Reviews for Think You Know
Bar Sira chapter 1 . 5/23/2016
Dear Arianna:

It's the act of valuing something purely for its own sake. Why?

Bar Sira
starsarefading chapter 1 . 9/20/2004
Wow, I should review you more, you deserve it. I was dazed after I read this, really. The 2nd person just added more class to it, and it's very, very hard to write and be convincing when you're using 2nd person, so many props up for that.

"That's love, isn't it, that's love.

You love him too."

I love this, how she's just kind of realizing it, but somehow she already knows. I can't explain it, I just love it.

I adore how you're always using "maybe", or something to that effect. How she's always contradicting what she says, doubting. It at the same time shows the effect of the alcohol and shows that she's trying to be someone's she not really: "Show him, show yourself…you can be whoever, just because you want to be."

Randomness is wonderful sometimes (this proves it), enjoy it. ;)

rorynjess4ever chapter 1 . 9/20/2004
Aw! I loved that! Jess is there for sweet. :-D
someone5 chapter 1 . 9/7/2004
Wow. This was good. I loved thr run-on sentences; it's a perfect train-of-thought style. Awesomely great and...stuff! But good 'stuff'!
GQSecondAct chapter 1 . 9/5/2004
This is so different from everything I've read, and possibly the best I've read in a while. It was such a different perspective! The second person changes the entire mood of the story. I only wish now that I would've gotten the idea to write like this first. Your writing is beautiful. I envy your style and wish my fanfictions would turn out as frank and simply warm as yours do.


"You don't need help but you let him do it, because maybe you're wrong and you do need help..."

Beautiful. Absolutely perfect. So in character of Rory. And Jess helping her because she was wrong...the vulnerable, more honest side of Rory. Just awesome.


I love it! Awesome, awesome job.

absurdvampmuse chapter 1 . 9/5/2004

Amazing, of course. :-)

Bye, smile :-)
enigmatic darling chapter 1 . 9/5/2004
You always have such wonderful ideas. I loved this. And, though I am in love with IO, I'm glad it annoyed you. LOL. 'Cause we got this lovely fic from you.

You have a very special way with words. It's very... elegant, graceful...almost mysterious. You know how to pull people in, hold their attention; fascinate them from start to finish. And I love that about your writing.

I love this picture that you painted of Rory and Jess in the city. I love how you opened it; him watching her. Her paying attention. I love the way you described her; the ridiculous smile, her giggly sort of attitude. "That's love, isn't it, that's love.

You love him too."

I loved that. How he understands, knows her. The fact that everything goes back, connects to love.


"And you're not helpless, or anything. He's just there, because for once, as much as you hate needing anyone, you need him and it's alright."



She isn't helpless. She hates the feeling of needing someone. But with him, it's different. It's okay. It is right.


I love the fact that she is referred to being 'helpless'. She is. But she isn't. She doesn't want their help. But she does. It's all (sort-of) wishy-washy, but when it comes down to them, him, everything's so much clearer.


Your ending was absolute perfection. Really. I just love reading it. It's beautiful.

I think, what it really comes down to is, she is unsure of everything. She doesn't always know what she's doing or feeling most of the time, but somehow, it's okay. He's there. And maybe that's just the most important thing. He is there, and it makes everything okay.


"And you are going to be so sick tomorrow and you can feel the headache creeping up already, and it's awful, and you feel stupid.

And everything is fine."

*sighs* And everything is fine...I'm really going to be repeating that in my sleep with a smile on my face. :P

Amazing, Ari. You did a gorgeous job. *gives you a cookie* Here's to hoping that IO becomes more cooperative. Haha.
rainwater tears chapter 1 . 9/4/2004
Okay, so I totally owe you a long, detailed review because you always write the best reviews (you always write the best in general), but I'm pretty much incapable when it comes to reviewing. Let's see.

This story is amazing. It's awkward, but the awkwardness is right because she is wasted (drunk on alcohol and Jess, because how is it possible to not feel a little light-headed in his presence, I mean really). It's beautiful. It's just right.

It's a tru Ari masterpiece.

"And everything is fine."
swimchic2 chapter 1 . 9/4/2004
great job Ari! wonderful.
Wonderlandleighleigh chapter 1 . 9/4/2004
Oh, man. That was awesome!

Go second person! That was really, really cool!

I love it. The second person really helps you to feel that Rory is, in fact, very drunk.

Fav. line: "You slip under the covers and he paces for a moment that he will deny for the rest of your lives, and then he kicks off his shoes and gets in too."

Hee! He paced! He contemplated! And he'll never admit it! *thumbs up* So Jess!

This story was really light, which is different for you. I was half-expecting the whole thing to go to hell, because you love you some angst most of the time. I love it when you write lighter! It's great! :)

Again, this was awesome!