptor
Chinese Demon Nykoraptor
Chinese Demon Smiloraptor
Chinese Demon Velociraptor
Chinese Demon Staurikoraptor
Chinese Demon Austroraptor
Chinese Demon Luanchuanraptor
Chinese Demon Baragonraptor
Chinese Demon Zuniraptor
Chinese Demon Gojiraraptor
Chinese Demon Herreraptor
Chinese Demon Utahraptor
Chinese Demon Linheraptor
Chinese Demon Scimitoraptor

Chinese Dromaeosaurs:
Chinese Lycaeraptor
Chinese Acceraptor
Chinese Airakoraptor
Chinese Atrociraptor
Chinese Pyroraptor
Chinese Nykoraptor
Chinese Smiloraptor
Chinese Velociraptor
Chinese Staurikoraptor
Chinese Austroraptor
Chinese Luanchuanraptor
Chinese Baragonraptor
Chinese Zuniraptor
Chinese Herreraptor
Chinese Utahraptor
Chinese Linheraptor
Chinese Scimitoraptor
Guest chapter 1 . 6/21/2016
Dromaeosaurs vs Speed Slashers: The Night Raid on Great Wall of China

Ash and his army went to retake of the Dromaeosaur Elders as they battled with the Speed Slashers.

As Davis and Kari gave out the barks as the army as Glenstorm roared with command.

Glenstorm: Charge!

The Dromaeosaurs charged to the Great Wall as the Village Dromaeosaurs joined to help to attack the Speed Slashers.

The Speed Slashers charge at Ash and his pack with their teeth and claws ready while running right at the Velociraptors while yelling.

Speed Slasher 1: Intruders! Intruders!

Speed Slasher 2: Attack!

The other two Speed Slashers were guarding the palace as they see something and got their defense stance.

Faun Airakoraptor: Attack! Now!

Naruto made it to the gate as he starting killing a first Speed Slasher by the chest with his teeth as he strikes the second Speed Slasher down the cliff off the bridge as Naruto roars in victory.

Two Tiger Baragonraptors roared as the rest of the army as they broke in to the Great Wall of China as they charged at the Speed Slashers as Ash howled with command.

Ash: For the Dromaeosaur Kingdoms!

Both armies charged at each other as Glenstorm sends a Speed Slasher flying as a Abominable Snowtiger Zuniraptor jumps to the Speed Slasher viciously as a Rampur Greyhound Linheraptor kills a Speed Slasher by the bushes.

A Bengal Tiger Zhuchengraptor tackling a Speed Slashers and killing him as ten Spotted Hyena Staurikoraptors killed about twenty Speed Slashers by the cliff as Ash's cousins slaughtered some of the Speed Slashers one by one ferociously.

Bagheera swats a Speed Slasher flying as he killed a second Speed Slasher by biting the throat as a Speed Slasher brought down a Minotaur Valdoraptor as Ren and Nora jumped at a Speed Slasher killing it.

Paul clashes with a Speed Slasher as he bites the arm viciously as a Panther Lophoraptor brings down a Speed Slasher while a German Shepherd Variraptor runs through the battlefield as a Cheetah Dakotaraptor jumps on a building as a Faun Pyroraptor follows as a pack of Isla Sorna Scimitoraptors jumping from the buildings to attack any Speed Slashers.

Akame clashes with a Speed Slasher as Jinnai tackles a Speed Slasher to the ground as Kirizaki brought down a Speed Slasher by the throat.

Drew and the rest of Ash's pack joining the fight with the Speed Slashers as they jump out of the bushes with a pack of Koga Dog Atrociraptors.

A Leopon Variraptor Lands on a car as it jumps on a Speed Slasher viciously biting the human soldier as a Cheetah Valdoraptor jumps down from a building as it tackles a Speed Slasher to the ground.

Blood bites a Speed Slasher by the leg as Crimson bites the Speed Slasher's head off viciously as Scorch dragging a Speed Slasher by the leg and savagely kills him as more Speed Slashers from different parts of the palace with tthey bared their teeth as they yelled.

Speed Slasher 1: Reinforcements!

Speed Slasher 2: Pick a target!

The Speed Slashers were pointing their troops as one was ready to bite Ash While a Doberman Austroraptor, two Steppe Hyena Variraptors with five Hateg Island Pyroraptors running at a group of Speed Slashers who were been chased by a pack of Dinofelis Acceloraptors.

Balto jumps off a part of the mountain and attacks the Speed Slasher ferociously as the Speed Slasher falls down from the Great Wall as Ash said.

Ash: Balto!

Balto sees the Speed Slashers ready to strike as Balto jumped at the Speed Slashers as Kaltag, Nikki and Star join their leader by killing those evil human sized dragons.

Shan Yu watches the massacre as two Jackal Lycaeraptors jump on a Speed Slasher as two Wolf Velociraptors chased after a Speed Slasher while a Leopon Dakotaraptor leaves a dead Speed Slasher as it bites a Speed Slasher by the arm.

A Cheetah Nykoraptor jumps on a Speed Slasher by biting the chest and bites the neck.

Blacktail jumps to the stairs of the palace as he was ready to kill Shan Yu but a Speed Slasher bites Blacktail by the chest as Shan Yu turns into his Speed Slasher form and hits Blacktail falling down to the ground dead, as Ash sees the Satyr Variraptor falls dead as Ash said.

Ash: No, Blacktail...

To be continued...
Serena Yvonne Li chapter 1 . 4/7/2016
This is a beautiful day... Birds singing... Flowers blooming... And stupid writers that replace Shulan with Taolan... SHOULD ROT IN HELL!
Serena Yvonne Li chapter 1 . 4/7/2016
The story was really REALLY going well from the start until this stupid hun named TAO came in. You even named him by the God of the Daoists! Now all Shulan shippers(including me) will be hunting Tao down to burn for the campfire! And all Daoists will have war over other religions because of they think that we're talking about their God! (No offense but this can REALLY HAPPEN) Plus im Catholic and Mulan is Daoist, so there might be war against our religions! THINK MAN! THINK!
wolfa212 chapter 19 . 4/7/2015
wolfa212 here and i loved your story i really do but you kind of made me cry like a lot what happens after you have to continue the story.
wolfa212 chapter 17 . 4/7/2015
i have the idea of mulan yelling at shang again but this time she sys because i loved him...or because i love you
Guest chapter 8 . 4/6/2015
i vote fung
DisasterButterfly chapter 19 . 2/16/2015
What the fuck?
How could you kill Mulan like that?!
It said that the arrow didn't exactly land on her heart so I was hopeful that she wasn't going to die, but then the pendant broke and she loves Tao more than Shang and Fung and Fa Li died and Shang didn't even get angry that Mulan loved Tao and just like WHAT THE FUCK?
ElsaAnnaSnowQueen chapter 19 . 12/13/2014
That was such a sad ending! But wonderfully written.
Awesome gal chapter 19 . 12/8/2013
I love this fan fic you did a very good job on it I love it! It's the best mulan fanfic I read please make another chapter and reunite mulan and shang because it seems the love was lost and Tao and Mulan are true lovers, I just think mulan and shang make a good couple but besides that you did amazing!
Neon Angel0 chapter 7 . 8/1/2012

Oh and btw thos story is lookin good!
Neon Angel0 chapter 6 . 8/1/2012
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