Reviews for Honestly OK
Thalia Poet chapter 1 . 11/4/2004
Heh, not to discredit Amalthea, but I really liked the repetition. (Different strokes for different folks, right?) It made the story seem very poetic. I like that.

And it was beautifully written. Thank you SO much for knowing what a comma is, and for using them. Love it, love it. I sincerely hope you get more reviews. Your writing is gorgeous.
Amalthea2 chapter 1 . 9/9/2004
Your worst nightmare has returned! Yes, it is I, lucky you! I really liked it, as repetitive and confuzzling as it was at times. Lack of detail was really quite a turn off, and there wasnt enough psychological adjective Hotfadh Doma! Yes, gosh darnit in Dutch, see I learn lotsa great stuff online... Back on track, I liked it. We should do like an interactive rabid fangirl hoohaah on Mediaminer, doncha think? Maybe we could work together on it, like coauthor and whatnot, and have all our friends in it yay! See, you really can do fun things when you put your mind to it and have caffeine on standby!