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OnceUponAnOriginal chapter 34 . 6/25
That was definitely a ride. I think this is one of the best Digimon fics I've ever read, and I've read a LOT lol. Don't want to say too much because I don't want to spoil it for anyone reading reviews before the story, but I'm glad it finished the way it did. It was perfect, thank you for writing it.
Jeweltjuh chapter 34 . 3/29
This was the most amazing Digimon fanfic I have ever read. I couldn't stop.
I wanna thank you so much for writing this. You are insanely talented.
Mr.Baratheon97 chapter 34 . 2/27
This was addictive to read; your plot was so on point that I couldn't put my phone down for the past few hours. At first I couldn't believe that you'd killed off Davis, and though I never really liked him I was glad you brought him back. The story as really good. That ... conclusion... I hope there's a continuation in the works. Keep it up
Dann14 chapter 34 . 12/20/2015
I was skeptical going into this story, but at some point I couldn't stop reading and ended up finishing it in three days. You really nailed the characters, which is crazy considering how many of them there are and made all the relationships and development believable. Not only that, but the action and slow plot build-up was great. Even when I knew Davis and Yolei weren't dead and that Tai didn't really lose his arm, it was still pretty gut-wrenching to read about everyone's struggle. Overall, well done, I really enjoyed it and I will be looking into your other stories. chapter 34 . 12/20/2015
What a great story! I was so hooked - even stayed up on a work night to binge it! The characters really came to life for me - it felt like its own arc/season. Were you planning to write another chapter? Seems like the Epilogue just halted randomly :/
kyuubi shadow chapter 34 . 12/7/2015
Good story
dbzfan the first chapter 33 . 5/3/2015
i must say the story was awesome and i hope the next will be just as good
livezinshadowz chapter 34 . 3/5/2015
In all my years of reading Digimon fanfiction, I have no idea how I never came across this story, but I'm extremely glad I found it now.

You did an AMAZING job with the characters, especially giving everyone their screentime and showing their thought processes, and even made me like characters who I don't particularly care for; I actually felt a little bad when Davis "died", especially with the romance/tension you had budding between him and Yolei.

I loved the angst and drama, and even better, the romance wasn't overdone, but subtle. The reactions of some of the characters were so spot-on to how I think about them in my head that I will definitely be coming back and rereading this over and over again in the future. Thank you for a wonderful piece of work.

...And now to check out what else you've got.
Catelyn Tsukino chapter 33 . 2/18/2015
Also, can I recommend your story on my tumblr account?
Catelyn Tsukino chapter 34 . 2/18/2015
Can't believe it took you ten years to write it! It doesn't look like it! Your chapters seem very connected to each other, as if you haven't forgotten a thing of what you planned in these ten years.
I really liked your story. Your idea was very interesting, and you developed well. I also enjoyed the way you wrote your original digimon, especially Animamon. It was a nice idea, creating disabled digimon. All that soul-manipulating and world-creating thing was also very well constructed.
I think you gave proper space to everyone. Even Iori. I liked that you gave him some kind of friendship to Taichi. Iori doesn't talk to many of the older Chosen in canon, and it's to see a change. I also liked the love triangles and how you ended them.
Anyway, really nice story, I'm glad you didn't abandon it!
Cherry003 chapter 34 . 9/29/2014
Hey :)
Wow, this Fiction was amazing!
I have to say that I have started it once but didn't read till the end, somehow it wasn't appealing to me, back then. But Sonfaro suggested your story a couple of times in his stories so I had to reread it and I'm pretty impressed :)
I love the ending and the meaning!
Thanks :)
DephsXylex chapter 33 . 9/28/2014
I think I reviewed before, but its been quite some time. I went back earlier this week and started rereading this from the beginning and I'm glad I did. This fic turned out really well. Although I'm not a fan of Sorato, I think it served the story well. When Davis died I was pretty shocked, but it was sensical and I had a feeling that he wasn't truly dead. I also like how Animamon was not immediately killed upon his rebirth as well and that his destruction ultimately made the digital world a better place. Really great fix and I hope to see more from you soon!
Benedick Prospero chapter 34 . 9/13/2014
So I read this story a few months ago, but this epilogue reminded me that I was a very rude reader that hadn't reviewed. I can honestly say that this story was the most gut wrenching experience I've ever had reading any story, much less a fanfic so that's a huge credit to your writing. I remember at several different points during this story I just needed to stop readng, close my laptop, and go find a person to hug haha. The emotions in this are so real and so vivid thst I started to feel them myself and my heart genuinely ached for the characters. I don't think I've ever read a story that ended Takari that made me feel so bad for Davis, which is a great credit to how you wrote him sympathetically. I feel like, even though I'm a huge Takari fan, that's always something missing in those stories. Davis being in love with Kari doesn't make him a bad person, yet some authors choose to demonize him in their stories and that always runs me the wrong way. I really enjoyed how you showed Kari struggling with the two extremely different types of love that she received from TK and Davi. Considering her character from the series she would seem to be very likely to struggle with this sort of issue because she would be so afraid of hurting anyone.

I'd be remiss not to mention how well you wrote that Tai/Sora/Matt and Davis/Yolei/Ken triangles. You really made it seem like an agonizing choice between two close friends for the center of the triangle, as it truly would be. I really felt that the resolutions to these triangles treated all the characters fairly and kept them in character, which is much easier said than done.

Lastly, I just loved the ending to the story as well as the epilogue because despite the harrowing events of the story you ended it on a high note for everyone and giving hope for redemption in the case of Curamon. Essentially it was great to see that despite all the awful things that the DigiDestined went through they all emerged from the experience closer than ever and better off than before they were dragged into that world of horrors. The ultimate message that at the end of the day it was all worth it, was a great note to end on.

I am truly awed by and envious of your writing, so kudos to you for a brilliant story that I never want to re-read (meant in the best way possible.)
In Need of a New Name chapter 27 . 9/12/2014
OH GOD! that was so disgusting... and I was almost crying here. Poor Tai (TToTT)
This is one of the best things I've read in years, honestly. This is really good.
In Need of a New Name chapter 25 . 9/11/2014
You killed him... you made me the hell depressed... and now he's alive.
I don't know if I'm glad or disapointed.
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