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queenandprince chapter 27 . 5/27/2014
This is seriously, quite possibly, my most favorite fan fiction ever. It's so amazing. I wish i could write as well as you. I'm in awe. Like seriously, if you ever get a book published TELL ME. I need to read some more of your amazing work.
BlueCaramel chapter 27 . 2/5/2014
Best fanfic I have ever read, you have a talent for writing, I have printed this story page for page and it had now become one of my favourite book to read. You depiction of insanity was perfect, exactly how I would have imagined Draco to be.
Thank you for writing this
ObsessiveFangirl chapter 27 . 2/1/2014
I'm too lazy to login, but I just had to tell you this is one of the- no, it's the best fanfic I've read. It's so deep, you get enthralled with how much plot is in this. I've fallen in love with it and I think this should have been a book. It's absolutely positively amazing.
Musicangel913 chapter 27 . 1/17/2014
I realize it's been 7 1/2 years since you finished this fic - no idea if you even still read these - but I couldn't not leave a review. I've only recently jumped on the Dramione ship & have literally read dozens of fics in the last month - this one is by far not only the best Dramione I've read, but I think the best fanfic in general as well. Macbeth is unquestionably my favorite Shakespeare for several reasons, & your incorporation of its many complexities was amazing - the Malfoy/Macbeth parallel was particularly well done, the similarities were so unnerving! Your story gave me chills, made me cry, & had me hooked from the first word to the last. The scene in Gryffindor Tower (the first time Malfoy comes to the dorms) was absuloutely heart wrenching, one of my favorites. I studied creative writing in college as well, but I can only hope that anything I attempt will be half as good as this - you have some serious talent. Best of luck in your future endeavors, & I hope this isn't the last we hear from you! :-)
Guest chapter 1 . 1/8/2014
I have read a looot of dramione ships, a lot. This has been by far, the best I have ever read. It was one of a kind and I haven't found a fanfic since, as good as this.
Kudos to you :)
Kore o kaite kurete arigato!
Thank you for writing this!
*・゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゚・*
Rosaroma chapter 16 . 1/2/2014
Wonderful job, your really bringing this together fluidly. Fantastic depiction of insanity.
Rosaroma chapter 15 . 1/2/2014
Oh gosh, I wonder what he's going to do.
Rosaroma chapter 7 . 1/2/2014
That was rather fantastic :) I'm very much enjoying it. Always a fun reveal moment that one.
Dramione Fangirl chapter 27 . 10/30/2013
I never review until the end of a fanfiction — assuming I reach the end, since I don't read whole bad fanfictions — because then I can shower you with praise, and I don't know about you, but I personally prefer getting loads of praise at the end, than little bits of praise scattered throughout. That was brilliant! I can't even. Wow. Spectacular job!
megapointe7 chapter 27 . 9/11/2013
I have to admit, I never would have thought of doing this with Macbeth. But it was amazing! I've always been a serious Shakespeare addict and this was phenomenal. Draco's situation corresponding to what was happening to Macbeth was pure genius. Very well done!
skari chapter 27 . 8/9/2013
wow, amazing. thanks so much for sharing this. and all the best at school, I'm sure you'll succeed if this story is any indication. it was masterful.
skari chapter 22 . 8/9/2013
this chapter was intense. I Especially admire how you wrote draco's thoughts at the meeting, it was what I would imagine the 'orderly jumble ' of a mad, stressed, man's thoughts to be. and then again when Draco was looking first hermione, I really enjoyed that as Well. great job
skari chapter 17 . 8/9/2013
this story is really amazing in it's depth. superb writing too, not to mention entwining literature of a different century into it, Shakespeare at that. superb.
Lily chapter 3 . 8/9/2013
I like that you made Blaise a girl. Interesting :) or was that a mistake...?
kel25 chapter 27 . 8/5/2013
Wow. That was amazing! I love Shakespeare, and I LOVE how you twisted the Macbeth story into it! I very much enjoyed reading it! (
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