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Kumi Kinomoto chapter 35 . 10/16
Hola, leí tu historia y estuve tan entretenida con ella que la completé en unos pocos días, el traductor no es muy bueno pero entendía lo esencial de la historia, es muy hermosa la historia de Hajime y Tokio, realmente sienten un verdadero amor que sobrepasó los años y las cruentas circunstancias, me gusta como Saito sigue siendo él mismo delante de Tokio pero, evidentemente, es cariñoso con ella, me dije, me a gustado muchísimo tu historia pues fue hermosa y de verdad se sintió mucha tristeza por los amigos y seres queridos que iban muriendo, pero ellos sobrevivieron así como su amor

Gracias por compartirnos una bella historia
Teej chapter 35 . 8/27
Like several other people have already mentioned. I have been finding it hard to comment here. This story is everything I could have hoped for in a RK fic feature Saito and how he could have met his wife Tokio. The vein of history and the slow burn of their relationship for such a long amount of time was simply wonderful! I know its been a long time since you have written anything, but please know its still deeply appreciated and loved!
VengeanceMeow chapter 1 . 7/8/2017
I know that this was written several years ago, but in case you are still reading reviews I just wanted to let you know how very much I enjoyed reading it. I truly loved learning more about this period in Japanese history, and the way you weaved the fictional narrative with your research was masterful. Thank you so much for creating and sharing this story!
lhamalhama chapter 35 . 7/4/2017
I've spent days trying to formulate what i was going to write here.
After all, 35 chapters and a LOT of tears later i finished this story and now i feel kinda lost.
But don't get me wrong, i'm really happy with the ending. I'm really happy with everything, all the saga that we've been through hahaha.

What i can say to you it's that i could never be prepared for this fic, that i have never (NEVER) cried while reading anything and that you possess an amazing gift. I hope that you consider being a writer, as in a profissional writer that makes a living out of it, or that you're already one :) Because you moved me with this story, you really did.

I've found this fic only now, 5 years after you posted the last chapter. After reading a LOT of SaitouxTokio fics i can easely say that this one's my favorite.
I'm sad to see that you've only posted 2 fics and that you've been MIA since 2012, but i'm hoping for your return.

Thanks for all the feelings that you allowed me to feel through your words.
FallenAngelItachi chapter 19 . 4/19/2017
Okay, I can't stop reading this, it's ridiculous. My heart beat so fast some moments there, I thought it made up for lost time when it stopped at some plot points. Also, I have to say this now lest I forget: the saddest line I have ever seen written about this fandom you wrote it and delivered it by mouth of Okita. To see a young man of 21 say so happily he wouldn't live much longer was heart wrenching and I applaud you for making me so sad. Not many people have that ability. It was a sentence that really struck a chord with me.
I love this pairing; I love your writing; I love your knowledge of the history and how you give us such a realistic account of what could have happened between them.
By the way, I literally squealed like a school girl when Kohana came running for him and she just, just said that. I was laughing and being embarrassed for Tokio at the same time. Same for Saitou to do that to her, throw her jealousy at her face, but it was like him.
I just love your interpretation so much; I adore it. I am sure to finish it by tomorrow (I began reading yesterday and I work and write just so you know). You have me completely hooked. I'll keep reading this wonderful fic and review when I stop next. Thank you for the amazing piece so far.
DGMSilverAirHead03 chapter 35 . 10/18/2016
This was one of the best stories I've read for Saitou and his wife! I enjoyed it immensely!
noukinav018 chapter 35 . 3/29/2016
I've read stories from this section, and yours really is mind boggling, amazing, stunning, breath taking. I laughed, I cried, I felt the desperation or the helplessness in the middle of all the drama.
I absolutely love long chapters and I thank you very much for those side notes. It was very important that you actually specified facts from pure creative license. I was doing some extra reading as I was going through the chapters. The historical accuracy, the character of Saitou Hajime and how you juggle with the rest of people involved was great too. Not only the Wolf of Mibu was your main character, it was not out of character... Not even for those complicated situations. You bent the character as it was possible and it was not far-fetched.
Talking about them, I find that Shinomori is another interesting character besides Saitou from the manga that is not easy portrait either. These two are tricky to get. Between the icicle and the lone Wolf a writer may be sweating to make it believable.
For people who are not entirely familiar with Japanese culture and history the notes do help as well. It's an impressive piece and I am very happy that you shared it. Oh my I see there's a sequel in progress. I sincerely hope you continue with it and make a success such as this one here. My goodness! The next part would go with rurouni timeline then!
Well, I like how you let us see a bit of Kenshin when he was in Battousai mode and then that progressive change in him. This makes it easier to grasp the reason of his unwavering regret/guilt and change. The reason of Hiko's warnings too. He was too young and with a group that did not truly match his ideals in the end. It almost utterly destroyed him. It also let's us see different points of view in the middle of the chaos...Good intentions spread in the middle of different bands, some people used as pawns, others just wanting power and etc.
Of the Shinsengumi I must say I really liked your way of putting Okita on the scenes. Pity he did not live long to see his friend and comrade marry. The parts where you made Saitou and Okita be a headache gave me some laughter attacks Nicely done.
I feel that can be a problem when writing RK fics... Understanding that background is one thing, but explaining thoroughly when you write your story makes it just awesome.
Do keep writing !
L. Casablanca chapter 35 . 6/1/2015
I wept so much during this fic. Even though I knew what was coming, as the Shinsengumi kept dying I just couldn't help but tear up. Especially Okita, why did he have to die like that? T_T Anyway, I spent my weekend reading this when I could, and even my boyfriend is invested on Tokio and Saitou's relationship (which is funny because he doesn't like to read and I will have to remember 30 chapters and historical facts to tell him later). I truly loved this fic. I love the way you write character's interactions, and the way you write scenes that are sad so they are moving but not dramatic. Also, kudos for your perseverance- eight years! It was truly worth the effort. Cheers and all the best!
L. Casablanca chapter 10 . 5/30/2015
OMG, I have to review, even though this fic was published ages ago. This chapter broke my heart. I stayed long into the night to read, and thankfully decided to go to sleep before the letters started, because when I was reading Tokio's letters, I was wondering 'how can he not fall in love with her after this?'. And then... when she breaks off contact because she's getting married...oh, that's so sad! There's so much emotion in both of them and so many things they cannot say, my heart truly broke for them. Truly, that scene killed me. The absence of drama and the heaviness of their situations and feelings really gets me. T_T If I didn't know they'll eventually get together, I'll stop reading, because it's just so sad.

"They're only tears, Tokio-san, let them spill." - me, weeping very hard T_T
ChildlikeEmpress chapter 35 . 5/20/2015
This was glorious...thank you so much for all the time and effort you took in writing it. :)
anonymous-personality000 chapter 2 . 5/8/2015
SO AWESOME~! It's amazing how you incorporated many historical events and how you manipulated the plot well according to the main characters itself!
Revellyn chapter 35 . 1/19/2015
I enjoyed it all! Absorbing the atmosphere behind the culture and the turbulent times, the feral loyalty and the almost heartbreakingly sweet love story that rose from the ashes. I'm thankful for the varied cast members, each with their own history and characteristics. Definitely deserves to be on my favourites. You are a wonderful author!
Luna chapter 35 . 12/5/2014
This is among the best novels I have read in print and online in a long time and the best historical I've ever seen online. Congratulations on finishing. You have my highest admiration.
Celebrian no Elrond chapter 35 . 11/13/2014
Bonjour, Tout d'abord, il faut que je précise que je suis française et que mon niveau d'anglais est très mauvais. C'est pourquoi je laisse ce commentaire en français, avec sa traduction en anglais (réalisée par google traduction mais j'espère que tu en comprendra l'essentiel même si la traduction n'est pas géniale). Du coup, c'est aussi avec google traduction que j'ai lu cette fanfiction. Les logiciels de traduction étant ce qu'ils sont, la traduction de The courtship of Lady Tokio que j'ai lu était parfois approximative (mais correcte tout de même). Cependant, cela ne m'a pas empêché d'apprécier la qualité de l'écriture. J'ai été immergée à tel point dans l'histoire que de mardi soir à mercredi soir, à part quelques heures pour dormir et manger, je n'ai rien pu faire d'autre que de continuer ma lecture. Ce matin, j'ai du mal à me dire que c'est fini et j'en voudrai encore. Enfin, je suis bien contente de ne la lire que maintenant, alors qu'elle est terminée. Au moins, je n'aurai pas eu à attendre des mois pour pouvoir lire la suite au fur et à mesure. Par contre, dans la foulée, j'ai lu la suite : Meiji Keikan Romantan, et c'est dur de de voir s'arrêter en pleine course parce qu'elle est toujours en cours d'écriture. Je n'ai plus qu'à relire The Courtship of Lady Tokio, encore une fois.

En fait, je suis tombée sur cette histoire en cherchant des fanarts sur Tokio et Saito. Saito est mon personnage préféré dans Kenshin. C'est un homme fort et droit, et j'ai toujours été curieuse à propos de sa femme Tokio qui n'est que rapidement mentionnée. C'est donc en faisant des recherches (mon intérêt ayant été réveillé par une relecture complète du manga) que j'ai découvert une adaptation dessinée de The Courtship of Lady Tokio. J'ai compris que c'était tiré d'une fanfiction et quand je l'ai trouvée, j'étais très heureuse de voir que d'autres personnes s'intéressaient à ce couple et avaient écrits dessus. Je n'ai pas voulu lire The Courtship of Lady Tokio tout de suite et j'ai lu d'autres fanfictions autour de ce couple. Mais je suis heureuse d'avoir en quelque sorte gardé le meilleur pour la fin. Effectivement, ton histoire est l'une des meilleures fanfictions sur ce couple (j'en ai lu une autre qui est également sympathique : I now pronounce you husband and wife).

Tu développes bien les personnages en respectant (c'est mon avis) le caractère de Saito tel qu'il est montré dans le manga de Watsuki. Tous les sentiments sont décrits de façon crédible. Tu as même inséré les éléments du manga qui se rapportaient à cette période. Même si je suis française et que je ne connais pas très bien l'Histoire du Japon, j'ai bien vu que tu avais fais un gros travail de documentation pour rendre crédible ta fanfiction. C'est donc doublement intéressant à lire, pour l'histoire (la fanfiction) et pour l'Histoire (du Japon).
Ta fanfiction est tour à tour drôle, émouvante (j'ai failli pleurer pour le siège d'Aizu) mais aussi cruelle avec les denriers chapitres (cet idiot de Saito qui pense que Tokio s'est mairée alors qu'elle a promis qu'elle ne le ferait pas... Et Tokio qui perds toutes ces années pour rien, ça fait mal au coeur).

Je voulais donc te remercier car maintenant je peux m'imaginer la vie de ce couple et c'est bien mieux que tout ce que j'aurais pu inventer et écrire. Ce matin j'ai encore du mal à sortir de cette histoire et j'aimerai beaucoup la relire encore et encore. Merci, pendant une journée j'ai été coupée de mon monde et je me suis retrouvée dans cette période troublée de l'Histoire du Japon, et je me suis mise à la place des personnages. C'était une belle expérience. C'était magique.


ps: J'espère que tu écriras un jour la suite de Meiji Keikan Romantan. J'ai créé une alerte pour être au courant s'il y a une mise à jour.

pps : Totalement hors sujet : j'espère que les films lives de Kenshin vont enfin être distribués en France (même les allemands et les espagnols ont le 1er en dvd, ce n'est pas juste).

Hello, First of all, I must say that I am French and my English is very bad. That's why I left this comment in French, with an English translation (made by google translation but I hope you understand by most although the translation is not great). So it is also with google translation I read this fanfiction. Translation software being what they are, the translation of The courtship of Lady Tokio I read was sometimes rough (but still correct). However, this did not stop to appreciate the quality of the writing. I was immersed to the point in the story Tuesday night to Wednesday night, with a few hours to sleep and eat, I could not do anything other than continue reading. This morning I have trouble telling me that it's over and I still am. Finally, I am glad I did read it now, when it is completed. At least I would not have had to wait months to be able to read more as you go. By cons, in the process, I read the following: Meiji Keikan Romantan, and it's hard to see stop at full speed because it is still being written. I have just read The Courtship of Lady Tokio again.
In fact, I came across this story by looking for fanart on Tokyo and Saito. Saito is my favorite character in Kenshin. This is a strong and upright man, and I've always been curious about his wife who is only Tokio quickly mentioned. So in doing research (my interest was awakened by a complete replay of the manga) I discovered a comic adaptation of The Courtship of Lady Tokio. I realized that it was taken from a fanfiction and when I found I was very happy to see that other people were interested in this couple and had written on it. I did not want to read The Courtship of Lady Tokio immediately and I read other fanfiction about this couple. But I'm happy to have somehow saved the best for last. Indeed, your story is one of the best fanfiction on this couple (I've read one that is sympathetic: I Now Pronounce you husband and wife).
You develop good characters respecting (in my opinion) the nature of Saito as shown in the manga Watsuki. All feelings are described in a credible way. You even added elements of manga that related to the period. Although I am French and I do not know the history of Japan very well, I saw you were doing a lot of work to make credible documentation of your fanfiction. This is doubly interesting to read for history (fanfiction) and History (Japan).
Your fanfiction is alternately funny, poignant (I almost cry for the seat of Aizu), but also cruel to the denriers chapters (Saito idiot who thinks that Tokio has mairée when she promised that she would not do that ... And Tokio lose all these years for nothing, it hurts the heart).
I wanted to thank you because now I can imagine the life of the couple and it is much better than anything I could invent and write. This morning I'm still struggling to get out of this story and I'd love to read it again and again. Thank you for a day I was cut off from my world and I found myself in this troubled period in the history of Japan, and I put myself in the place of the characters. It was a beautiful experience. It was magical.


ps: I hope you will write one day after Meiji Keikan Romantan. I created an alert to be aware if there is an update.

pps: Totally off topic: I hope the film lives Kenshin will finally be distributed in France (even the Germans and Spaniards in the first DVD, this is not right).
Tricksterkat209 chapter 35 . 9/30/2014
I have something in my eye. (Again)

Actually, I am quite mad at myself because I would love to sit down and write a long and rambling list about all the things I loved in this story but I can't.
Pretty sure my English would fail me.

The characters were amazing- I have laughed, I have rolled my eyes at their antics, I bit back tears and I am utterly impressed by your hard work. It has paid off and I had such a great time reading your story.

Thank you for sharing with us.
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