Reviews for A Place of Belonging
Major Simi chapter 8 . 9/17/2016
Wow, while short this was a really great story
The Keeper of Worlds chapter 8 . 2/5/2015
Not too shabby:)
AsalieDWrite chapter 1 . 9/3/2014
Interesting concept. Over all a good story...sequel idea...send Ash to Ranma' s world and now Ranma must retrieve his Son.
guest chapter 8 . 8/19/2014
Awesome story. Please write a sequel!
FireInLife chapter 8 . 12/7/2013
Kanai is the correct word? No, it's not. It may be the correct word in Japanese, however this is a story written in English. Names are one thing, since they don't translate perfectly. Some stories like One Piece, where the word "Nakama" has a different meaning that is special the show are another. Adding in a Japanese word randomly, however, just makes the story confusing in my opinion.

Anyways, I enjoyed this story. Personally though, I think the beginning chapters were far better than the latter chapters. In the end, everything just seemed rushed together to form a perfect Disney ending. Not to mention just suddenly giving Ranma Pokemon attacks and control over magic. Too god-like for my tastes. As for Ash thinking badly of his dad...I doubt that's what Ash would do. His mom would have said that Ranma died, and he'd probably wish he could have spent time with his father.

Speaking of magic, what happened to the curse? The last time Ranma was female was when Delia found out. I'm not saying that Ranma should have had sex as a girl, seeing as you hate slash, but unlike the beginning you sort of just ignored it. There were many scenes that would have been nice editions to the story. For instance, I could see Ranma working as a Nurse Joy in Pallet Town. He cares for Pokemon more than most trainers do for one thing, and his female form could look quite similar to them. If Professor Oak wasn't available, then Ranma could give out starter Pokemon instead. By doing that he'd be making sure that new trainers aren't abusive to their Pokemon. I was also hoping for Ash's reaction to first seeing the curse. What about Professor Oak's reaction to the transformation? The neighbors reactions upon seeing Ranma transform?

Anyways, thanks for the story. I had fun reading this c:
FireInLife chapter 2 . 12/7/2013
Senbon needles? I suppose fish bones would work fairly well for them, but...Unlike the Naruto world, Senbon aren't a very good weapon choice. I could list a bunch of reasons why they aren't, especially for hunting, but I suppose Ranma's superhuman speed could make them work. Ah well :p
habib chapter 8 . 11/8/2013
nice fiction. give Ranma more girls please.
irnzenmonk chapter 8 . 8/18/2013
i enjoyed this story very much ne
Dragonlord1199 chapter 7 . 5/24/2013
It'd be nice if you could do a sequel...
Fire Dragon Master chapter 8 . 3/24/2013
I was wondering if I could use your teams that Ranma and Delia have in your story for the rewrite of my own version of how Ash's adventure goes. Also this is one of my favorite Ranma in Pokearth story the other one being Fist of the Pikachu.
shugokage chapter 8 . 3/1/2013
Absolutely incredible and amazing story!
Dracomancer1 chapter 8 . 8/27/2012
A splendid little read. It would be awesome if you did a rewrite, though. I can see Ranma encountering many amazing situations that you didn't mention. You could easily stretch it out to several times its original length, making for an epic story.
Dragonlord1199 chapter 8 . 7/28/2012
Shinzochi chapter 8 . 1/11/2012
that was an awesome story, the only criticism i have is that it could have been spread more, but other than that i really liked it adn i think you really should do a sequel, maybe one on the journey of Ranma as he goes about earning Ash's respect and love
sequel chapter 8 . 10/18/2011
it needs a sequel.
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