Reviews for A Chat Between Two Friends
swampratriverrat chapter 3 . 6/1
wow. it was exactly, what i hoped for! thank you so much for writing it.
Beside Moonlight chapter 1 . 9/21/2013
Nice Harry... Vernon... Dudley. You got Remus mad...! Good luck to thee... :D
pleaseforgetthisaccount chapter 3 . 11/11/2012
I like this, Harry's letter seemed right and so did the whole Remus-Harry relationship. I have one and only one request...don't turn it in to slash. I'm BEGGING YOU! Great story, I look forward to an update!
Deanadelyon chapter 3 . 2/5/2011
Aw :) Very sweet. Nice work.
HeavenlyAngel14 chapter 3 . 8/25/2007
I loved it, it was really written in J.K rowling's style, it could have literally been a chapter out of one of the Harry Potter books. I think you got Harry's personality just right, and Lupin's for that matter. One question though, when Lupin said he loved Sirius too, did he mean as a friend? Or are you implying they had a "deeper" relationship? I couldn't figure it out! Good stuff!
hull lull lull chapter 3 . 7/30/2006
good job. congrstd on a great story,...
mercutio-rane chapter 3 . 12/16/2004
nice! enjoyed the read :)
mylittleponyjumpsonarainb chapter 3 . 12/15/2004
Oh this was SUCH a GOOD and NICELY written story. I tip my hat off to you.
mylittleponyjumpsonarainb chapter 2 . 12/15/2004
Oh you did such a good job on this. You even made me cry. But they were happy tears. VERY nice job.
mylittleponyjumpsonarainb chapter 1 . 12/15/2004
This looks like a very nice story so far. Update soon.
Lucidshard chapter 3 . 11/16/2004
I really liked this, refreshing to see Lupin as lupin and not just a werewolf :D
causeimbrokenandimlonesom chapter 3 . 11/8/2004
dude im touched i cant wait 2 read the sequeal
causeimbrokenandimlonesom chapter 2 . 11/8/2004
im crying man that was so incrediablly AWSOME! u sound just like JK ROWLING dude r u? if so send a autograph pronto! if not BOY (girl acutally) U ROX MY SOXS
causeimbrokenandimlonesom chapter 1 . 11/8/2004
this is like SO in character man i love it a lot keep it up!
oooAmigoneooo chapter 3 . 10/16/2004
copying others stores? what? never man! loved it! great stuff! cant wait to read the sequel!
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