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Evangeline Sparrow chapter 11 . 8/26/2010
I was confused with what was going on at first, but I soon understood it after two tries of reading the first chapter over again. I fell in love with this story and I can't seem to stop reading it! I got yelled at by my dad to put down my itouch, but I snuck it out last night to finish. Hehe! Is there by any chance you could finish this! Please, please, please? I want to know who would win! I'm madly in love with...nah, I won't say his name, you probably might kick him out, but let's just say he's a bit inebriated most the time. Please post the next chapter! Ahhh! I can't get enough of the drama! Check out my story too called Key of Adulation. Thanks lots, mate!
Keke5046 chapter 1 . 4/19/2006
this is hilarious so far...and im only on chapter 1!
Unimpressed chapter 2 . 11/16/2005
The problem I have with your story, isn't so much with your writing style or lack of plot and character development, although those elements are lacking. There are far too many new people in this fic, that you have completely failed to explain. How am I supposed to understand whom Psnoo and Gabe and the rest of them are when you neglect to inform your audience, as to their history, description, and so forth. This entire fic, is similar to some inside joke. If you intend to write for the masses you should have written something that one could easily understand without having to join your little group of fangirls.
Lynx Ryder chapter 11 . 5/18/2005
“A host of pistols, flyswatters, water guns, cutlasses and any other manner of whips, maces and medieval torture devices no doubt." No doubt ;D

“There is no evil that singing cannot cure.”

“Except maybe a headache.”

hahaha! Good on ya Spence. ;)

"Before the penguins steal your sanity too.” Uh oh, I would say Mort's sanity is showing the strain but that's been apparent since day 1 :P

Aw, poor Sam. Still, now he can go back to Rollie and all the toasted cheese sandwich his iron can stand :D

"Snakes…why’d it have to be snakes…" Because they're beautiful ;)

“Get out of my personal bubble and go to bed. I’ll deal with you tomorrow.” Spencer may not be scared but I am...a little ;)

"While he didn’t like to argue, he did enjoy getting revenge." Really? Who ever would have guessed it? :D

Oh Sands...evil Mexican food, has it really come to this? *rings hands in despair*

“Only the worst day of the year. Total strangers can have it out for you. You just have to hope you’ve got better reflexes than they do. Otherwise, you’re going to wind up reaching for that innocent jar of peanut brittle and wet yourself not two seconds later.” You know, when Sands decides to make a speech...they're damn good. :D

"His angel was probably off gallivanting around, terrorizing innocent angels, sidekicks and new members while he was stuck in this cruddy place." He knows her so well :)

Blimey, now Mort's plotting! I can barely make myself read on...;)

"Duke was discussing pressing matters with a tree..." Ah, but can he trust those leafed beasts? *shifty eyes*

"If he wasn’t greatly mistaken, the pirate captain was sporting a new, pale pink, nay, chartreuse shirt." HAHAHAHA! Oh, Kodak moment ;D

"Nothing as elaborate as say…masquerading as an EA and terrorizing Angel Headquarters. If such a thing could be done." Nah, it'd never happen :P


“I called them off. I thought you all had had enough.” He's not entirely devoid of human kindness.

“What if I were to tell you that the winner of this challenge not only gets to see their angel, but that angel gets to stay for awhile?” Wow...good reward!

"The Fiend would have swooned had she been able." I bet she would have done ;)

Well done Duke!

"For the last time, I did not steal the cookies from the cookie jar. It's a game!" HA!

"No, I laced them with arsenic, there's a slight difference." Only a slight one though *gulps*

"She clearly had no idea what she was doing, but boy it sounded good, didn't it?" It sure does :D

"I could die in that situation. I hardly see the danger in a rubber snake." Another slight difference, but I'm with Sands on this one...for no particular reason ;)

"Alien cooties," Sands mock shuddered." Sands is certainly on fire comedy wise in this episode. Arenas, you're a little star!

" if I find out you've lied to me and given a false promise, there will be singing." I hope that they were sincere then ;D

Hahaha...Dukey and his bats, that's too cute.

"He was even outdoing Captain Jack, who spent more time around cannons than the journalist." Blimey, Duke's on a roll.

Well done Duke again! :D

Great chapter Arenas! As always. *hugs and kisses to you!*
PhantomInMyDreams chapter 1 . 3/13/2005
I LOVE JOHNNY DEPP! This is very awesome and when I'm not in the middle of something I'm going to come back and read read read. I love this!
Lynx Ryder chapter 10 . 3/7/2005
Yay! *happy dance* Johnny survivor rocks! :D

"Mort wanted to say something along the lines of ‘Shucks, Pilgrim, don’t ye like me?’ Then he thought twice about all the problems that would cause." Ha! Yeah, best not joke about that kind of thing.

Oh, I forgot about the whole jury deal.

“Captain Jack, if ye’d be so kind.” Indeed! That host needs to learn some manners ;)

Bye Donnie! *waves*

"Sands himself preferred a heaping bowl of Cookie Crisp, but it wasn’t something he boasted about." Hahaha!

MWAHAHAHA! Sands and his turtle of love. *rolls about on the floor clutching sides*

"Got abducted, be back soon. Tell Spence to eat his vegetables.

Love, Sands" Love? Love? Why is that the part of the note I find most disturbing when it's clearly sarcasm? Why am I not more worried about turtle/human affairs? I must be mad ;P

"They could take away his cursing and his cigarettes, but they’d never get his case, smeep it." Aw, I can't help finding little drug dependent Duke cute.

"Today’s pig is tomorrow’s bacon." Ha! Too true.

"“I’ve never even heard of Hubert Humphrey!” That makes two of us kid, don't worry!

Aw, Mort and Sam make quite an investigating team :D

“I hate being me.” Aw, Mort! Don't say that. Too many people love you! ;D

"In the middle of the clearing was a turtle. With that turtle was a man in boxers sporting a ponytail." I just love these bizarre situations.

"If his Angel didn’t appreciate his self-restraint, he’d stick it out with the turtle." HA!

"Joon, at least, had never gotten to the point of talking to forest pals." Poor Sam! No one should have to deal with this trip.

“I just realized the man I’ve been opposing all these years is nothing more than a manifestation of my lack of a good guy friend,” Hahaha! I don't know why I found that so funny but I did.

Singing time? Yay!

"This only got Sands singing in an acceptable baritone into Spencer’s ear." Go Sands! Come on Spence, you know you want to join in.

"Where was the rum? Why was it gone? Why didn’t he have any?" Ah, the eternal questions which reverberate throughout our universe. ;)

"Jack wasted no time in uncapping the bottle and doing what pirates do best. Besides pillaging, plundering, rifling and looting, of course." - of course!

So… if I start shaking and twitching, does that mean I can get a tequila and lime?” Good question. I really think he deserves it...after Babette and all.

"Axel had been having the most wonderful dream about flying and fish and Roo and all the things he’d been missing at home." Aw, what a sweetie.

"Axel could only guess some kind of race. Or possibly a gingerbread man making contest." I want the latter! ;D

“I’m sorry Bon-bon, not quite good enough to catch Sam. Two minutes and thirty-two seconds. Sam wins the award.” Don't make me feel sorry for BonBon! Aw, Sam picked's all good ;)

“I broke a nail!” Hahaha!

"He might be sympathetic and offer a bottle of rum." That's the spirit Cap'n ;)

Go Sands! Rockin'

Thanks Arenas, that was great! And I'll help any time :) You know where to find me ;)
Pyrate Rose chapter 1 . 2/18/2005
Okay, this is weird. I just want you to know that I have never seen this story before. I am the author of Johnny Depp Survivor. It's scary how close the titles are, and yours was posted before mine, but I swear, I haven't seen it till today. I guess great fans think alike huh?
CC chapter 9 . 2/5/2005
Mimmy chapter 1 . 1/30/2005
Hi you ! I love your story ! Im from Germany and so I want to ask you something: May I translate this story in our language? Please? If you want you can sent me a mail here is my address:

Please mail back !
Isabela Puccini chapter 9 . 1/30/2005
Great chapter. *, Arenas. Seems like Spencer got his punishment by catching the sickness and all, and having a sea turtle named Babbette stalk Sands and call him fondly "sailor" was a great touch. Keep 'em coming...

-The girl of many names.

PS. I didn't know you wrote most of this by hand! Snap, woman, that's an awful lot of hand cramps! *shrug* I guess it all sort of paid off in the end though, huh?
BraveSymbol chapter 9 . 1/29/2005
I just love the Sands and Spencer tussle, gives me NICE goosebumples.

*sniff* bye-bye Ichy

and 'Ah' just adore that accent LOL!

Psnoo, you rock..

whatsa 'whoopsmeep' huh?

rotflmao a million times

got to love them 'forehead' pinches ;D

Fiendy uber annoyed is bad news.

Yeah for Arenas and Gabe.

OK, I want a look at those AFD plans!

How do I get into Psnoo back pocket?

I think the Psnoo and BonBon rivalry should continue in an another espisode, its just so claw unleashing.

I DID NOT STEAL THAT COUCH ~ I only 'borrowed' it. rotflmao and I can't get up its too smeepin funny.

Rags Rags Rags ~ (:-Þ)

Babbette, Sonny and Harold are still my heros

and you Arenas are still a GENIUS.

ps ~ Shoot, Arenas, I found 1 mistake, does that count after the fact?
Lynx Ryder chapter 9 . 1/29/2005
*positively giddy with excitement* New chapter! :D

I love Spencer and Sands' little feud. ;D

Aw, poor Ichy.

"Sands, the Shooter detector..." That made me laugh out loud...I should be worried about the scream but that was just too funny for some reason.

All the nightmares! HAHAHAHA!

"Ye ran outta rum?" - oh yes, Jack, everyone's worst nightmare :D.

EEP! Clowns! It's worse than I thought, poor Bon Bon.

"Sands suspected that he might even begin to loathe Spencer Armacost." - begin? jeez...he has a high tolerance threshold. :P

Aw, bless Axel and his fish.

Uh oh...Shooter spells trouble.

“That makes sense. It only takes one"- oh yeah, damn that gum ;D

Oh no! Not the shovel *continues reading through her fingers*

Poor Sands!


An instrument of justice? Bahahahaha! *ahem*

"Sands wasn't happy."-blimey, I'm not surprised.

"Ye might put somebody’s eye out." - dangerous move Shooter.

"Shooter, despite the name, was an excellent shoveller." - ha! Well said.

"And when he improvised, someone got hurt"- as long as it's Shooter I'm cool with it, revenge is sweet after all and apparantly Shooter isn't finished.


gen-you-wine pistol :D! hahaha! Phew, glad you got in there to sort things out Arenas. I was beginning to get worried.

Oh yeah, bring up the stories! :D Sowing Season...hahaha.

Good on you Sands! What a star. :D

“C’mon, you swine.” - ah Duke.

"" week's electric bill...why can't I ever find money?" She kept searching, pulling out bananas, candyettes, a croquette set, a stuffed raccoon, plans for a devastating April Fool's day...never mind...etc, etc, etc..." - another laugh out loud moment! :D

"No...with a lack of fanfic. She never would have lasted. It's a cruel death." - oh, one of the cruelest ;D!

"I believe the man asked how you got into the cross dressing business"-priceless.

Bit worried about ol' Spencer's itch...

Yeah Sands...mucho believeable CIA story ;D

Aw, Sands and his nightmares :) HAHAHA! Oh man...Arenas, you are a legend..."Call me!" ;D!

I'm not a big Spence fan, but he's ill! Aw, poor little alien.

"Besides… who’d ever heard of a stalker turtle?" Not me!

"You can't win if you die, either." Good point Sands.

Axel and Spence seem kinda friendly, that's cute.

Sands and his turtle, Duke and his giant lizard...this could get ugly.

Babette scares me. :S

Great chapter Arenas! You've made me late for work ;)

Had me laughing and wincing throughout...pure brilliance!
Enesvy chapter 9 . 1/28/2005
Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! Too much goodness to detail...Arenas, you are the best! :D
thequeeneb chapter 1 . 12/13/2004
bye edward...cries...
Isabela Puccini chapter 8 . 12/4/2004
Alright. My short cameo in this latest chapter really put into perspective how peppy I am. A little... too peppy. I'm gonna tone it down for my own sake and act more... aloof. And I'll stop trying to congratulate people all the time (because I've been going through a pretty bad adjective rut).

Anyway, so I'm liking where this chap went. There were some pretty funny parts pasted in there like Jack and his sea turtles, or Duke's paranoia, or that bit with Sands. It's good that he's finally realising how drop-dead gorgeous he is. Hehe... it's so cool that I got to hit on him. Good times.

-The Artisan
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