Reviews for Another Story
Sigourney chapter 1 . 12/17/2005
Oh, this was just excellent! Very descriptive, heart-breaking, and brutal, all at the same time. I kind of liked the idea that Anna found a small form of redemption in the end, by trying to save Jane. Jane's story was the most tragic to me. The way she was so happy, thinking she had been saved by some kind of divine intervention. I'm assuming though that she was already doomed, from the bite she received, but just didn't know it. Maybe in the end that was a saving grace, her ignorance of her fate. Yu Xue was just what she was, an assassin, sent to do a job, which she fulfilled with clinical coldness and efficiency. Again, just fantastic work!
Death by Jello chapter 1 . 9/11/2004
That was a totally awesome story! For real it was! Everything was so descriptive, I didn't even know it was Raccoon City until the end.

Anna's dying was very remarkable, very detailed.

Jane getting chased by Rex was a pure adrenaline rush, I thought she was going to die when she tweisted her ankle.

Yu Xue was just cruel when she was attacking Anna, but oh well.

Again, great story, L8er!