Reviews for Treasures of the Shinra Mansion
FFlove190 chapter 1 . 9/8/2004

Zack: I thought you were starting to understand these types of random stories...

Me: So... Sephy died... ?

Zack: She seems to be traumatized... *eyes dart* YAY! *starts dancing around*

Me: *suddenly comes out of trance, starts singing 007 theme* James, James Bond. Heh, heh. That was utterly random!

Zack: *smacks head*

Me: Why didn't you say that he had to do something in our world? Just a question.

Zack: Your mind is worse than the ShinRa Masion, ShinRa, and Midgar put together!

Me: *smirks* Shasnioan!

Zack: Wow, you can make up words...

Me: See ya'!